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  1. Is this an out-of-season April Fool's joke? Just kidding. Maybe not.
  2. I think it's highly likely that they carry the things needed to build colony buildings and such. No point for them to make a quite exotic shaped regular fuel tank imo.
  3. Yeah those containers don't look like they fit in "classic" size system at all lol.
  4. Let's face it. The part sizes are just not in-line in KSP1. Both "patterns" are imperfect assumption with artificial exception(s).
  5. approximately 2million times more than that in earth is what i read
  6. Fiscal years are artificial "years" that vary from different institutions (even some governmental ones) and, as said above, Take Two's is March 31st. My assumption is that to give a reasonable margin for enough players to buy KSP2, the release might be half or one month before the deadline, and were there any early access, it would probably be earlier than February. But i'm just being optimistic
  7. I'm going to build a HUGE orbital colony around Kerbin as my main construction base of interstellar ships.
  8. Kerbal Kolonial Konstruction Platform (KKKP)
  9. Yeah that's a tough one. i remember reading a Star Citizen development article saying that they used a "grid" technique which procedually treats certain parts of a larger vessel as a whole, calculating the interactions between those collection of parts, then calculating the parts within each collection seperately. This way the calculation of a big vessel is much more distributed. Though theses kind of things may be too much to ask for in KSP2
  10. I haven't used any scaled mods in KPS1, so i'm wondering how well the scaling works for vehicle parts, especially engines? Is there a solid scaling formula for the parts so we can reliably and conveniently scale them without making them over or under powered? Or do we just use the very same parts in an easier or more challenging environment?
  11. The kerbal manufacturer might say: Warrenty voided if used at planetary launchsites. Seriously speaking, we may technically be able to just use it, but at what cost i don't know lol.
  12. Mod list surely needs to be unified in MP games. Either to straightforwardly ban mods(the worst case), or to allow the "host" to make a mod list and using perhaps in-game data streamming to load it for all guests? With that said, i'm wondering how the loading of KSP2 would work. Since we will have multiplayer, and in KSP1 we load everything before start, does it mean we have to choose single or multiplayer before open the game and load everything needed afterwards? Or will it be loading universal "stock" data then dynamically loading needed mods for an actual in-game save?
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