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  1. This far I only have a few simple ones of them, like the Apollo CSM and Skylab, that I use regularly in my current savegame. I will try to make a bit more for the important parts and give you a note as soon as I got more!
  2. Btw, is there any Window Shine compatibility already planned? I'm currently running on my own configs for it, but only for a few parts...
  3. Damn it was a good idea to start playing KSP again after such a long time! Your mod has become so awesome, @CobaltWolf, that I had to write an entry to the forum for it... Thanks!
  4. Alright, that was simple , thanks for your help!
  5. Alright, but didn't it pose a threat for spacecraft on trajectories close to Skylab, like those coming in for rendezvous?
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently reading a lot about the less famous NASA missions, and I've come to a very specific question, that I could not find any precise information on. My question is regarding the second stage of the modified Saturn V rocket, used to launch Skylab into space in 1973. As far as I know, the modified Saturn V actually consisted of the normal first and second stage, with the third stage being replaced by Skylab itself. In case of the "normal" Saturn V, the first and the second stage would usually crash down into the ocean, while the third stage - which carried the instru
  7. Thank you very much for this awesome mod Frizzank, definitely one of the most detailed and most extensive part mods out here - and very nostalgic if played together with RSS-RP0 . I'm absolutely sure that Nathan is the right choice!
  8. As far as I know the Mk16-XXL Docking Port/Parachute was part of this mod, right? Because I absolutely can't find it on the current release... EDIT: Sorry guys, my fault, it simply wasn't compatible with RealChutes
  9. Yeah, done, let's just hope I'm not just missing the right fairings would be cool if frizzank could tell if those are really ment to be used for the Agena-D flight pack
  10. Allright, looks like they really just missed a rescale. Added one in the same factor like Agena-Module in the RO-FASA configs, and now I can finally use them Doesn't look exactly like it does on the FASA screenshots, but it's still looking better then most of my normal RO-rockets, yay!
  11. Mh... Then I probably already found the right FASA-fairing, but it seems to be a bit too small... If RO tweaks FASA-parts then this really could be an RO-problem in the end. Edit: uh, the FASA parts seem to be rescaled by RO, should have thought about that earlier. Maybe they just forgot to rescale the fairings aswell...
  12. It's not really a RSS or RO problem, I just thought I would not have to use procedural fairings for that. Most FASA parts seem to have their own fitting fairings, and the Agena Service Module even features the attachement points for them, but there are simply no fitting fairings :/ . The patchnotes say, that all but the Agena ones were removed, but I simply can't find those. The only ones that I can find are a bit too small. It seems as if there are no fairings in the current release, to build the Agena like on the FASA release thread screenshots (imgur.com/a/IZCZv#qYo9qiy)
  13. Until now I always found an easy answer to all my KSP questions on the internet, but now I finally had to register After playing a lot of RSS+RP-0 recently, I wanted to make a NASA-like playthrough with FASA. I'm just started to replicate the Atlas-Agena, but I'm stuck on the connection between the Agena-Stage and the Atlas-Stage. If there is a specific decoupler for it, I can't find it (this one I could use a procedural one for anyway. But what I'm really in need of are fairings, to hide the service part of the Agena-Stage under. I can't find any fairings in the current FASA build, that are
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