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  1. I would encourage this idea, but I dont have any time or prior knowledge. I would do testing though! One problem so far is, that the mod is very complicated. It would be interesting to reduce part count. A recycling part for example should be able to do all recycling steps, and so on. Some parts, like the Stanford Cylinder is not workable. It would be good, if it would be scaleable in the VAB and could be "expended" in flight.
  2. Hi, this is an essential mod and I always install it first! Cant play without it anymore. Helps me build, fly and plan the entire game. I wonder why it is not yet stock! Please keep working on it! Edit: Maybe Squad would give you the info about fuel flow you need!
  3. Happy to hear that someone took up the mantel again! Hope you will have as much fun modding it as we will have playing it! Any idea regarding a more "slim" version of it, which would add more stock alike modules which fit into the regular sizes and inflate in orbit? I know that launchpad would help, but I am frustrated with continued crashes due to having 20+ mods at any give time and would rather like to inflate some space stations in this Mod too!
  4. Any chance that it will be on Ckan's up to date list anytime soon?
  5. Yeah.....+ a functioning system to actuall add stuff to the surface and lift it into orbit. Building it in orbit is also very hard cause you can not really fly it once it is findished....might get some nice screenshots though!
  6. Hi, I love these parts! But I have problems with the "edit" mode. It does not shrink when I click on it. Any guesses what I could do? Otherwise the city torus is not usable, cause it is toooo large to even be displayed with the VAB mod to go outside! It would also be nice to have attachment nodes on the thing along the ring, and the spokes. I tried to add some but they are "hidden" inside the structure and I cant finde them anymore! It would also be cool if these rings have automatically some cargo, fuel habitable space and greenhouses. If this is not possible, maybe some attachment points to add them? Espacially in the spokes it would be nice to be able to add things, like the greenhouses from Civilian Mod!
  7. @Nightside: Nice....always thought the idea of Kerbals as a resource kinda bad....could you please make an option that the civilian Kerbonauts are hidden...kinda bad with the UI to go through thousand Civs to get to Jeb!
  8. @craftydwarf: awesome! 1/2h of moding and someone picks up from there! I can totally understand your argument that it is tooo much work to mod this totally by your own. Who is taking care of this mod right now?!
  9. Hi, is it possible to get a larger warp-bubble? Larger Part, more energy? I tried to mod the part myself but couldn't find the proper settings. I want to build larger craft with warp-capability, but so far i am limited by the warp-bubble. Ships tend to become rundisch landers are complicated to build!
  10. Hi, I have a problem since, well since a few days. I have installed the EPL and all the parts and resources are there, but I can not call up the workshop and building-endpiece UI the options disappeared for the workshop, and the building-endpiece is just there, but can not be interacted with anymore. First I thought it is because of another mod, uninstalled everything, but this did not change the problem. I made a clean install of KSP and now I see that CKAN beliefs EPL to be incompatible with KSP v. and does not allow me to install it and its dependencies. Installing them from hand did not change the problem. Parts are there, resources too but I can not access the UI for building stuff. I also installed Civilian population, they are supporting EPL, there parts are also not shoping the EPL interface anmore. The orbital ship-yard in IXS NASA Warpship mod does also not work anmore. Any suggestion? Any fixes? I would really love to use EPL + Civilian to build space colonies!
  11. @DaveBowman: Sure. So am I! Never moded in my life. The fix is not balanced though. Check these lines out: go to the folder in which the parts are stored. In my case it is: *\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\NetherdyneAerospace\CivilianManagement\Parts Open one of the three with a text editor (Note-Pad++ is very good in Windows for this, cause it keeps the proper lines): HouseSize2, 3, or 4 In there you will see this: name = CivilianPopulationRegulator //needs,wastes, and need/waste table //warning: if vessel cannot store the waste it gets "wasted", ejected into space. RecipeInputs = Food,0.035,Water,0.022,Oxygen,0.045,ElectricCharge,0.01 RecipeOutputs = Waste,0.013,True,WasteWater,0.021,True,CarbonDioxide,0.042,True RequiredResources = CivilianPopulation,0 Efficiency = 4.62962962962963e-5 //1 kerbin day //civilian consumes the above resources and produces the above waste in this //much time... consumptionSpeed = 21600 I changed the line in red. As you can see, I reduced every value by deviding it with 100 (shift the floating point 2 steps to the left side). This reduces the "consumption" rate of the modules 100 times, and now the hydroponics and farms produce slightly more then the populations produces. This fix is far from perfect, the main problem is that the part still only produces and consumes according to its "maximum capacity" irrespective of its actuall population. So empty or full does not matter, it allways consumes the same amount. This is a problem I could not figure out how to solve though. I will experiment with it further, and am thinking about also changing the warp field size for the IXS mode for NASA warp-ships, to allow for warp capable colony ships,....enjoy!
  12. Like I said, the production is not good adjusted. The main problem seams to be that the population uses up resources way to fast. You can change the these things in the parts by changing the lines which regulated this. This fixed the problem for me!
  13. Hi, I love the idea of this mod, and I think the parts are just great. I just have a problem with the proper ingame application. The introduction and the text ingame state the maximum population every hydroponics can maintain. When I try it, they produce never enough though. I trid different configuration: 16 small hydroponics + 25 population 16 small hydroponics + 0 population 8 farms + 4 large hydroponics + 50 Population 8 farms + 4 large hydroponics + 0 Population I did not had TAC Life Support installed originally, had the same problem, installed TAC with no change, and made a new install of the game with both installed together. The outcome is always the same: there is a constant resource "consumption" dependent on the maximim amount of population the vessale COULD hold (even if there is no-one on board), and all farms/hydroponics, irrespective of their size, produce roughly 0.04 of each resource. I put enough substrate, water and food in, I have electricity, I have control (probe body and/or pilot). I tried several configurations and the problem remains. Could any one help me? What do you need to know if this is a bug?