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  1. KerbalX page here: (Note: the F-11 and F-15 are from a previous version of KSP, so I'm not including those.)
  2. And I forgot about that. Actual score is 2051.7944. THAT makes more sense. I'll edit my submission now.
  3. 1st submission! Final Score: 2051.7944 !! (Medium Aircraft) Note: The top speed used for my calculations was higher than the one achieved in the F3 menu. That's because that speed (~1640 m/s) was achieved in a different flight with no screenshot record. At the OP's request, I will change my calculations accordingly. EDIT: Forgot to convert meters to km... Score changed accordingly.
  4. What exactly do you mean by "any mountain"? The mountains west of the KSC and on the island chain? Or any terrain object above sea level?
  5. So how exactly are we going to time the challenge? I'm assuming with the T+ clock at the top right, correct? Either way, looks fun!
  6. So... does the submission HAVE to be a rocket? Or can it be an SSTO?
  7. Hey I have a question about mods... Are any allowed? (Besides Informatory ones, MechJeb, KER, etc..) But I'm not talking about B9 Aerospace, I'm talking more so about FAR, and/or Tweakscale. Would someone who uses those mods be granted into the same leaderboard as those who didn't use them? Will there be a separate leaderboard for that? Will the usage of these mods be allowed?
  8. I agree with you too. And SpaceDock is up again.
  9. Well, SpaceDock is down. Do you have plans to upload this onto GitHub or, well... Github? (Hint Hint: Sorry CurseForge, even though you're the "Official" mods page, hardly anyone uses you.) EDIT: SpaceDock is up again. Nvm.
  10. So just a quick question. If you use a custom skybox with ksp, will this mod show the flares with the skybox, or annul the skybox entirely?
  11. So no Mods that allow to launch from another area other than the KSP peninsula right? Examples of these mods are Kerbal Konstructs or KerbinSide In that case I might Start a project called Kegasus to get to orbit.
  12. Thank You very much Don't worry I'll fix my signature Join Kerbal Aeronautics Industries!