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  1. i have discovered something i want to share with you all if you like to hear it. The problem with CoM and CoL. it is a real problem and i figured out the momentum that is produced by the CoM can be a bit compensed when your center of lift also is angled a bit. The CoM also slides up in my imagination so that means the CoL doesnt go through the CoM but below. (because the CoM of the Asteroid is so high up) If you now change the angle od the overall Liftrating it helps with the reentry... of course the changes are slightly. This is not proved... it is just a feeling that this could be the right way to fly this mission. Please tell me if it worked for you as well. Greetings
  2. Hello, i want to get Badge 9 as well. There is not an aswer yet on my 4-8 post i linked before... anyway ;)... I think it is approved so i will post the last challenge for me atm, eventually i will come back in a few weeks with more. Greetings OMG !! HAVE YOU EVER WANTED A CONTAINERSHIP GO TO SPACE SO BADLY YOU JUST BUILD 2 GIANT FISTS OUT OF FIRE AND THUNDER TO PUNCH IT RIGHT THROUGH THE SKY !!
  3. Hello, i finished up to challenge 8, but no.9 is going to be hard, i need to build it with different engines and different boostersystem, this will need a while here is the last video so far, dunno if i can do the asteroid on the shuttle.
  4. Hello again, data for challenge 2 and 3 Challenge 2) Brought back what i placed there first in about 1,000,000 meters without using its fuel up, also bused a drone to handle everything 2 comsats that are functional with AP/PE of geostationary Orbit +/- 32m Challenge 3) Hubble Orbit at PE ~855km not circular shape 28,71° inclination 2 solar arrays built in orbit with mmu´s Ii downloaded the hubble craft @ i really hope i didnt misread something ^^ that happens a lot to me Greetings
  5. Ok thx for the fast answer. Mods used by me: K.E.R. / Kopernicus for SSRSS (stock sized real solar system) also including different sky box and enhanced planet visibility. so just mods about looking except K.E.R. i am not using parts other than stock parts so the K.E.R. is at usage without any parts build in. also fuel behavior and / or parts are not used. just plain stock. in my opinion it is not completely vanilla because of the PE and AP information i can see at the top of my screen (the only reason i am using K.E.R. so i dont have to switch to map always xD ) what normally is not a thing in the vanilla game. BUT STILL STOCK i would say . will go for challenge 2 now.
  6. Part 4 4zeichner.png?dl=0 dont have much time, this is going to need a while hehe, will add this post also as an edit in the Original post
  7. Hello, i want to participate and i am currently at badge no.1 i dont like making a lot of screenshots so i made a timelapse vid. also i used K.E.R. note: in the video you will see a short moment with a KOS - console... thats just installed but not used hope i did everything right, because i misread the challenge at least 2 times ... yeah ^^ im not a patient reader i checked the definition of the STS multiple times and my craft fit all restrictions so its a shuttle !! by definition looks more like a containership xD haha edit.: i forgot some mods i have installed as well i dont know if thats important but im playing in SSRSS with kopernicus and stuff, no parts or something similiar, but to be honest the planets are inclined a bit differently maybe when going for duna i will use the normal solar system just in case. What do you say to kopernicus? i know it makes everything more complicated im just curious how we should handle this in the challenge.
  8. Only users who submitted 5 or more content can change the signatur... sadly i only did 2 so far.. so i am going to post not necesarry stuff... i dont like to

  9. Hello guys. I got bored somehow and ended up in MS Paint. .... i wasted a lot of time . So i painted multiple chapters of a Story that i havent finished in my head yet... If you like to join the W.I.P. you are welcome. Also i hope to get some advice on how to improve my ms painting skills and the style of the countryballs. updates will be added at the end of this post i cant ensure the story is getting as funny as you wish it might get. so dont be mad if it is not becoming what you have in mind it will have to do with the ksp universe as well. Greetings Scabank Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  10. yes i did add some timestamps in the youtube video description, sorry for the later change, i had to stream as well but now all the timestamps are in the description i know that 4 hours is too much to watch in one go, i just wanted to proof that i did it edit.: i have some screenshots, but i dont want to upload them all here in this thread, i am going to link the album on imgur when im awake tomorrow i streamed for almost 20 hours now because of Dark souls 3 and i have to sleep ... now
  11. Hello guys, i did the challenge. I used K.E.R. as only Mod, this mod is only providing infos about flight so it seems legit to me to use it, as long as the threadstarter doesn´t do the challenge by himself My final time is about 333 years, i think this can be improved by a lot... some tips: use an Engineer (i used jeb unfortunately) take some surveysats with you dont waste mass on a tylo module, you can do it easily with a 5900 dv planetjumper build an eve module The Craft is downloadable here: And here is the link to my Youtube proof of the challenge: