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  1. Hi! Thank you for the update! But I have some question: I install the mod Tantares. But in the game, I have the message: not RO parts (RO not supported). But why? In folder RO\SuggestedMods\Tantares already have a config for Tantares... Also mod SSTU mod have the message: not RO parts (RO not supported).
  2. Hello! Tnx for the mod! But I have some problem: I have installed RO 1for KSP 1.4.5 version. But in game, I have the message: not RO parts. How fix this?
  3. Hello! Tnx for amazing mod! Can you update RO config to version 1.4.5? because the RO already have this version (1.4.5)
  4. Oh.. I am sorry. It is my mistake. I have very low FPS with your mod because I am using the mod for KSP 1.6 version, But I have 1.4.2 build (I am using RO/RSS). After install mod for KSP 1.4.5 version - all is good and good FPS So, now I am using mod version 1.3.6 It is the maximum possible version for my build of KSP
  5. Hello! I have some problem... When my pod entering to Erath atmosphere here no aerobraking as this video In my RSS speed is constantly increasing in atmosphere Version KSP 1.4.2. May be it is FAR? I an using KSP 1.4.2, but FAR for 1.3.1 version....
  6. Are this mod support RSS/RO? (RSS full size)
  7. Hi, tnx for the mod. Are this mod support RO/RSS (full size)?
  8. Hi. tnx for this mod. I am using RSS|RO But, say me, please: I am build rocket/ Using for this your arcraft.cfg files. It is gemimi-titan, But, after finish I see delta - it is near 7000m/s. It is very low delta for orbit in RSS. How fix that? Here is screenshot