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  1. I just started fresh, manually adding one module at a time. I spotted the issue in the ModularFlightIntegrator module: vanilla installation of KSP with that module alone, gives me the problem. I just posted my log in the ModularFlightIntegrator thread and noticed there are other users with the same problem.. Let's see..
  2. Hallo. like Capt. Quirk, I'm having this 'nasty physics bug. Engines simply have no thrust and I don't have attitude or whatsoever. Gravity doesn't work either. All my ships do is bounce around the pad as if they were dropped in space.' My rocket starts floating mid air as soon as it's put on the launch pad (precisely, when Jebediah's face appears on the lower right corner - and the static disappears). The rocket floats veeeeery slowly upwards, the solid state engine (the only one I have: I started a new game) has no effect whatsoever. Jebediah can jump out of the command module, but RCS on his suit has no effect either, and he gently floats away as well. Here's me log. Thanks AC
  3. hi, I'm running GPP on ksp 1.2. I installed Kopernicus via CKAN, which depends on Modular Flight Integrator (see below). With Modular Flight Integrator though, the gravitational field and forces on the home planet is totally messed up: rockets float mid air just above the launch facility, konstantly moving upwards at extremely low speed; engines have no effect, i.e. they start, flames come out, but the rocket continues to float. Jebediah can jump out of the command module and veeeery slowly fall to the ground, where if he jumps, he raises few centimeters from the ground and falls down very slowly.. Any user experienced this already and know how to fix it? Thanks AC PS this is the content of the file ModularFlightIntegrator.version { "NAME": "ModularFlightIntegrator", "URL": "https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModularFlightIntegrator/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/ModularFlightIntegrator/ModularFlightIntegrator.version", "DOWNLOAD": "http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/118088", "VERSION":{ "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 2, "BUILD": 0 }, "KSP_VERSION": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 0 }, "KSP_VERSION_MIN": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 0 }, "KSP_VERSION_MAX": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 0 } }
  4. RSS 1.1.3 works with KSP 1.1, I'm on 1.0.5 so I need an older version of RSS
  5. Hallo, I installed the RSS mod: I copied the data and the texture in the Gamedata folder, launched the game and nothing happens: I'm on Kerbin, not Earth, and the solar sistem is the standard Kerbol system. Here's my log file: http://pastebin.ca/3657288 Can anyone help me figuring out what's happening? NB I removed all other mods I was running and I should be using a vanilla version of the game with only the RSS mod + extra textures add-ons. Thanks AC
  6. yes.. I followed the instructions: Download using the above download link. Place the SCANsat folder in your Kerbal Space Program\GameData folder. Install Module Manager if you want to use any of the SCANsat resource scanning mechanisms. and it didn't work: I couldn't see the icon with the satellite in the game. Down below, it reads: [REQUIRED] SCANsat.dll from us Which although it is in the SCANSat/Plugins folder, I couldn't see the icon with the satellite in the game. So I copied that file both to the GameData folder and to the Plugins folder, and I now see the icon and I can scan planets and muns. Still, the problem I mentions above remains. Help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. I astually solved the problem by placing the scansat.dll file in 2 places (I'm not sure which one of the two made the trick): GameData folder, and Plugin folder. Now everything seems to be ok but I think there's a problem in the add-on: I launched 3 sats around Kerbin, and started the scanners. I mapped maybe 5% of Kerbin and I sent another scanner to the Mun, starting the scan there as well. Magically, as the Mun scanner started, Kerbin was 100% mapped. Go back to the hangar to build some stuff, go back to the sat around Mun, and magically again, 100% of the mun was mapped. Is this an known issue?
  8. I copied the content of the .zip file in the GameData folder, and one of the scanners appeared in my inventory (I just started the 'science' mode so my tech tree is very small). I can place the scanner on my rocket but nothing happens when I right click on it. The item becomes green-ish if I mouse-over it, but it is totally unresponsive to the click. Neither in the hangar nor in flight. Why so? Do I need to be in a polar orbit to be able to interact with it? Thanks AC p.s. I have: - KSP v1.05 build 1024 - Scansat v14.9
  9. Leave it. I went for KER, does the job perfectly.
  10. hi, I installed the mechjeb mod by copying the content of the "it's free" folder in GameData. But I can't see any mechjeb item in the 'command and control' group in my hangar. Am I missing something? NB: I am interested in visualizing the deltaV of my missile at construction time: am I using the right mod at all?
  11. hi, I've been playing for some time on v.0.90 and really enjoyed the game. I recently tried out v1.04 and I am having a lot of problems in keeping any rocket in vertical position, and in parachuting back to Kerbin. Here's my experience: 1) rocket in vertical position: I am at the very beginning of the 'science' game, so I am playing with the basic rocket parts: my rocket is a simple payload with an engine. I enable SAS and full throttle before take off, then I press 'space' and I quickly ramp up to several m/s. As soon as I try to orient my rocket slightly to the east (I usually aim to a 80 degree angle as soon as I reach 100m/s) and as soon as the orientation of the rocket exits the yellow circle that shows the prograde direction, the rocket flips upside down. There's no possibility to set it nose-up again: the only option is to wait for the ascending velocity to decrease to less than 100m/s. Then, once I can finally turn my nose up, I go full throttle and unless I aiming at the perfect centre of the prograde indicator, flip upside down again.. 2) parachute: if I go up 10-15000m, then detach the engine and try to descend with a parachuted payload only, the parachute breaks and I crash on land. In v0.90, you could even deploy your chutes in space, enter the atmosphere, and they would still work. In v1.04, I couldn't find a way to use the parachutes if I start my descend above (say) 10000m. Thanks for your comments. AC
  12. There's no such thing as 'start research' when I right click the lab after the processing is completed. Yes, I'm on version 0.90. Is this the problem?
  13. So.. I'm in orbit, I just right-clicked on a goo container and selected "observe mystery goo". This window pops up. http://imgur.com/y7QQ6Tgl.png Then I click on the green icon, i.e. "keep data". Now I can right-click on the lab and select "process data", as shown here: http://imgur.com/ozwydOhl.png As I do that, I get the following window: http://imgur.com/UN97PuAl.png I therefore click on the yellow icon, "process in lab module". I got this message: http://imgur.com/E3TBptvl.png When the processing is completed, there's nothing more to do.. If I right-click the lab, I get the same as before, i.e. "process data". What am I missing? Thanks