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  1. To be accurate, the plane will attempt to point it's GUNS at the enemy and fire. I have had success with Schrage Musik BF-110s, firing straight up at the belly of bombers and positioning themselves there under AI. I have has an A-10 with the offset GAU that has a 2 degree downwards slope and it will lift the nose to fire at a flying target in front of it. The AI will calculate how to fire bases on the position of the fire transforms and the convergence/divergence of the line of fire.
  2. XOC2008

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. Tracks and T90 Updates

    I was gonna suggest that ship to Spanner but I realized that the slide-out launch might be more trouble than it's worth. At best you might be able to do that now with setting your decouple speed to zero and it should slip backwards as you move forward.
  3. The only mod this utilizes would be BDAc for the AI pilot parts and the integrated weapon on the F-15.
  4. lol what'd you think it was??
  5. Sounds like something is interfering, possibly another mod. Both cockpits have a full IVA, and everything is fully 1.4.x compatible.
  6. Your settings need adjusted for AI control. Takeoff speed is also too low (to the AI) so the AI pitches up hard to compensate for it. Set it for increasingly higher numbers till it takes off without the extreme pitch so that you have more lift when the AI starts to take off.
  7. Go to the github and submit a feature/enhancement request so it doesn't get lost here.
  8. My ruskies can use more modern fixed weapons. :D
  9. XOC2008

    [1.4.3] Kerbal Field Weapon Pack [KBF] [2018.5.19]

    So as a tester for BDAc, SM Industries, DCK, etc, my observations are this: Overall, this mod pack is pretty good. I think there is a bit of an imbalance between weapons here and in other packs. Your tank hulls/turret armor HP values are way too extreme by comparison and could use toning down to be more in line with other mods. You also have some insane pitch and yaw values that are just too fast and instead of a fairly level playing field, have it greatly skewed in the favor of something like the 99A2. I think you need to take a little time and see what the values are in other mods so you can share the space rather than trying to dominate it. I like the models, I'm a fan of some specific pieces but I tend to pare this down to bare essentials so that I don't have multiple versions of the same thing. I'm interested in that Sprut turret to stick on an SM BMP-1. :)
  10. XOC2008

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. Tracks and T90 Updates

    With a brand new 125mm shell to boot. :D
  11. I'm pretty sure that the automatic reloading of missiles isn't in the realm of possibility in KSP due to a) Unity restrictions b) Missiles having to be separate parts and attached somewhere, and due to reason a, cannot be mounted, detached, moved and mounted again. Good enhancement, yes. Possible, no. Not unless something changed, but I think this has been asked about before and given the same relative answer.
  12. Well you can reload the regular BDA missile rails too. Just need to use KIS and have a vehicle that is storing the ammo you want to load. And have a lot of time on your hands.
  13. XOC2008

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    Without knowing what you're using, what missile, what VLS, and no pics, it's rather difficult to determine.
  14. XOC2008

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    Most of the VLS parts should have 1-3 nodes for mounting VLS launchable missiles using a rear node setup.