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  1. I'd like to know the altitude of a point as I hover over an orbit. I'd like to know the velocity components upon exiting the SOI. Is there a mod that does either of those?
  2. Does the distance of the OX-Stat-PD Photovoltaic Panel produce the same amount of Power Units, regardless of its distance from Kerbol?
  3. I think KSP 2 will succeed or fail on fundamentals. Build a great core platform, and then release lots of DSLs that expand the game in ways that the player base might be interested. Focus on quality and being bug-free. I know you want to add features, but the community can add features more easily than fix bugs. Be excellent at physics; KSP has arguably the best physics engine of space games. It needs to stay that way. I don't just mean rocket mechanics -- everything. There's a definitely a threshold where realism intrudes on fun, stop before you hit that. Be very extensible; Community mods are a major part of KSPs success. The more you can lower the bar (docs) for community development, and the more you can make mods stable across versions, the more the game will gain for free. And that's it. Colonies in space, interstellar travel, resource management -- all those things sound like great DLC content I'd pay for. Why not get a rock solid base game out there now, and start collecting revenue off it?
  4. I do inefficient orbits by doing poor gravity turns to get out of atmosphere. It’s more dV to get to orbit than a good gravity turn, but more forgiving on your payloads.
  5. I have a number of old designs that won't work anymore. These designs are stock parts, but these stock parts have been updated over time. I'm OK with just using the new stock parts. Is there a fast way to replace them?
  6. Did digging in CKAN for a mod that has flags of the stock planets like Jool, Eve, etc. Couldn't find anything, but surely something exists?
  7. Back playing after years and years. Hello!
  8. I launched the game, and this happened. Can't think of anything I've updated recently. Any ideas?
  9. What a great idea. I added to the list! What happens now? Does it reset?
  10. Congrats On getting 100 Rep.


    1. Wcmille


      Thanks! Was 93, but sure was tough to get there!

  11. Today I hit 93% reputation for the first time ever.
  12. What do others think about [ and ] not cycling between flags and debris, but then adding <Special>+[ or <Special>+] to cycle amongst all types (in case you really want to cycle across all that stuff).
  13. What's the best way to associate certain mods with certain saves, so that when I use one save game, I get a certain set of mods, but when I use a different savegame, other mods are used? Looks like CKAN can handle the heavy lifting, but I'd still need to reconfigure before launching KSP, right? Is there something more streamlined?
  14. Suggestion: Add "Miss Distance" to the Rendezvous display. Proposed algorithm: After time to rendezvous is calculated, determine the position of the vessel and target at that time. Get the magnitude of the subtracted position vectors at that time. CC: @flart
  15. Suggested because this text is not consistent with the "E for Everyone" rating.
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