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  1. I like this, and would really like to see it released
  2. Maybe you could look here or here. I believe at least one is ksp stock size (not sure tho, did check a while back) edit: forgot to mention that it's related to the ariane 5 (at least, iirc)
  3. Works like a charm thank you very much for the explanation
  4. Hi, stupid question here: how do I use this ? I noticed the settings.cfg file, but how do I add my other(s) monitor(s) ? Sry, just can't figure out how it works :s
  5. Hi all, Ok, I've got my fuel tank appear alright ingame, nice and all (very crude texture ). Now I'd like to have this tank attached to another one, side by side (like a delta iv heavy setup). Best I could manage is to have the second one attached inthe middle of the first one sideways (making a cross ), or (best case) clipped together (view from top would look like an eight figure). My gess is it's might be related to colliders (but I"m very new to this, so I'm probably wrong). Here are a few screenshot of the blender and unity setups; Edit : forgot to mention that I tried several attachRules combinations to no avail; And also that I'm very confused about those colliders (seen it defined into blender, read somewhere that it should be defined in Unity...maybe both). Any help will be appreciated Thanks;
  6. Thanks for the reply; Oh well, forgot about the rescalefactor; But I just gave it a try and no luck This did it : MODEL { model = MyMod/Parts/Tank/tank scale = 0.8, 0.8, 0.8 } I still would like to understand the reason behind this... ty
  7. Hi all, I'm new to modelling, but managed to do my first part (very very basic - a fuel tank) and have it ingame (after sorting out the collider issue). Only thing is, the part appears larger... (and google didn't helped me) blender size is set at x=y=5, z=36 ingame size : width = 6.3, height = 43 plus the attachment nodes coordinates are off, but I'll see to it later on. I'm wondering where I did something wrong but can't find it. Any help would be appreciated; Thanks;
  8. Honestly, I don't know anything about structural resistance and stuff.. It's a nice solution and probably a first, so go ahead On a second thought, a single beam looks like a viable solution too. Up to you really (i'm not helping, am I?) haha
  9. Thank you for your awesome work (and the upcoming fix). I've read that RF could be the culprit regarding the reduced burn time for boosters, thanks for the confirmation. I'll love to try that quad booster setup of yours
  10. The first post mentioned that these parts are made for Realism Overhaul. But as the sizes and values are mirroring those of the future SLS, I thought it will be adequate for me to use RSS Furthermore, I'll not recommend it, as there are engine performance issue with just RSS (i.e. without RO (didn't try it)). Your mileage may vary (i'll love to hear from someone who's using this mod with RSS) Update : after installing RO, i checked all the SLS related boosters I could put my hand onto. Surprisingly enough ALL of them are off as far as burning time is concerned, even the one provided/modified by RO (!?). Weight, mass, isp, thrust are ok, but burning time falls short about 30s... The core stage is ok, RO or not (very small deviations from real stuff, if at all)
  11. First let me tell you I really love this Now if you could help me with the issue i'm facing, i'll love it even more. I use RSS and RealFuel, not the complete RO (got too many issues for unknown reasons), and the SRBs burning time is 98s only instead of the normal 124 (I noticed you have the correct burning time value in the video you posted earlier That's a problem for reaching orbit... A possible explanation or directions to where to look for a solution would be appreciated. ty