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  1. OSE is indeed adding Dirt, ExoticMinerals and RareMetals to stock scanners and drills. Check GameData/Workshop/MM_Patches/MM_Workshop.cfg line 27ff.
  2. Check the OP of that mod. After the Changelog there is a link to an online Spreadsheet with the numbers you need.
  3. Have you checked the InGame settings? I'm not at my computer right now, but I believe there is just such an option available...
  4. Maybe you need Tracking Station Evolved ? It lets you sort the vessel list in the tracking station by many criteria, and also manually.
  5. 'WBI' is a prefix used by @Angel-125 in his mods (Pathfinder, Buffalo, ...). That module might be by him.
  6. #3! Maybe the new RTS part that you mentioned earlier? Looks like a fuel hose to me...
  7. Count the number of your PRINT statements... You are printing the mission time within your function, then you call the function in a PRINT statement. This prints 0 because you did not define a RETURN value for your function, so I assume 0 is default. Just call your function without the PRINT in front.
  8. Just to make sure, have you tried left clicking the AGX button in Blizzy's toolbar? That should bring up the window you're looking for...
  9. You have a GameData directory inside the GameData directory, that surely is wrong. The "PlanetaryBaseInc" folder needs to be on the same level as "BetterTimeWarp" and "Community Tech Tree" from your screenshot. Modders sometimes include the GameData directory in the download as a reference point, you only have to install the subdirectories then.
  10. In the OP there's a link to the deprecated parts in the download section. Ohh, and the current release does have the flexible corridors, just not the old ones...
  11. The door is visible on both sides. But the "outward" facing side has text on the left side of the door ("CAUTION...") and red and green lights on the right side. If you want to dock then both vessels need to connect with that side. On the image you posted I believe the right docking port on each vessel needs to be turned around...
  12. Yep, I'm using 1.5 without problems in KSP 1.3.1.
  13. I'm using version on KSP 1.3.1 and it's working just fine for me. In general if a mod does not have .dll files the chances are high that it works...
  14. @taniwha wrote up a great manual for EL aimed also at modders: EL_Manual.pdf It explains all the conversions.