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  1. Working on a new destroyer. The hull is complete, and I expect to "commission" it pretty soon. Also related to naval stuff, I got a new naval fighter capable of dropping a torpedo. I had the Sovremenny in mind for the destroyer but in the end the front will probably look like an Arleigh Burke. The naval fighter is a development of a plane based on the MiG 29.
  2. Use structural panels for armor. Wings are really fragile, but panels have the same breaking limit as the I-beams so they'll do a better job at stopping them.
  3. Happy one month since last post anniversary I guess
  4. Submission for both categories: XF-16 PLFP-IV PLFP-IV for 1.22.craft?dl=0 While it may look like the F-16XL, it was actually built this way to reduce size and radar signature. A delta wing was chosen so that the CoL could fit over the CoM.
  5. Not really, I have my own naming series for my planes and 16 happened to be the next number available (although I forgot that I never issued the F-15 designation.) F1 is a MiG-21 like plane, F-2 to 4 are available in my old repository, F-5 is a VTOL prototype, 6 an interceptor, 7 a competition plane, 8 a large ASF, 9 will be the PLFP-III 10 is a naval fighter, 11 an unreleased prototype, 12 a SEAD/EW plane, 13 the PLFP-I and 14 a fighter-bomber.
  6. New airframe of mine, does it look a little bit too sci-fi? Or are delta wings fine? I built it specifically to counter the MiG-21, it has a little bit less radar profile than the PLFP.
  7. Oops, aircraft engagement was disabled on my GAU. Just realized that now. Still, consider this a new entry. The AIM-9s were also added to replace AIM-120s. for 1.2.craft?dl=0 Updated at 9h30 EST for final version of PLFP-II4. I considered adding an airbrake, but will probably keep that for the PLFP II-5 If you guys are interested, this is the PLFP-I (Just known as F-13 PLFP) and the bigger model next to it is the PLFP-III (A beefed up "naval" F-2F+) They were both designed to replace the F-2F+ as a light/medium fighter, and the PLFP-II just borrowed the series name.
  8. I'll also enter the PLFP-II-3 in that category then, to add some competition. for 1.2.craft?dl=0 Just replace two of the AMRAAMS by Sidewinders, or don't and let me do it later today. I'm very busy right now.
  9. IF the PLFP II-2 gets defeated (It probably will), then use this thing. for 1.2.craft?dl=0 Added a GAU-8 and tweaked the AI
  10. That final gun pass was really badass
  11. I'm not Miner, and even then, you can disable pitch control for specific control surfaces. I've also provided updated versions with the AI pilot's steer factor changed, not the control surface's.
  12. I'm not playing with FAR either, I only use BDA and stock for my craft.
  13. Likewise, if you want to beef the PLFP, set steer to 15. Here's an updated PLFP-II 2 unarmed for 1.2.craft?dl=0 for 1.2.craft?dl=0
  14. Same, although I usually stick with a single airframe and tweak it until it becomes obsolete. I've been test flying the PLFP against F3, and it beats it pretty much every time. Here's a 2V2 match up, don't mind the quasi lethal mid-air collision. The match was done in 1.3, but no major changes to BDA were made between that and the previous version. 2017-08-07 19-38-32-595.avi?dl=0