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  1. I think some peoples' preference for the FS Engines is that they function on rpms instead of thrust.
  2. AFAIK BDA never utilized FS engines with the AI pilot.
  3. Check your gun range, visual range, make sure they have radar, as well as their range to each other. If the physical range exceeds the gun range they won't shoot each other.
  4. @Shadowmage Actually said that he won't be working on them but would be glad to offer assistance to @blackheart612 or anyone else who wanted to try and take them on. If I had any skill at all I'd take him up on that offer because I'd love the Hercules gear and what it could lead to. (Like gear for a C-17, or an AN-225)
  5. I thought that with this problem too, but if you notice the 50 cal ammo, that is the correct ammo box. However, WM literally does not see the 50s. Usually this happens when a mod interferes with BDA, or when BDA is installed incorrectly. (I lean towards that because the BDA button is whited out)
  6. The BDA tab is whited out, which is the first clue as to something being wrong with the install. You can see the WM does not show any weapons being there at all. Can you provide a screenshot of your Gamedata folder?
  7. Inter's Bombing Challenge

    I'm going to have to finish my Blackjack and see how it fares. She's a huge target though, so we'll see.
  8. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Use VesselMover instead of Hyperedit and it will set the carrier down nice and gentle.
  9. You'd have to make it as a subassembly with its own ai and WM and just make sure that it was on the same team or switch it using vessel switcher, after you decouple and activate pilot. Which can also be done via vessel switcher, so long as the engines are already on. as far as the ai being dormant I'm not sure of much there as they'd be considered a single vessel till it was decoupled.
  10. I don't see why it wouldn't work. Use any number of drone cores, add wings, rails, and missiles. Launch. Watch the carnage.
  11. That definitely means you have a conflict somewhere, and something is messing with buoyancy.
  12. @SpannerMonkey(smce) I don't personally see anything wrong with the build of this guy's submarine, and I am at a loss here. I went back in and tested pretty much the same setup in my game and everything is fine, and with ballast balanced out I can sit submerged at any depth with no movement.