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  1. Warning!! Planets Lag like crazy. I'm used to about 30 fps normally in Space Engineers, with planets that is about 8 fps, Thought I would warn people, The planets are a lot of fun though :)
  2. Here is episode 2, I hope you enjoy I'm still having the cursor issue
  3. This is a small Cinematic Series I will be doing, Sorry about the quality on the first and the crappy camera work, but this is the first time I've tried something like this, Well I hope someone likes it, It was fun to make, if a little tedious... If anyone has any suggestions for me I would be glad to accept them, My main issue was My cursor which I hid at the bottom of the screen kept Highlighting parts, Any way to stop that?
  4. Count Alucard


    Correct, A Map, I suppose It could have been a Globe but I was thinking of a map, Congratz!!!
  5. Poor Dres Always Gets left out Very Funny, Reminds me of the Super Systems I would make with HyperEdit, Then When I would launch it would chuck me off the planet and into a different planet XD
  6. For Rainbows and A Background that Makes you take a Quadrupel Take
  7. 7/10 For the Mun 9/10 for the Animated one