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  1. Kethane Station Discussion

    The drone is modded, but the rest of the ship should be fine
  2. if OP allows all mods I don't see why we couldn't take advantage of stock
  3. calm down m8, I'm fine with him submitting it. As long as I get credit for the original model I'm letting him do whatever he wants with it except claiming it as his own, which was my only complaint.
  4. Just so you know @exbyde, the DN-69 Abraxis submitted was a copy of the F-2FN I built. He made it as a joke between us two when I accused his DN-65 of copying another of my planes. I just felt a bit uncomfortable having the replica credited to him since the F-2 was one of my first planes ever, and I worked on it as my competition fighter since 2016 and as an "A E S T H E T I C" fighter since 2014 I'll try reworking the original and submitting it so they can fight
  5. Naval Battles!

    Problem is torpedo is 8 km range, and if you manage to fire cruise missiles a little bit below the surface then you can engage at even greater distance.
  6. Naval Battles!

    That would disadvantage the defending ships who can't manually fire torpedoes, the only long-range countermeasure against subs. imo you should just ban subs, but I feel like it would ruin the fun for some people.
  7. Naval Battles!

    I'm not using conventional weapons underwater for realism reasons. irl, even supercavitating ammo has a range of barely 60 meters underwater, and that's for a 50 cal round. It works in bda, but it shouldn't. Coupled with the ai never using torpedoes, underwater combat is pretty broken atm
  8. Naval Battles!

  9. Naval Battles!

    Made a less part-heavy craft if someone wants to fight it. Around 330 parts, 200k cost
  10. Nope. All my crafts are stock + bda EDIT: sorry for the second ping @exbyde, i just realized i forgot a little detail in the craft file. The link still works, but the craft is updated with the change.
  11. ,@exbyde When the Novi isn't enough here's the NovII It should beat the DN-65c, but i haven't run lots of tests since I'm kind of tight on time. It's the same structurally as the original novi, only has some AI changes and swaps 2 AIM-9s for 2 AIM-120s (For obvious reasons)
  12. I'll do that when I come home from my trip next week. Probably a modifed NovII with some aim 120s and more guns to fit the thread's meta or an upgraded f-25 Also yea the dn-55 is the ultimate end of my theory
  13. Didn't expect the novi to make it that far Let that be a reminder that spam isn't necessarily the way to making a good plane
  14. How to win Build tube Put sas Put wing Put ecm Put 50 vulcan Call it a plane