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  1. Wcmille

    National Cat Day 2018 in Japan

    I launched the game, and this happened. Can't think of anything I've updated recently. Any ideas?
  2. What a great idea. I added to the list! What happens now? Does it reset?
  3. Wcmille

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I hit 93% reputation for the first time ever.
  4. What do others think about [ and ] not cycling between flags and debris, but then adding <Special>+[ or <Special>+] to cycle amongst all types (in case you really want to cycle across all that stuff).
  5. What's the best way to associate certain mods with certain saves, so that when I use one save game, I get a certain set of mods, but when I use a different savegame, other mods are used? Looks like CKAN can handle the heavy lifting, but I'd still need to reconfigure before launching KSP, right? Is there something more streamlined?
  6. Suggestion: Add "Miss Distance" to the Rendezvous display. Proposed algorithm: After time to rendezvous is calculated, determine the position of the vessel and target at that time. Get the magnitude of the subtracted position vectors at that time. CC: @flart
  7. Suggested because this text is not consistent with the "E for Everyone" rating.
  8. @sarbian -- I never bothered to look at the log once I got the mod to work. The mod works, but its spamming the log. I just tried running your code from DropBox, and that's spamming the log with the same MissingMethodException. Does your dropbox version spam the log on your machine? What version of Visual Studio are you building with?
  9. Wcmille

    Space Atmospheric Flight Mod

    I think this might work: To experience atmospheric-like flight, set your craft to prograde and use RCS translation. This will change your prograde vector, which in turn, will change your direction. You should not turn, let your SAS do the turning. This will not be fuel efficient.
  10. Wcmille

    How Are Using KerbNet?

    Does ScanSat overlay the info on the planet, or also in its own window?
  11. Wcmille

    How Are Using KerbNet?

    What do you think is clunky about it? What do you use instead?
  12. Wcmille

    I Can't Dock, But I Know How

    I have had three cases in the current build where the game flipped my thrust vector so that thrusting moved me away from my target. I fixed it by exiting the game and restarting.
  13. Wcmille

    How Are Using KerbNet?

    Are you only using the biome map for that?
  14. Wcmille

    How Are Using KerbNet?

    That’s true. If KerbNet could do other things, what else would you want to look at? For example, I don’t really look at altitude much, I find that I really want to look at slope, to find a good landing spot.
  15. Wcmille

    How Are Using KerbNet?

    What other information could be useful to know?