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  1. I am getting this issue, I have installed the IFS mod and it never seems to work, what is wrong??!!
  2. That's what I was after! Close enough! What about the delta v question? Is it changed?
  3. Is the ISP delta v the same or upscaled as well?
  4. Aerospike with a nifty setup to make a decoupled work underneath it.
  5. TAC Life Support? If so, powerdown and make it quick.
  6. Im trying the USI Kolonization mods right now and they just aren't as much fun as I thought they'd be. But the TAC Life support apparently doesn't have a greenhouse. So I like the life support but would rather a self sustaining easy life support mod!
  7. So I've landed on everything, unlocked everything and made huge space stations and added Life support mods and I just can't seem to be as challenged as I used to. So should I try RSS?
  8. Right click on the parachute before deploying at around 300 m/s at around 5000 metres.
  9. Huge fan of this mod, but I haven't really used it as I was originally a KW kind of guy, but this seems more alive than KW. Getting the 7.5 today!
  10. About to download this, is the IVA for the FLAT part finished? What are your plans for the future porkjet?
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