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  1. This doesn't seem to be the case, I see no correlation between speed and thrust. Or better to say there is a correlation, but a different one than you're speaking about. For example the Kitty: the thrust grows during takeoff up to the max kN, but as soon asi the speed reaches cca 170 m/s the thrust drops so that i can't fly faster than that. But if i start to pitch up from the level flight the thrust grows as if the engine tried to maintain the same speed in vertical flight. Such behaviour doesn't really make sense and it doesn't seem to match the behaviout you're describing, does it?
  2. Hey, could anyone explain to me, how do the turboprop engines work? The Kitty only achieves max thrust on takeoff and in vertical flight, in level flight the thrust falls to 8.5 kN. The Predator behaves even more weird: in level flight the thrust rises above 15 kN during takeoff and then falls back to the aforementiones level. When pitching up the thrust rises, but once vertical, the thrust starts falling to some 15 kN. It should be capabale of 80 kN. Why do these engines behave like that?
  3. I'm not sure gravity is the reason. The green reticles are this low no matter if i place the guns on the lower or upper part of the hull. But if i offset the guns inside of the hull, the reticles suddenly move up. Which doesn't make sense, because the green reticles move up even if i place the guns on the upper part of the hull and then i offset them down to the center of the hull. And no, the yellow reticle is from Mouse Aim Flight so ideally the guns should point in the center of the yellow reticle, as that's where the centre of the plane points and where the plane flies.
  4. Hey, guys, I would like to ask you for advice with alignment. I would expect, that placing the guns on the fuselage with snapping on would place them perfectly in line with it and the cockpit, pointing directly forward. But it doesn't, instead the guns aim a bit lower, which doesn't make sense to me. Is there anything I'm missing out?
  5. @neistridlar Thank you very much! But honestly, from the looks of it, I wouldn't guess this design to be a sucessfull SSTO :D. Not very... sleek.
  6. Oh my. This mod is really what could finally get my SSTO's in orbit without cheating. So far I've managed to do it once, probably only by mistake :D. Guys, would you mind to share pictures of flight envelopes of your successfull SSTO design's?
  7. Oh yeah, no need for that in the end. I'm just an idiot, the versions don't match after all, I'm really sorry for the bother. I should do these things tired after work...
  8. Hi, I tried to add this mod, but even though my KSP is 1.3.1 and i downloaded SXT for 1.3.1, KSP it says the version is unsupported and KSP crashes when loading ends. Does anyone know what might be the problem?
  9. Hi, so i checked the BDAcUniversalAmmoBox.cfg and it says exactly 7.92x57mmMauser. So i guess this isn't the problem
  10. Oh I see. Ok, as I said, I'll check that when I get home and let me know if You find out anything. Thanks a lot mate
  11. I'll check that when i get home, but now as you talk about it I think i recall, that after configuring the universal ammo box it doesn't say "7.92x57mmMauser" but something along the lines of "7.92mau". But I'm not sure how that could fix even a part of the problem...
  12. Hi everyone. I was just wondering: if i change the skybox texture using for example TextureReplacer the galaxies will still be there, right?
  13. Yes i did that. I have an up to date version of firespitter and I removed and reinstalled BDArmory when i found out i have an old version of BDA. Oh and by the way, not all guns that have their own ammo work well. I tried the howitzer, that one was fine, but the ST-GSh 23mm (didn't try the pod version) sometimes suddenly works, usually first time i pull the trigger, but the next time it doesn't. The same happened when i tried the ST-SUU.
  14. However it still doesn't work even if i add a universal ammo box on the vessel.
  15. Ok, I'm an idiot, I just had an old version of BDArmory. Sorry for the bother.