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  1. As many have said before, life without MechJeb would not be nearly so nice, so thanks @Sarbian for maintaining this mod... I do have a couple requests if you're in for that sort of thing: 1 - Could there be an indicator on the maneuver planner window to show if MechJeb is currently executing the next maneuver node or all maneuver nodes? 2 - When MechJeb is executing the current maneuver node and it encounters another maneuver node that begins before the currently executing node ends, it appears that the remainder of the first burn is lost or the burn is marked completed and MechJeb moves directly into executing the second node. Would it be possible to modify this behavior so that if a second node is encountered before the first is completed, MJ would continue executing the first to completion or possibly even combine the two maneuvers? Thanks, Danny
  2. CrashTestDanny

    [1.5.1+] TRP-Hire (formerly KSI Hiring)

    This mod is awesome, BTW... even if it feels a little cheaty... Then again having each hire cost progressively more than the last also felt wrong - just in the opposite way... I do have one suggestion... When the bulk hire selector is used and we get price breaks, the way the price breaks are set up causes it to be cheaper to hire 10 Kerbals at a 30% discount than to hire 9 at a 15% discount and that feels a little more unrealistic than having little green men running around a planet that's dedicated only to having a space program that mimics the US space program of the 20th century... I know there are some config options that could deal with this to some degree already, but my suggestion is to put a few more steps into the hiring discounts. Then have each discount applied only to the number of recruits at that step... For Example, suppose we have 5 steps: 1-2=0, 3-4=5, 5-6=10, 7-8=15, and 9-10=20. Further suppose that the base price is 100k. To hire 10 victims er recruits would cost 2*(100+95+90+85+80)=1.8M. Danny
  3. CrashTestDanny

    [1.2.x/1.3] MemGraph - with Stutter Reduction

    So after a little tweaking with memgraph, I decided to poke around in the settings.cfg file and discovered that if I set "applyPadding = true", then I get the padding during startup, which decreases my load time significantly! This thing is awesome! @Warezcrawler I would be very interested to learn about how you have gained performance by changing and recompiling mods, or how you've identified which ones have the biggest performance hit, or even what some of the biggest performance hits were, if you'd be willing to share any of that. Thanks! Danny
  4. CrashTestDanny

    [1.2.x/1.3] MemGraph - with Stutter Reduction

    Clearly I'm very late to this party, but DUDE! This heap padding feature changes EVERYTHING! Without it my red bars were spaced a millimeter apart or so and my game was frequently dragging down to 3fps and even lagging out and crashing. Once I hit Mod-End (alt-end for me) my red bard went to about half an inch apart and it is playable even with my 95ish mods... AWESOME!!! Just totally AWESOME!!! I hope Squad hires you to clean up performance in future versions!! Thanks, Danny! P.S. Here's a pic... the right quarter of the screen show the difference that this mod is making for me!
  5. CrashTestDanny

    [1.5.x]Dr. Jet's Chop Shop v0.11.4.3 (20.10.2018)

    Yes I use TweakScale. Thanks - removing TweakScale.cfg fixed the issue. Danny
  6. CrashTestDanny

    [1.5.x]Dr. Jet's Chop Shop v0.11.4.3 (20.10.2018)

    I updated my save file for the SSP Mk2, but am getting errors about ChopShop.SSP1 (which was already there). Did the name of this part also get changed? Thanks, Danny
  7. No; My "ire" (more like mild irritation) is due to having my report largely ignored while being dismissed as "hacking" the contract pack or "gaming" the system. Both sound a lot like "cheating". Had someone informed me initially that this was a CC bug, I probably would not have been so irritated. However, I do have the latest CC according to the forum thread (1.23.1) and the bug still seems to be alive and well, but it's really pretty unimportant.
  8. Also, I would propose that if your intent is to make these contracts one-time, that you should add that condition, which exists in the contract system (see tourism plus, kick off mission for example) rather than relying on what is clearly a bug to enforce your idea of proper gameplay.
  9. Ok, so just for arguments sake, say I de-orbit my Skylab station to make room for my new ISS? Seems like the same situation would apply, right? And what about the rapidly appearing/disappearing medical emergency, power module replacement, mission specialist, etc. missions? surely it can't be by design that these contracts appear for less time than it takes to click on the accept button? Danny
  10. Thanks @severedsolo for the mod and @LemonSkin for taking over support! I have a little problem I've been having with this pack for some time and was wondering if maybe you could help. I will typically pick up as many contracts as I can and try to complete them with as few flights as possible, which means when I see contracts up to launch the Kerbin Space Station, the Mun Space Station, the Minmus Space Station, the Duna Space Station, and the Ike Space Station all offered at the same time, I grab them all and launch one station that satisfies all requirements. I put it in orbit at Kerbin, complete that contract, refuel as needed and then send the same station to the Mun. Wash, rinse, repeat until one station has fulfilled 5 contracts. Smart, right? Well anyhow, for a while now it seems like the mod has been outsmarting me. After I get my station moved to its new home, I seldom see the mission to launch the Kerbin Space Station again, and when I do it becomes unavailable before I can move my mouse to the button to accept. This seems to be the case with the medical emergency and mission specialist missions too. Any ideas how I can correct this behavior? Thanks Danny
  11. CrashTestDanny

    1GB of mods. is that too many?

    I think you missed SpaceY-Expanded... Danny
  12. CrashTestDanny

    Startup Screen Animation

    Ok, thanks for the guesses
  13. CrashTestDanny

    Startup Screen Animation

    I have Toolbar installed, but still no startup screen animation... What makes you think that toolbar controls this? Thanks, Danny
  14. CrashTestDanny

    Startup Screen Animation

    Ok, this may seem a silly little thing, but I was watching a tutorial for EL the other day and noticed the Kottabos' KSP Start Game screen (the one with the Mun or Bust lander pointy end in the regolith) featured animation with the poodle engine still thrusting as if trying to deorbit the Mun... Totally jealous! Is that real? Does KSP do that or is it a mod or is it just some nice video enhancing on his part? Thanks, Danny