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  1. My game keeps hanging up on the loading screen once it gets to verifying the DLC. It looks like its the routine mission manager, but i had that mod before and it was working earlier today, not sure what broke it, anyone have any ideas? https://ibb.co/n3XdRQj
  2. im getting a fatal error with b9 as well, which sucks, because not having b9 breaks the majority of my ships
  3. Thanks! EDIT: what other mods, and what version of KSP did you build these with? its saying they arent compatible, and that i have locked or missing parts, even tho ive unlocked the whole tech tree already
  4. Would it be greedy of me to ask for this ship file, i really like this SSTO Side note, i feel like we should just post all of these on kerbalx, cuz some I want to legitimately use, and others i just want to play with haha
  5. nevermind. I deleted some of my mods that i wasnt using any parts from and it magically started working.
  6. Im not sure whats changed since i last played on 1.2, but i updated all my mods, and for some reason i cant deploy solar panels. I can click on them all day long and no window shows up, and even when i go into actions in the VAB and select them, theres no option to deploy them, just the panels name, zero options. Did the way the work change, or is something broken in my game?
  7. im having a problem with the docking ports not actually docking. I dock them at .5 m/s but they wont actually grab and latch
  8. the craft files wont work, they both say they are missing parts, am I missing a mod here?
  9. am i not installing it right? i dropped it in the gamedata folder, but havent come across any NASA missions yet, whether its on a bone stock kerbal, or a modded one, with a new career in both
  10. heres my ship, it shows the time in the hangar, but once its on the pad or launched, nothing shows up
  11. i did that too. they dont get touched either, nor do the ones in the craft. The craft doesnt even show up in the lifesupport list. I have three pods flying, all with radially attached mini paks, but only the two stations i have in orbit appear in the life support window
  12. is anyone else seeing an issue where new ships launched dont show up in the Life support menu? the two space stations i have show how much supply is left, but the ships im launching now dont even show up, even though they have the mini life support packs attached (i also tried putting them in the seat inventories but nothing changed)
  13. the auto cut off didnt work for me. i separated and the first stage smashed into my second stage, sending it tumbling, and continued flying til it ran out of fuel. (i have the auto cut option in the settings checked)
  14. if i put the life support minipak in the inventory of the command pod, the life support doesnt recognize it as resources, if I have 8 of them in the pod, as soon as i get to the launch support, the system says I have 0 days, 0 hours,minutes, and seconds of life support on the ship.... am I missing something here?
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