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  1. Okay I did it ! Thank you guys ! That's awesome, now I can launch my Memir 2 satellite.
  2. Well, I made a CKAN install, launching the game right now so we'll see i guess ! Thank you ! Edit : Well it didn't work. Ill try installing it manually instead and follow your advice !
  3. Ah this is it ! Thank you so much ! I figured I was missing some cool probes by the way in my new campaign. I figured it wasn't such an issue with all the new ones added by BDB but since there's much more than that Ill get it as well. This is a great mod. I'm playing on 1.7 still so it's fine I just hope it won't messwith my savefile but it's just added parts so it should be okay. Thank you again !
  4. Well that was also my thought, but I have it installed already... Or maybe there is a problem with the installing ?
  5. Hello everyone, my problem is all in the title, honestly. I am not a fan of the appearance of the Scan Sat parts, they're not very stock-alike and quite boxy imho. It is however a wonderful mod and I need it in every of my campaigns. Now before you tell me that there are no remakes of these parts, I call jack on that because I used to have such a mod in a previous install of the game, but I have no idea which one it was... Maybe it even was part of a mod for al I know. So what I'm asking you today is if you know where this is from ? Thanks alot for your help ! picture as reference :
  6. Ah alright, I probably didn't see it ! Thank you for your help and your speed honestly , this is really cool ! Okay yeah, that makes sense, I don't know if I'll go this far, but thanks again for this too. I'll post pictures when I can !
  7. Hello there ! I have a pretty noob question to ask today. I installed TU through CKAN and then TURD and I have this issue that I can't find the recoloring gui for adjusting the colour of the parts, all I have is a slider going from Stock, to "It's all shiny" to "Bob Ross". So maybe it's just me who doesn't understand how it all works but a little help coulb be great ! I also realised that I had nothing on the OPT parts although I downloaded the pack for this mod along with the stock core and the Mk2 pack. Then I also have no idea if this is supposed to work with BDB, but I think I saw videos where it looks like it did.
  8. Like some AIRBRAKES ? I can arrange this surely !
  9. Awesome ! I'll think I'll start exploring Ike woth probes and rovers as well then ! The next mission will be similar except it'll consist on landing mining equipment on Ike and/or having some mobile mining equipment on Duna's surface. Of course if anything goes wrong, I can get the entire crew into orbit with the Ascent Vehicle and rendez-vous/docking with the Return Vehicle within a day or less. The KRV has a built-in habitat module in which they can stay until the next good enough return window ! I'll post pictures when I'll get to the game I think, maybe making a shortvideo montage of the mission could be fun too. Also : "So if you have an upper stage able to get to orbit from about 12-15km above Kerbin (on a normal ascent profile), then that same upper stage will get you from the surface to orbit on Duna." will be useful too, in case I'm not sure with my calculations, I'll still have that as back-up. Thanks alot !
  10. Thanks for your answers ! I'll try this all as soon as I get to play again. To me Transfer Window planner looks really useful in order to be sure about the travel in itself... But yeah, landing and all will be more of a story of Delta-v. I like doing calculations so it's alright haha, but the mods you suggested will surely comein handy. on the other hand thanks for the map Sir-Robert, it's really nice. As for Ike, I'll probably get to it later, I'm planning the missions in advance ! The first one is supposed to send 4 kerbals on the surface of Duna for a year to establish a permanant base and explore the surroundings until the next best window to depart the planet and go back home. For that it's going to be a three launches operation over two years I guess. First I'll send the unmanned Duna Ascent Vehicle to Duna's surface, then, an unmanned Habitation Module to Duna's surface as well. It holds all the stuff needed to mine ore and make fuel, in order to refill the DAV. Then the Kerbin Return Vehicle is launched to Duna's orbit, it holds a pod with the crew that then detaches and joins the Hab at the surface, it will be equipped with deployable airbags and probably some landing engines. At the end of the mission, when the DAV is refuelled and ready,the crew uses it to climb back into orbit and dock with the KRV... And back to mommys I suppose ? Because the pod (which is the upper stage that's left of the DAV) in intself doesn't have engines to be lighter, I plan on deorbiting the entire vehicle, and then detach before entering the atmosphere. What do you think of this ? Seems feasible ?
  11. Hellooow everyone ! Today I come up with a weird question : Okay, so I wish to start exploring other planets in the game now, but I like to do things properly and well, because the most amazing part of the gameto me is when excrements works and you succeed in actually going somewhere. My first target will obviously be Duna and I have this program idea, that's kind of inspired by the Mars Semi-direct Mission, with a hab module, a Duna Ascent Vehicle and a Kerbin Return Vehicle. Now I know Duna has a different atmosphere and gravity pull than Kerbin... So how do I test properly my crafts ? How am I going to know if they'll actually work waaaay over there ? That's the kind of mission I don't want to have to restart from the beginning if something doesn't work.. I mean, I enjoy problems that are interesting and spectacular, like when everything goes south or when you forgot a step and the result is just too funny to be reverted etc... Not the annoying stuff that makes you start again 60 times and takes you 7hours to get right. So yeah, thanks in advance for all the help and have a nice Odyssey
  12. I tried it, it worked fine. I just decide to remain in low altitude a bit longer, and even though it took more fuel, I definitely gained more speed. So much, in fact, that I achieve a low orbit stabilisation and a meeting to a space station followed by a successful docking to it in one go ! I was amazed (it's the first time I even dock that fine). Thank you guys ! Btw, for those with the same problem : I also used loads of RCS gaz to correct my orbit and trajectories. I have this very cool MkII expansion mod that adds -among all sorts of things- an "RCS reactor", it's powerful enough in space to achieve a lot of things pretty smoothly ! Anyways, thanks again, you've got a "hi" from my Jeb, Bill, Bob and Valentina that arrived safely at the station and will now get ready for a munar journey. C:
  13. Ho wow, so much answers ! I didn't even think ! Thanks a LOT to all of you people, I'll try everything, and tell you if it works. For the news, it does because I added more POWER... But then again you said it yourself, it's a ludicrous amount of engines to send 4 (only 2, actually, for my next mission) in LKO where they sould meet with the rest of my space station crew. I'm going to see if I can try to clean the thing and make it smaller or faster but keep the design. I'll let you know next tile I have a good result Otherwise.. I might just try to do something new again. But I want to know how to fly them spaceplanes !
  14. Planes. Ho.. planes. Here is me, showing you what I created and trying unsuccessfully to launch it to space : http://puu.sh/kmPqt/8a7b5559ed.jpg It's a little cabin that should be able to bring up to 4 people into space, and everything behing the decoupler is the launcher that is supposed to take the cabin to low orbit. I thought it could be useful as a fast way to get people out of the atmosphere and operationnal in space (dacking to other spacecrafts and stations etc). I looked at scientifically accurate designs for such things to get inspired and built that thing pretty quickly. But what I don't get is why it's so SLOW. It takes forever to reach a descent speed for lifting-off and starts loosing speed as soon as its in the air, until it end up crashing right back to the surface miserably. All I need is speed. I tweeked the damn thing for weeks now, and there's no way I could change it for the better... I don't just know what is SO wrong. It looks stupid like that I know. You're going to think : "why did he started to do that in the first time", and seriously, I just had this idea and I wanted to try it out... But now I fell into the dangerous pit of the game : I want it to work. I'm new to the game, and especially to the Spaceplane Hangar, so please be indulgent :C Thanks !
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