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  1. [1.3.1Beta 2 ]Kerbal Aircraft Expansion _Continued v2.7.1beta

    AFAIK the stats are the same from what I am seeing, but one has 2 blades, one has 4. I'm not sure if there's more to it than that.
  2. SMI Missiles and Launchers. https://github.com/SpannerMonkey/SMI_MissilesLaunchers/releases/tag/v0.1.1.0-beta
  3. I don't know about a JSOW but SMI_Missiles and Launchers has two flavors of AGM-158 JASSM.
  4. Versus - Release 1 "Eagle and the Hound"

    As a side note, if you like this mod and want to suggest a Vs match-up, feel free. We'll be happy to consider any ideas, but that doesn't mean that anything will get made. Cold War, Modern, Vietnam era, Korean War era. Try to keep them closely matched either by function or era, like the F-15 and the MiG-31, or a MiG-21 and an F-4E or something.
  5. Versus - Release 1 "Eagle and the Hound"

    Well I thought it was. Flight puns in a game primarily about flight? Always necessary!
  6. Versus - Release 1 "Eagle and the Hound"

    We have other match-ups planned for the future if this "takes off". Pun intended.
  7. For those that struggle with finding that perfect part or put together that perfect fighter fuselage, this is the mod for you. Brought to you by SM Associates @XOC2008 and @TheKurgan (with some excellent modelling by @SpannerMonkey(smce)!), we bring you Versus! Versus was created with two things in mind, lower part count aircraft to utilize BDArmory and related mods more efficiently, and to put together head-to-head match-ups between aircraft of similar style and function. These fuselages are all-in-one, including cockpit, radar, engine, ammo, and fuel. (On some occasions, the fuselage will also have a weapon integrated such as with the F-15 in this initial release.) Versus R1 includes the fuselages to pit a MiG-31 Foxhound against an F-15(A/B/C/D/E/However you design it) Eagle. Keep in mind this just contains the fuselages and a few extra bits like drop tanks, and the Pilot Pitot parts(for full Weapon Manager, Wing Commander, and AI Pilot capabilities.) Make sure to attach the pitot or some similar Weapon Manager part to ensure you can control your craft. You will of course also need to outfit the vessel with wings, landing gear, control surfaces, weapons, and whatever various odds and ends you'd like. To note: This mod is intended for "full size" aircraft. Tweakscale is not supported, as it can and will most likely alter the weight and flight characteristics with disastrous results. Thrust, velocity, and atmospheric curves have been toiled over to get the most realistic performance we can squeeze out of these aircraft. This mod was designed for and with Stock aero, as such FAR is not supported, but if this works in FAR then all the better for those users. Versus is CC BY-ND 4.0 I know, no pics no clicks! Download on Spacedock or Dropbox. Recommended (but not required) Mods: BDArmory Continued - Required for pilot pitot part to function SM Armory KWS - Cold War BDArmory Extension Kerbal Foundries Procedural Wings
  8. [1.3.1] SM Armory SM AFVs etc BDA Damage Overhaul version

    Ah yes. I have been prodding Spanner on occasion for that myself!
  9. [1.3.1] SM Armory SM AFVs etc BDA Damage Overhaul version

    Hi, Spanner has a few TEL systems in the SM Missiles and Launchers mod here: https://github.com/SpannerMonkey/SMI_MissilesLaunchers/releases/tag/v0.1.1.0-beta IIRC there is at the very least a Scud and a Topol-style launcher.
  10. [1.0.5][WIP]FantomWorks 0.3.3 KAX+ Part Pack

    When you say "the parts", you mean the 2m parts, right? I can't imagine scaling up the Hawkeye or Mirage. They're just right.
  11. Can confirm a non-tweaked Typhoon with all parts(no missiles, ctrl surfs) with tanks flooded sinks between .1 and .2m/s and is currently 136m BSL.
  12. My suggestion is for you to go to the BDAc github and open an issue/feature request for the topics you've brought up.
  13. I think your ships look great. We have enough mods that have ships made in pieces, so having some 1-piece vessels is just fine with me. Keeps the part count down. As for the SU-27 radar, the performance of the edited version I sent you should be closer to real world function if that's what you're talking about.
  14. [1.3.1] SM Armory SM AFVs etc BDA Damage Overhaul version

    Hi, SM weaponry has no nuke code (ie NKD or BDA Weapons Extension). They are 'conventional' in their explosions but pack a lot more of the explosive code via BDAc than smaller weapons. There are also 'cluster' versions that spread out the damage in a wider area.
  15. @thedawm Here you can see the VLS is open and the door is sideways.