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  1. of course that's an option, but at a cost of 1.7 MILLION funds that's something to dream about. The problem I'm talking about is that the limit of 500 is not representative of the 2/3 mark in the stock game. in Stock KSP, there isn't as much to research beyond that, but ETT and KSPI expand the upper limit a lot, it's simply blown out of proportion.
  2. Hello everyone I'm currently playing on a modded version with both ETT and KSPI and noticed that the usual research limits hardly apply here. Some of what we know as basics of midgame research are unavailble because they cost more than 550, which is severe in a tech tree that puts the upper 60% of tech at 550-10k science cost. The research limit of 500 thus really cripples my progress. I have already tried looking around for a way to change the limits, but found non, so here's my question to the community: does anyone know any way to change the limits of buildings?
  3. even after leaving behind the boosters it's at 1.27, rising up to over 2 before passing 40k alt. it can do it, tried it manually, but I just wonder why the program doesn't do it the way it should. this time, it went into horizontal flight at 46km with 2382m/s-> apo 100k. what the hell?
  4. No SRB's, Plenty of TWR, steering goes quite well, but it doesn't even attempt a proper turn (I kept an eye on the pitch/yaw). I seriously have no idea what's the problem
  5. For reasons unknown, the rocket simply goes prograde, attempts a tiny bit of gravity turn until it reaches target altitude for apoapsis while the periapsis is still at ~ -600km. help?
  6. One thing I have seen in another mod (Analog Control Continued) is that you have the option of locking the steering in place. since stock SAS doesn't work even halfway satisfyingly, having this option would be really great if you have to fix some options manually (such as various BDA options) EDIT: Don't know if it's meant to work like that but when I am in normal flight, mouse flight active and then enter and exit the menu, the aim is often stuck where it was and only unlocks once I restart the mod (P&P :P) not always, but sometimes, thus I think it's only a glitch, but exactly what I looked for and found by accident
  7. either it's some data error, OR someone really messed up, giving the inflated storage module 12k+ of volume, but only 4 item space... fix please?
  8. Using latest versions of everything but cant get TweakScale to work with this thing :/
  9. This mod bugs with Kerbal Galaxy :/ when both are used at the same time, the Icons of other stations will just go floating off into space. probaly has something to do with the sun also being a moving object instead of being fixed.