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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but yes this was the exact problem. For some reason I thought the update you had posted was a "bleeding edge" beta update. Just more evidence that I need more sleep . Thanks for clearing it up for me!
  2. Hi! First of all, thanks for you continued work on this great mod! I'm having a problem though. I'm not sure how to find your mod on CKAN (never used it in all the years I've played unfortunately), and the version you uploaded on GitHub (1.9.1-3) doesn't seem to work; I had to revert to 1.9.1-2. When using 1.9.1-3 I get the "Incompatible mod" error, and another error in the top left corner that warns me that Kopernicus isn't compatible with this version of KSP and to not load any of my saves. I'll do my best to figure out CKAN so this isn't an issue for me in the future, but just th
  3. Well, at least you learned your lesson early on
  4. Thank you Nertea both for making these mods as well as being so prompt about updating them! I've played KSP for many years now, and ever since I found your mods a few playthroughs ago, I can't play KSP without them. Can't wait for the NF Solar update, it looks great so far! Thanks again
  5. Glad to see you're updating this to 1.0, Tiberion. I've played KSP on and off for over 3 years, and have used some of these parts since it was NovaSilsko and SundayPunch - very happy to see it's still alive! Keep up the good work!
  6. Thank you for your quick work updating this mod for 1.0!
  7. Good to see that you're updating this for 1.0, I love your parts and use them in almost ALL my rockets! Keep up the great work!
  8. Well, I've managed to corrupt the save haha. Completed "Crew a Space Station with 7 Kerbals for 1 Year" by warping through it. Upon completion, I couldn't exit to the Space Center, and had to force-quit. It saved it at that point though, and now I can't enter the Tracking Station, or the Vehicle Assembly Building, and I can't launch a new flight. If I enter the Contract or Science buildings I get stuck and have to reload. If I enter the Astronaut complex, I'm able to exit, but then I can't click on any other buildings and the quit button in the bottom right is faded out. I'm trying to get a lo
  9. Having a weird issue - and I apologize but I have no error logs. I Completed a Mun Flyby contract, landed on Kerbin somewhere in the ocean, and recovered the vessel. When the building selection screen loaded up, I saw what appeared to be a landed craft around the SPH. It was called "Vessel Name" and was "Landed somewhere long enough to break the line" and had "Jeb, Bill, Bob (n more)" in it. I tried to recover it but the button did nothing, and it stayed in the bottom left of my screen no matter which way I turned the camera. I tried going to the Tracking Station (to see if I could terminate t
  10. I made a probe and sent it to Jool to complete a contract to "Send the first probe to another planet" (or something similar) with a goal of entering the SOI of any other planet with an unmanned vehicle. First weirdness happened when my only one of my radial decouplers actually went off, and the other stuck. Then the next stage also got stuck, until I exited and then returned to the flight. Doing that caused both "stuck" decouplers to detach. The game created a save file at this point. But now, if I resume the Jool Probe flight, I cannot exit to the space center and have to ALT-Tab out and clos
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Running it in Admin mode in addition to XP compatibility seems to help. I\'ve found something else now though haha. When the program saves a modified part (at least the 2 I fooled around with), it saves the 'attachRules =' in a comma-space format (ex. attachRules = 1, 1, 1, 1, 0) while normal parts files are saved with no spaces (attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0). The spaces have the interesting effect of not allowing me to attach anything to my modified parts unless it\'s on top of it. Obviously, the simple fix is to remove the spaces and the attachments work correctly agai
  12. Great program. ;D Just something I\'ve noticed though - not sure if it\'s human/my laptop\'s error or the program\'s, but sometimes it takes a few tries to get it to start right. What I mean is, sometimes when it starts and I load the part list, I can choose parts on the left, but clicking on them produces nothing to the right; just grayed-out entry lines. I\'m running Windows 7 64-bit so that may have something to do with it. I tried running it in Windows XP (SP3) mode, and it seems to start correctly more often, but it will still have issues sometimes. Just letting you know in-case it is a b
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