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  1. I've never hired a Kerbal in all my time playing. The smile on their face at the landing and their undying devotion to the space program is all I need to keep rescuing every contract the comes. Plus, I really enjoy the challenge of re-purposing multiple missions to a single task. One of my favorites was after just delivering an asteroid into orbit of Ike, a Kerbal popped up needing rescue from orbit around Duna. Another Kerbal had already been there in need of rescue, but had to come all the way home with his capsule intact. I had a small base established on Ike that had just enough dV to
  2. Was this mission by chance from a previous version of the game and now completing in a new version? I had the exact same problem, but with a completion of "ready to launch from minmus." The mission had been corrupted from an update of versions of the game. See the thread and see if this explains it.
  3. I'm not running any mods that should tinker with contracts. Only Kerbal Engineer, KIS, and a couple graphical mods. I can only think the difference between "be ready to launch" and "be landed on" is requiring fuel and an engine to be present, rather than just a probe or capsule parachuting down to a surface. When I get the chance, I will make a quick save and experiment with putting the ship back into orbit. I also have a couple Kerbals in a station around Minmus. I'll pick one up and land again and see if that makes a difference. If nothing works, I will just take the advice to force the cont
  4. In career mode, I had a left over contract that dates from the last version of KSP, but now running on 1.0.5. The contract is called "Supreme Ike Four Rally" and consists of fly by's of Ike, Duna, Mun, and then "Lastly, be ready to launch your vessel from Minmus." I've got green checks on all but the last, and my ship is now landed on Minmus. What does it mean, "be ready to launch your vessel from Minmus?" I have no Kerbals on board, but should that matter? Originally, in 1.0.4 I think it ended with just a fly by of Minmus or maybe in orbit at Minmus. The contract changed slightly when upgrade
  5. First time looking at the new forum, just started reading this post, and didn't even notice post times were out of order. No wonder I've been so confused. Forums like this, where there is much ongoing discussion, need to default to "sort by date." Let those who want a quick search for the best answers click to "sort by rating." It just makes more sense.
  6. I find that when intersecting orbits are very different, and thus very high relative speeds to each other at the intersection, the best way to cancel that relative speed is to place a maneuver node at the point of intersection. Then use the maneuver node to match your vessel's orbit with the orbit of the ship you are rendezvousing with. By manipulating the maneuver node, you should be able to place your periapsis and apoapsis right on top of the targets periapsis and apoapsis. Make sure the ascent and descent nodes are zeroed as well, and make the burn when you reach the maneuver node. You wil
  7. KSP does not utilize Steam cloud saves, so you have to come up with a way yourself. Manually copying and transferring files back in forth will work, but you can also set up a personal cloud save. I made a save game folder on dropbox. I then change the default KSP "saves" directory a virtual directory that points to the dropbox folder. The game thinks it's saving in the standard "saves" folder, but the path is rerouted to the dropbox folder on a system level. I can access the same save game files from separate KSP installs on my desktop and laptop. Running the game on either device will then au
  8. I'm curious if I encountered a bug, or some weird design feature in the game. I met up with an E class asteroid while it was passing Kerbin on a mission to get it to Ike. This is only the second asteroid I have captured, with the first being a class B to bring into orbit around Kerbin (no problem there). Knowing this bigger mission would require much more delta V to be on hand, I designed a tug that would mine the asteroid to replenish fuel. My particular design has a small fuel tank just below the drills and ore containment, followed by the ISRU, and then more fuel tanks connected directly t
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