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Status Updates posted by Wcmille

  1. Today, I hit 1000 hours of playing KSP.

  2. I still hit the Z key before launch out of habit.

  3. I spend a lot of time docking.

  4. Strangely, I find it very enjoyable driving around Mun to look for great landing sites.

  5. I would prefer Newton and Rhapson to do my trial and error for me.

  6. Ever notice that some engines just feel "better" than the others?

    Here's why:
    The Flea has the highest Thrust-To-Mass (TMR) ratio (426.667).
    The Twinboar is next @ (307.7). It's Isp is better than the Flea.
    The Hammer has lower TMR and Isp than the Twinboar. It's just worse.
    The Mammoth has TMR of 266, but better Isp than the Twinboar. The TMR of the Vector is only a little worse.
    The Mainsail has the same TMR as the Vector, but worse Isp than the Mammoth.
    The Rhino has a TMR of 222.2, with an Isp of 340, which is pretty darn good.
    The Rhino is just better than the Skipper both in Isp and TMR.
    The Poodle is just better than the Swivel and the Terrier.

  7. Currently planning a mission for Jool. 8 crew, 9000 dV.

  8. Currently planning a mission to Eve.

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