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  1. Well no, what resulted in that was the flight crew too close to the force of exhaust but whatever.
  2. No, you can't. It would invert both and they'd still go in opposite directions. It's a known bug, it just hasn't been fixed for the most recent version as of yet.
  3. Love this mod and I am looking forward to your aircraft, hope to see that mod soon.
  4. My mistake, misread it. There are some comments earlier in the thread of a similar problem and there may be an answer to be found there.
  5. Did you refresh the data? You added a new craft so you have to make sure that you refresh the data to receive from the radar source you specified. Example craft come with BDA, as well as being able to find them on KerbalX.
  6. This would help @lancefoxcia a lot since currently he has 3-6 versions of each turret in his mod for different ammo types.
  7. @SpannerMonkey(smce) To be fair, the M60-2000 is not the one in that picture, and wiki reference says it does use an Abrams turret and gun. But this can be done easily with the BDA turret or the SMA M1 turret. I echo (and had prior requested) the M60 hull, and knowing you, you will have greebles and armor pieces to make it 'modernized' so I'm not worried.
  8. No one is insulting you or your mod. But why should Spanner and other mod makers have to edit hundreds of cfgs to "opt out" when you could more easily add in that MM patch that @monstah posted, and adjust it for other mods that rely on buoyancy that has been carefully and painstakingly adjusted to give the best results?
  9. There's also a SeaWater resource added through Hullbreach, which would also be affected by this mod. So yeah, these entries should be with this mod, rather than forcing Spanner and Gomker to make adjustments to theirs.
  10. I think what you need to do is work backwards here. Create the mod, but by default it is disabled for everything except stock, and allow other mod makers the decision to add it in as they see fit rather than it encompassing everything and making it so they have to disable it by doing more work. Even provide the MM patches, but leave them in a disabled state.
  11. The point @SpannerMonkey(smce) was making was that SMM and LBP parts have very specific, hard coded buoyancy that should be left alone so that they function correctly.
  12. Do you have a weapon manager on your craft? Did you install it correctly? It sounds like you have installed a second BDArmory and they are competing for resources and therefore have broken everything.
  13. I'm not sure what's "locked" it to 50, but 30000 Seawater isn't nearly enough to sink a massive carrier I'm sure.
  14. I agree with this. Or at the very least, ask him to have a look. I would love some specific Hercules gear. (And if it gets working you can use that example and make 14 wheeled Galaxy gear. )
  15. I can say that "stuff is in the works" for some of what you mentioned, though I cannot say how, where, or when it will be released. As for the datalink, there's a lot of new coding that will have to happen. Right now sonar only shares the radar window, but it is a totally separate entity. And the radar datalink is coded to use radar data, so the sonar data can only be used right now by whatever vessel it's on. (I checked this early on with a dipping sonar helo, and then an accompanying torpedo armed helo, and there was no shared uplink available.)