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  1. Yeah, but this comes with the caveat of knowing what you know now. Most people's brains don't stop developing until their mid 20's- I say late 20s through 30s is the prime spot. As for advice I'd say avoid contact sports, blows to the head and injuries aren't worth it.
  2. Is this dependent on environment though? It'd make sense that a Kerbal could carry more on low-G bodies.
  3. I said real science, we can keep the engineering fake It'd be cool to have some randomness with planets so different plays would require research to develop appropriate craft. Also, graphs of data would be pretty awesome.
  4. There's always a push for realistic rocket analogues in KSP, but I'd love to see some proper real science. Spectroscopy, geographical mapping, measuring the pressure and composition of an atmosphere at various altitudes, mineral composition at various locations, etc. Really mapping out data as opposed to taking a single point. Plus, planets would have harsh conditions that one would have to analyse and build craft accordingly.
  5. I agree with OP, I restart KSP a lot due to setting up play options/mod lists. I never really get far because there is always the idea that I could be playing in a better way. The games I have played the most have a really solid, balanced vanilla- constraints = challenges = fun and satisfaction. I think the curse of being considered a sandbox game is the premise that players can do whatever they want, which seems appealing at first but doesn't carry an experience like a well thought out narrative can- a sandbox mode is fine, but I hope KSP2 has a proper, well balanced game mode.
  6. If they abstracted the concepts it could still be a useful educational tool, much like the orbital mechanics in KSP1. Adding in time dilation (which is just basic math, something computers are really good at. Having standard time and mission time wouldn't be too complicated.) and a warp drive would be a fun way to sneak in some learning. Plus if LS was optional it would add a new dimension to that mechanic.
  7. How about adding optional LS for Kerbals, and an advanced science biped robot that can do most things Kerbals can but need only EC. That would be kind of fun, sort of like an Adventures of Bill dynamic.
  8. Kudos for getting some of the mud from the pigs on you, so to speak. ...It's both a reference to Mark Twain and the name Ham, very clever on my part.
  9. I miss the old days when Kerbals had to be on the ground to get a surface sample, is there a mod or cfg hack to get back to the old behaviour?
  10. "Community Manager" seems like a title similar to "cat wrangler"
  11. I see "performance improvements," I get excited. KSP for me has always been about gameplay, optimizations are my favorite feature! Also: DAAAAYYUMM those deserts are pretty!
  12. Career mode definitely needs a critical review. It needs a definite end goal. It needs supporting missions that can help less experienced players get to that end goal, but experienced players can skip these and make progress without them, or at least some of them. Career mode needs something to shoot for, and it should be a 50-60 hour goal to end game. The idea to do whatever you want for no reason except just to do it isn't motivating for some gamers- the idea that one can achieve hard challenges at a more difficult level is. I hope KSP2 has a proper game mode, KSP has an amazing concept and fun mechanics, but it fails in the motivation of players to get to the next step, as seen by the % of players who actually leave the Kerbin system.
  13. Turbopumped is my favorite- the vids are a good length, have enough technical explanation without being overly detailed, have good music and are funny. I like the Odyssey by Bill series as well by Bradley Whitstance. Kerbal Space Command is an excellent series for stock KSP. Matt Lowne has some good stuff too... Honestly, there are a lot of good KSP youtubers out there, I appreciate the solid content from the community!
  14. There is the Simplex profile by @theJesuit that abstracts things into a simpler mode, I assume it is still working since it is linked in the OP. I get 20 MM errors when loading regarding SSPX and Kerbalism, in the logs it looks to be the deployable parts. I'm on Linux as well, so maybe it is a simple case sensitivity issue?
  15. Nah, gonna be Sarbian with MMv2 to plant the seed for the other mods.
  16. The first few milestones in KSP are incredibly rewarding, more than any game I have played. After that its more about what you want to do, and if you enjoy sandbox games. Will KSP2 bring in more game mechanics and progression? I hope so, but am doubtful at this point.
  17. Hmmm, currently can't roll coal, how will I be able to assert my dominance? 2/10.
  18. You can tweak the hab multiplier in the USI-LS options to extend the hab time. Another fun thing to do is add experienced Kerbals to the whitelist so they won't be affected, adding some importance to leveling them up.
  19. Looks at hours spent in that dinosaur forest in FF3... A game that cost like $80 in 90's dollars btw, I hope I got some play time from it. I'm a gamer since the Atari 2600 days, I think the state of gaming today is pretty decent. A lot of old games had grinding, OG Zelda you to had to grind to get rupees, Fantasia was nothing but grind- basically any game that had a trade and/or XP system had some grind. Nostalgia is a powerful lens, but eventually I sold my consoles and games to make a PC rig and don't regret it one bit. Sure there is a lot of crap out there, but the gems of today are as good or better than the classics.
  20. Construx were the superior building platform back in the day, they had a proper XYZ building paradigm as well as great logic in that if you were short a length you could make up for it with 2 shorter lengths + a knot. Hinges, pulleys, wheels, cool cockpit parts- we used to make spacehips that would shoot down a zip line. Sadly Fisher-Price kind of sputtered out, but man Construx was the bomb. Lego IMO was always limited and the things you made were heavy and fragile, Construx could be used to make actual toys. Just to add another thing- the connections in Construx relied on a U shape to connect things, so it got the engineering blood flowing when building things- it got you thinking about stress/loading.
  21. lots of good tutorials but this one clicked for me when I first started. Start with some LKO rescues first and park closer and closer until you get comfortable with rendevous, then try docking. First time docking line everything up so that the ports are facing each other and the vessels are on parallel lines, then just rcs slowly. I find orienting the craft you control so that the rcs controls are really on axis, aka don't mess with diagonal rcs movements or inverted movements, is important. Trust me, once you have a couple under your belt it becomes second nature and pretty relaxing to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v1ZLXLBMQo
  22. When using this with USI-LS do I need to tweak the hab settings anywhere, or does everything just work together?
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