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  1. I have a fear that content that should have been in the base game are going to be locked behind a pay wall with the new " Expansions " , Dv readouts comes to mind. I fear they are going to go like Ark did ( Releasing a paid DLC while the main game is still in Early Access ), it ain't truly comparable per say, as KSP technically is out of EA and is released as a completed game. Any additional content from now on could be locked behind a pay wall. They could do so, as the game is released, I just feel it might be why mass exodus of main devs is happening. My 2 cents on the current events, not based on any facts or any tangible rumors, just putting my fear out there to see if anyone has the same point of view on this.
  2. I got the same issue here. No comms with the HG-5 antennas. They are deployed and in geostationary orbit around Kerbin. All 3 are powered properly with solar panels and stuff. None are hibernating. Still not getting signal between ground stations ( Lost of signal when passing between the KSC and the next eastward ground station ) when launching probes with antennas and a lvl 3 tracking station. It clearly states relay on this antenna , yet it doesn't relay Jack. This is very annoying on a " Budget Cuts" hard mode game. I guess I'll stay away from this antenna as it doesn't functions the way it's supposed to. Now I have to de-orbit my COM-SAT Network and rebuild it with relay dishes. Yay.
  3. Did a lot of tests with a old FX-4300 I have lying here . Turns out my 2 front Corsair AF140 fans are horrible in the closed front of my 750D. They died . They can't go above 600 RPM and are whining like hell above that point. So these are getting replaced today with 2 Noctuas A14 FLX. Also installed Speedfan and is properly configured so all fans are off under 40C and slowly ramp up as temps rises and messages with alarm sounds will show up in a CPU/Mosfets/mainboard/GPUs overheating event. Thermal paste has been changed for both CPU and GPUs ( PITA but hey ). Sleeves on the GPUs fans were re-lubed with proper lubricant. I'm taking no chances from now on. I can't afford another slip-up like this one. Rendering on this thing is abysmal, so is modelling .As soon as I get another 8350 or switch , I'll keep on grinding my brake. Also for anyone using Shadowplay , turn it off when not in use. I had an idle temp of 63C on both 780Ti for no reason. With it off it's back down to 34C. I always wait to get kicked in the balls before checking my stuff as I did with my RAID 0 when it died. Keep your temps in check and please backup your stuff correctly guys XD. As the Glorious PC Master Race would say : May your temps be low and your frame rate high !
  4. So, my stupidly overvolted FX-8350 finally gave up. It overheated above 80C numerous times and the lid on it is wrapped from the heat or a bad install of the cooler. 1.4975V is far from the max rated voltage of this chip ( 1.52V ? Not sure ) but I'm a lucky guy so my heatsink might have been not properly put in place for several months, that might be an explanation for that. I can game without issues but if it's under heavy load for a few minutes it heats up like mad, even with stock voltage and stock clock and re-installed Noctua cooler. I think it's just toasted now. I'll be on hiatus until I replace it with an Intel. I don't have anything against AMD but the current Intel line-up is interesting. I can't render / capture / stream or do anything CPU heavy until I get it replaced. I won't wait for Zen nor current AMD's offering is appealing now. I'll pick up a standard 4-core without OC ability , since I just proved I can't do it without toasting it XD. Or I might just go with a X99 platform if I can afford it. Thanks for your support and I'll pile up some cash to repair my mistakes.
  5. Thanks a lot ! I'm also really proud of the Orb Pod I do know about Beagle , he's quite the teacher. I'll make sure to check out these streamers as well ! Thanks ! It looks easy because I don't show the 4-5 models I ditch because they don't look right or the 7-8 photoshop textures I erase because I don't like them XD. It's a steep learning curves , but practice will make this more intuitive on the long run. Really good to know ! I'll make sure to check your stream ;). And yes Zbrush's UI is abysmal XD
  6. Updated again ! The whole Orbiter is DONE ! I now have my very own Soyuz Descent Module, Orbital Module, Decouplers, Service Modules and an adapter plate ! Quite a nice little feat I dare say ( Pat on the back XD ). I'll have many hours of joy with this little thing I made. The dream is now true ! ( Professional Royal, geez ) But it's far from over now. I still need the launcher, the Gemini capsule , maybe some parachutes for the Soyuz, more tanks and who the heck knows what else ! Thanks to @liquidhype for the support and kind words, also thanks to @cxg2827 for his link to vanquish the adapter, @Deimos Rast and @Redneck for their time and advice ! I'll begin work on the Launcher after a few hours of playing with the Soyuz Orbiter ! Stay tuned
  7. Updated ! The " Skirt " adapter plate is done ! Proportions are correct and the colliders / Nodes are working as intended ! Working on the Service module tanks !
  8. FIXED IT ! I gutted the model in 4 parts, then did some black wizardry with them and voilà ! IT WORKS. I can now fit either a Terrier or a spark inside the cone and it fit perfectly between the Soyuz service Module and the Rockomax Decoupler. Mission accomplished. I'll do some testing to make sure it work then I'll update the thread !
  9. Got it ! I chopped my cover ( It looks like an upside down bowl ) in 4 quadrants , then imported it Unity , made four of those with separate colliders in Unity, then rotated them until I had a bowl of colliders ! Then deleted the meshes and kept the colliders to slap on my cover ! Imma test it now in game , brb. It works ! So that's the way to do it ! How do we close this thread XD ?
  10. @cxg2827 So I'll have to frankenstein a whole " Bowl " out of box colliders ?!
  11. So I'm trying to get my Soyuz Engine cover to work. It won't. The colliders in Unity kinda " Block " the open part , the ' Bowl ' . I've tried to import a " Flipped normal " version of it to trick it , didn't help. I really dont want to do a Bowl of colliders out of boxes , it will drive me insane . Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I don't know how to do hollow objects . It just doesn't work no matter what the heck I do. I did export a flipped normals model to try to trick Unity . But for now the idea of a service bay, a hollow tube or anything like that just don't work . So my " Hole" to cover the engine won't work at all. Not only it doesn't connect to the node because it's inside the darn collider , it's firing at the collider so you don't have any thrust . I'm giving up on the idea for now ( Read : Pretty upsetted )
  13. Getting frustrated by the engine mount / adapter plate of the service module. The scale is off and it's driving me insane , also , thanks Unity for not using the same Axis as 99% of every 3D modelling softwares out there. Makes a lot of gizmo tweaking really fun , thanks.
  14. Updated ! The two decouplers are DONE ! Those weren't too hard to make, since I could use the same texture file for both ! I'm beginning the work on the Service Module now, I'm still debating building it modular or not. I'll be the only one to use it XD. But the skirt will surely be and adapter between Mk 1.5 and Mk 2. The engine mounts will be a Spark size. Looking at references , it seems right. Stay tuned !
  15. @Deimos Rast I'll take a good look at those Thanks for the support !