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  1. Drop the old LF-18, new version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/atp314lbkc5xrmz/MDL LF-18 Novi Avion comp.craft?dl=0 Still 2 vulcans. The LF-18 already has 2 vulcans with ammo, adding another 600 kg doesn't change the maneuverability by a significant amount. Still, I found I didn't need them.
  2. I could also mount more guns on the LF-18 without affecting weight. The vulcans' weight is negligible. My goal isn't to build a plane that relies on its number of guns to win.
  3. Kerbalx says you built your plane in 1.3.0. Are you testing in that version? BDAI behaves really differently between 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 And your plane has twice the amount of guns and missiles as mine, while also having five times the amount of chaff... you don't say...
  4. Again, you're doing something wrong if you need those many engines. This design beats the dorito. Look at the weight and the number of engines (All one of them). What does a basic non-spam plane need? About 4 missiles, 2 guns and their ammo, some jammers, a radar and a cockpit. Combined these weigh about five tons. With wings and a single engine, they weigh anywhere from 7 to 9 tons. If you add more engines, you're just adding useless weight, unless you're building your fighter for range. The fighter where I go past 10 tons is the F-25 since half its weight is fuel, at 800 fuel per engine. Notice the empty and full weight. Even then, adding a third engine would only add to weight and be a nuisance. On another note, me and @Abraxis (mostly Abraxis) have run into an interesting issue while testing. The spectated plane sometimes affects the outcome of the battles. To clear any possible conflict of interest, we've tested our own crafts and none of those in the leaderboard, notably my F-25 against his DN-59. He noticed a higher rate of victory for the side who wasn't viewed during the battle. However, both planes are very closely matched, so this might actually be a negligible issue other than between almost equal planes. Still, to prevent this from happening, you could spectate different planes during the fights (Ex: first fight spectate the challenger, second fight the challenged, third fight the challenger.) and keep spectating the same model for the entire fight (Ex: switch to only the live doritos and never to the challenging plane). A more complicated version would be to have a "judge" craft on the ground and switch to it for the entirety of the fight. It would just be a structural plate to keep any team from targeting it and would guarantee there is no bias.
  5. You don't really need that extra weight though. Most if the times when you use 2+ engine the engines and their fuel end up causing the weight, not your payload.
  6. I wonder why so many people go with MOAR engines as a solution. I ran a few tests and was able to beat the dorito with single engine designs.
  7. No guns, but lots of missiles. I could try running a 1v1 but my lagtop is too poor to record a video with it. Sent sidestrafe my ship, hoping he'll send me back his for me to run a test and get some pics
  8. Done a compilation of planes submitted since page 22 @Mukita12 https://kerbalx.com/Mukita12/CI-5-Fighter-Jet @Earthlinger https://kerbalx.com/Earthlinger/Ripsaw-MK3 @l0kki https://kerbalx.com/l0kki/WunderWaffle-III-Ausf-H @Eidahlil https://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Dronbast.craft @NotAnAimbot https://www.dropbox.com/s/su2v7jap2viec2z/MDL LF-18 Novi Avion.craft?dl=0 Those are all I found, tell me if I missed any
  9. The fixed 12.7 are fine, what you're referring to (I think) is the 50 cal turrets.
  10. The recoil was one of the main problems of this cannon for mounting on anything other than spaceships. This fix is great!
  11. Anyone want to run this ship? Pretty part heavy at 500 part because of struts I've figured out the TWS radar wasn't the best for sea detection, so I strapped on some snub radars which have much better ground detection range. I'm using them and AIM-120s as mid-range anti ship missiles.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/su2v7jap2viec2z/MDL LF-18 Novi Avion.craft?dl=0 LF-18 Novi Avion based on some Yugo prototype, the L-19 Novi Avion
  13. Until there are rules regulating turrets. I said that in my post iirc.
  14. It's a common bug after quickloading. I saw it with some others' planes too. How many missiles does yours fire? Try flying the F-25 with the same number of missiles.
  15. That's not really the matter. The bullet velocity is about the same and them being able to aim 360 degrees is what breaks them, since being maneuverable enough to get on someone's 6 is now useless. Has yours won against the F-25? It seems to use lots of missiles according to yoyr first post. If it's just using as many missile/target possible, any of the plane you're fighting could just set themselves to 6 missile per target and beat you, proving the missiles were doing more work than your plane. I've built many fighters which I won't call super-maneuverable or hyper-maneuverable since those are entirely subjective, but I've yet to have any plane hit its own missiles.
  16. Yep, I got a version working with 6 landing gear, although inspired from a youtuber. Here's a test rig save. Use SAS to direct to the target, get your prograde directly on the target node and arm the landing gear (extend) and press 1 to fire. I've had successful hits from up to 7 km. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/350713979133493250/383098447143632896/quicksave_20.sfs Ironically the ship you're firing against is one of @MiffedStarfish's
  17. The dorito fires 2 or more missiles by target instead of 1 (bda guard modr settings) and also has 3 vulcans instead of 2. Even then, ut lost in dogfights to the berzerker even if it was much more maneuverable, and had to kill it out of gun range with missile spam. Again, if it comes down to who can set the missile/target bar higher or mount the most turrets on his plane, there's not much use putting any work into the airframe itself. I'll also be pulling out the F-25 from the roster until there are some rules restricting weapon usage.
  18. If you look at the video, the berzerkers weren't on thw F-25's tail for a long time even once. If you replaced the turrets with fixed guns, the berzerker would probably have lost. Is it really a fighter competition when the outcome depends purely on the weapoms mounted and not the plane itself? If so I could just submit a jumbo jet with turrets all around it and claim it's the best fighter ever without putting any effort other than making it fly straight.
  19. In light of the videos showing how op turrets are, do you plan on banning them @HeroBrian_333?
  20. I think this would be best, this way it's more of a personal craft building competition rather than an action-reaction competition where you build specifically to counter the KoTH
  21. There is still my plane to run @HeroBrian_333 and @exbyde Edit: nevermind, saw exbyde's comment saying the F-25 beat the taisch. I'm guessing other matches are coming next. I hope I'll be stealing the Bryntroll's spot for most maneuverable. You can counter this by checking "clearance check" or whatever clearance is called in the competition menu
  22. As a rule of thumb for anyone interested, I found 7 to 8 ton/panther engine a good maximum weight limit for maneuverable fighters. It's about the max weight I can get while keeping planes flyable. Of course, lower is better. To keep your planes light, an easy thing to do is drain some fuel, as 100 units of fuel weigh about 625 kg iirc. Also here's a little video to show off and counter @Avera9eJoe, although the ending is a bit sketchy...
  23. Why not replace the tail part with an inline radar and a nosecone/fuel tank? That way you'll keep the general shape although you'll need some tweaking for CoM and CoL balance
  24. Slight upgrade, beats the F-42. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbw0hdi62pig931/MDL F-25BN2 Fencer.craft?dl=0 @Abraxis looking forwards to challenging yours publicly
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