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  1. Actually I'm not sure the edusettings.cfg redirect needs any tweaks at all. It works just fine. Installers just need some more clear instructions (which I hope I helped provide in my "Summary" paragraph.) As it is, the program, on first run, checks the directory specified in the config file and, if no such folder exists, it creates that folder. After that, it runs fine in the background. This is just what you want for a new user. I believe got into trouble by overthinking things. I created a network-located "Save" folder manually before running the program. Since that folder was empty at first
  2. At South Davis Junior High we purchased 35 licenses for KerbalEdu to use with a ninth grade Physics class. We decided to install the software in the school library computer lab. Davis School District has a District-wide Microsoft network and every student and teacher in our District has an account with a unique login ID. They cannot use any computer without first logging in to the network. Each user on the network has 1 gigabyte of "home" network storage space on a drive mapped as "H:" (this is in addition to Microsoft OneDrive). Students are taught to save all of their work to OneDrive (which
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