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  1. What part is difficult? I could walk you through it.
  2. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    I'll send you a PM with the dropbox links to them.
  3. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    Cockpit IVA works fine, thank you. And thank you for removing the racks for the next version. I use Red vs Blue and it has some good pylons for even the biggest missiles. Take your time. This is a great looking mod. If you would like my fix for the radar (and I made an addition to the wings, adding in ECM functionality for the pods) let me know and I will give you what I edited to put into the next version.
  4. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    This should be solvable by putting the part names into the destruction fx settings cfg to be excluded.
  5. No, the STIR is Malfunc Industries which I do not believe has been updated for the most recent BDAc releases.
  6. Is the STIR BDArmory? I thought that was in a different mod.
  7. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    It should be with other things that start with 'S'. It's there and exists. I installed this mod and find it so if it's not there you may have installed something wrong.
  8. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    It's the whole fuselage and it's in pods or in the BDA tab.
  9. [1.3.1] SM Armory 1.3.1 [1.3.1 beta] SM_AFVs

    BDA built mostly to scale. Spanner builds mostly to Kerbal scale.
  10. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    Two things: 1) I fixed the radar, it works fine now. All it needed was a bit of adjustment based on the new BDA radar settings. 2) Can we get a version of the main wings without the missile racks?
  11. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    Yes, I like this mod a lot.
  12. I have but I haven't uploaded a craft file anywhere. It's pretty easy to put together though.
  13. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    This is pretty nice. Building an Su-27/33/35 has never been easier. Any plans to make an Su-34 body and nose to go with this?
  14. What other things do you have in the works for this? The K-13 is a great addition to my MiG-21.