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  1. How is timed detonation defined in the new beta? I'm trying to make a gun's rounds detonate at a variable distance like the Millenium does, but it seems the old .cfg lines for detonation timing won't work anymore. EDIT: I think it's a bug in the beta. Even the Oerlikon can't time its detonations anymore.
  2. Then you could have some sort of kinetic and explosive multiplier for some parts. Just an idea and idk how it could be implemented. Ex: have normal armor with low kinetic multiplier but high explosive multiplier to simulate spalling, a spall lined armor with low explosive dam multiplier but higher kinetic multiplier, HEAT with a very high kinetic multiplier but low explosive multiplier, air intakes with high multipliers all round, etc. Control surfaces could have a higher kinetic multiplier (straight up punching a hole through it with a bullet doesn't do much except leave a hole) but a low epxlosive multiplier so missiles can easily break them off. There wouldn't be shrapnel per se, but the explosive damage taken in a radius is kind of simulating shrapnel.
  3. @gomker I did try editing explosive value, and found 100 to be satisfactory for me (although it is high lol). However I also noticed that some parts have very high HP compared to their sizes. Ex: the tail canards have 750 hp while the much larger delta wings have barely 500. Again, if structural part hitpoints were nerfed and players had to rely on armor panel alone for armor, you could strike a balance where planes are weaker to shells and ground vehicles are sturdier. An alternative would be to make some parts very weak to explosive power (like intakes or radomes for example) to mimic irl shrapnel effects crippling fragile parts, or have a separate kinetic/explosive resistance and damage factor, although that is much more complicated I assume. For example, the AIM-9 would do small explosive damage but do a kinetic damage of X scaled down with distance. The explosive warhead would do near no kinetic damage but would do lots of explosive damage. The 120mm shells would have little splash because no explosive damage but very high kinetic damage guaranteeing a kill if it hits. Now that I think about it, you could play kinetic damage as speed tolerance and explosive as heat tolerance instead of basing all on heat. Again I'm not a modder so I have no idea how viable that is. Bit unrelated is the fact you can armor any part without weight penalty, but I assumed you guys would adress that in a later release. History Channel is notoriously bad for recreations. Red Tails tier bad. Quick decisive battles are what I'm pushing for. No forgiveness where unmaneuverable planes can just tank damage, that's for ground combat. Aircraft are amazing but very fragile machines, and I feel BDA should reflect that.
  4. I've done several fighter tests in the beta release, and it seems that either A) The AA missiles are underpowered B) Fuselage is too stronk To clarify, I did all tests with default hitpoint and no armor on any parts. The competitions were run in a 3v3 setting at 20 kilometer starting point. Do keep in mind that I'm rooting for a "shoot first or get killed" balance in BDA and not an arcady forgiving one. I understand very well that my proposed changes might not be in the mod team's scope. The problem with AA missiles is that any competent plane builder can make them useless by using "space jammers", whereas jammers are enabled on staging and kept on during the whole fight by a large battery pack. By using two jammers and having about 2000 EC, any decently sized plane (Even around 12 m^2 RCS) can escape AIM-120 lock, making these missiles largely useless unless the enemy doesn't know about this tactic. Even if the other side doesn't have jammers on, the AIM-120 misses very often with a little bit of chaff. In almost all my tests, firing an AIM-120 from 8 kilometers on a plane with 2 chaff modules and a single jammer resulted in a miss. If dodging the AMRAAM is so easy, then there's not really any point in having it in game unless it's buffed heavily or if jammer power is nerfed, especially when building a plane capable of doing so isn't the hardest thing ever. The AIM-9 also has the same problems although to a lesser extent as they are fired from much closer. However, once they hit, their damage output seems pretty random. I've seen cases where they detonated at similar distances and either blew up the whole plane, did nothing, or only blew off weak parts such as intakes. I think this problem can be fixed easily by lowering the hitpoint value of wings and fuel fuselages. This would also fix the problem of 20mm rounds doing small damage whereas irl they would cripple planes in a few shots, especially with the high RoF of the Vulcan ingame. So tl:dr Missiles' accuracy is underpowered, jammers and fuselage strength is overpowered. If the modders want to replicate the issue, I can provide multiple quicksaves (although they are only labeled by number and not plane types) with my 3v3 20 kilometer setup for you guys to test out. For proof backing what I think the AIM-9 and 120's effects should be, here is the effect of an AIM-9 hit on a F-4 Phantom An AIM-9 has a warhead weighing around 10 kilograms, an AIM-120 has one of 22 kilograms. The latter's increased effects is quite obvious.
  5. NotAnAimbot

    Kethane Station Discussion

    Another project straight from my discord roleplay server Is 200 tonnes of payload worldwide a bit excessive? If civilian isn't your thing then there's also the bomber version in case you want whole city blocks leveled
  6. NotAnAimbot

    Kethane Station Discussion

    The drone is modded, but the rest of the ship should be fine
  7. if OP allows all mods I don't see why we couldn't take advantage of stock
  8. calm down m8, I'm fine with him submitting it. As long as I get credit for the original model I'm letting him do whatever he wants with it except claiming it as his own, which was my only complaint.
  9. Just so you know @exbyde, the DN-69 Abraxis submitted was a copy of the F-2FN I built. He made it as a joke between us two when I accused his DN-65 of copying another of my planes. I just felt a bit uncomfortable having the replica credited to him since the F-2 was one of my first planes ever, and I worked on it as my competition fighter since 2016 and as an "A E S T H E T I C" fighter since 2014 I'll try reworking the original and submitting it so they can fight
  10. NotAnAimbot

    Naval Battles!

    I'm not using conventional weapons underwater for realism reasons. irl, even supercavitating ammo has a range of barely 60 meters underwater, and that's for a 50 cal round. It works in bda, but it shouldn't. Coupled with the ai never using torpedoes, underwater combat is pretty broken atm