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  1. Amazing! Don't overwork yourself too much. If you need help, I did a bit of cfg twiddling before
  2. What's the difference between piston and jet config for AJE?
  3. Yep, I've got FAR installed. I built roughly a King Air, with two PT-6 and a weight of 5 tons. However, the performance is really inferior, even when I switched for the 950 HP turboprop.
  4. Is there any plan to update this mod? The prop engines seem really under powered in 1.8.1
  5. If it can help, the console is spamming this Log here here is an interesting part EDIT: Fixed it by installing solverengines directly from the github.
  6. I've been having a blast with this mod and the GAP pack! However, I'm running into a problem with Sigma Dimensions. The bases show up on map mode only when zoomed in enough. I'm pretty sure it's because KK "unloads" base icons when you're too far to save memory or something. It's not gamebreaking, just that I can't see most base icons in map mode. Kerbin is resized to earth scale. Is there some cfg I can edit to change it?
  7. A good idea I considered, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and I don't have much experience in 3D modeling. I guess I could go this way, although I have considered another possibly simpler solution by making the command modules consume the same resource as engines do (the engines would not shut down, but the command parts would)
  8. Any leads to how to do this? Would I have to use module manager?
  9. Hello I am working on a personal rebalance for more realistic combat in BDA, and one of the requirements I had was to find a way to have players build realistically sized planes. I am hoping to partially achieve this by modifying "short" (wheesley, panther, all node attaching engines) jet engines to require an "engine space" resource for use, and creating heavy, fuel-free engine space Mk1 fuselages to occupy this space and thus make players have build larger planes for better engine performance (as irl). I've been messing around with .cfg files for a while but I don't have any real m
  10. I have also noticed an "observer bias" where observed teams of same aircraft consistently lose matches by either not firing weapons or pulling harder on the controls than the other team's equivalents, and one of my friends have also noticed the same. I've mitigated it by testing from a spectatir that's a cockpit with a few i-beams to keep it straight which I named "the judge" and it fixed the problem. Would be interesting to know the reason of this.
  11. Yep, am aware how the team is doing a good job, and faced the problem of balancing stuff myself when i first started doing balancing for my version of BDA. Pretty hard testing and retesting until it seems balamced then noticing one aspect of the weapon is imbalanced. I do have knowledge of hoe AP and HE works, have been in wargames and studying (although only on hobby level) armored and aerial warfare. I do understand that APHE rounds are seldom used these days and it's mostly pure APDS solid rods or pure HE or HEAT. Problem with the current armor/HP system is that HP and armor can b
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