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  1. @richfiles Gotcha, thanks, I'll probably do that. Maybe I did put something where it didn't belong. But hypothetically, completely reinstalling KSP (after backing up saves of course) and cleanly adding the mods *should* fix the issue. There's no reason it should still persist after that. I mean, if that doesn't fix it, I might be looking at a deeper, more bizarre problem! About to call shenanigans on the Kraken for invading my PC.
  2. @CaptRobau I totally understand; thanks for the response, it's much appreciated. Yeah, my versions of KSP, OPM and Kopernicus are up to date, so I guess I'll just keep troubleshooting and messing around. With any luck, when you release the next version of OPM the issue might resolve itself. In the meantime I still have all the other moons to visit, of course. Thanks again for the great work!
  3. Hey everyone, long-time lurker who's been silently enjoying this incredible mod. I'm here because I have an issue, but first I'd just like to thank the devs of this mod for some awesome extended playability in the game. You're the best! So for some mysterious reason the moons Hale and Ovok have completely disappeared from Sarnus, and indeed, the game entirely. All the other moons/planets are just fine, with textures working and everything. Yesterday I recently finished my first manned mission to Hale, which was my first manned mission to any of the outer planets (I also had a satellite around Plock). I planted a flag on Hale and returned to Kerbin, no problems. Today, however, I got a notice of my first accomplishment to orbit Polta. Interestingly, my Plock satellite was moved to orbit Polta, my flag planted on Hale was moved to Slate, and both Hale and Ovok are nowhere to be found. It might be worth mentioning that just prior to this problem, I had been experimenting removing mods to prevent some crashes I've been getting, and before the disappearance of these moons I removed EVE, PlanetShine, Texture Replacer, and BoulderCo. I tried completely removing OPM from my GameData, as well as Kopernicus, and fresh-installing both of them. Still no luck, Hale and Ovok were missing. Thinking it might be a mod confliction, I removed all mods from my GameData folder except the fresh downloads of OPM and Kopernicus. When I started up the game, I even began a completely new save, and oddly enough, still no Hale and Ovok. Here are the mods I'm currently using: BetterTimeWarp, Chatterer, Crowd Sourced Science, DistantObject, KAS, KIS, Kopernicus, MechJeb2, OPM, PlanetShine, TextureReplacer, ZZZ_Flags What has me stumped, is that I removed all mods except new, clean installs of Kopernicus and OPM, and even began a new save file, and I was still having the problem. It's not a game-breaking problem by any means, but I especially liked that view from Hale, so I'd definitely like to see it return! Does anyone have ideas? I've run out of troubleshooting options. Sorry to bother, and thanks for the help in advance
  4. Greetings space-ers! Never posted on the forums before, but I've been playing KSP about two years now. Anyway, I love to make orchestral music, and so I've recently created a track "Jool in Prograde" which re-envisions some of the various music tracks from KSP. KSP was the game that got me interested in astronomy to the point of buying a telescope and going on wikipedia-space binges. Just wanted to get this out there for the KSP players to have a listen. Thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks and keep spacing! https://soundcloud.com/infinitybound721/jool-in-prograde
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