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  1. I think this will help: [URL][/URL] It's basically a tutorial on landing "reverse gravity turn style". It's overkill for your needs, but I recommend testing it out. If you master this you won't have any problems landing in the future. Note: This is NOT the most efficient way of landing, if you want that use the zero descent rate technique. Personally I still think the reverse gravity landing is better because it's easy to learn and because the zero descent rate technique is VERY inaccurate
  2. Duna mission part 1 completed! Lander was docked to Kerbin Station for pilot transfer. (Long story) Crew status: Impatient, bored and scavenging for snacks.
  3. I have a question: How do I aline my RCS thrusters to the center of mass with no mods? Because I never get it right...
  4. I think my mission will be this: - Use tylo gravity assist to cross Laythe - Adjust orbit to enter Laythean atmosphere - Decouple atmo probe - Adjust periaps so the main ship will not enter atmo. - Use laythe gravity assist to go to another moon And then I will use that gravity to go to the next moon... And so on... Seems like a nice mission for only ~ 65000 funds, right? - - - Updated - - - Looking at the mass of the Lander it should cut the delta-v in almost half, but then again when it returns there will be less mass, so I am guessing ~ 4500 m/s?
  5. Sorry, what I meant was to use my smaller probe (which is an atmo entry spaceship with a heat shield) to explore the atmosphere of Laythe and not Jool. Like I said, I don't have parachutes, so no surface science for me.
  6. Ok, so I will start the Duna mission as soon as I can (school is reeeaaly taking my free time). As for the Jool mission, do you advise against using the atmo enterer for Laythe? I thought about it and it seems better. Unfortunately I don't have parachutes so I will never be able to land it.
  7. I had a HUGE kraken recently, was messing around, had a ship with a lot of parachutes and Reaction Wheals. It crashed and BOOM kraken... Look at that speed!
  8. This is my Duna tug for my lander. Once I get the OKs I will start the mission, maybe along it I will ask some extra stuff here. Does it have enough Delta-V?
  9. Pressing shift five times just gives you a very, very annoying sticky keys pop up.
  10. Hum... as far as I know it is not Alt + m, it's just hold alt. ( I think) And no, this is definitely not new
  11. I wanna get in a orbit that will cross at least some moon, so I can use that gravity to jump from moon to moon, like a pebble thrown in a lake.
  12. Here is my Joovian ship and my trajectory: In the picture, Tylo is going toward the right Did I do the gravity assist correctly?
  13. I also have a laptop (and it is definitely NOT high end) and I can run KSP fine without lag (with max graphics), unless I do something a little to big. It is a Dual Core 1.8Ghz i7-4500U (please don't laugh) with 8Gb ram, my graphics card is Geforce GT 750M. Compare my PC with yours, if it is better there is something wrong. Maybe you need to update your graphics drive? Go to Nvidia ( and dowload a drive, I think that may be your problem.
  14. I slightly modified the lander, I wasn't liking the fact that the 4 way symmetry was overlaping the 3 way symmetry. I think the landing legs are kinda to far, but I couldn't find another place. - - - Updated - - - I think I wll change the thread name to "Help with Duna & Jool Mission" because I went a little off topic... - - - Updated - - - I don't plan on landing, all I have is a probe with some science stuff and a Joovian Atmo Entry thing. One quick question: The closer I get to Tylo, the more of a gravity assist I shall get right?