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  1. I just started playing KSP again after a year away, and I haven't gone through all of the patch nots. Are cargo bays and structural tubes water tight in the current game version? Also do structural wings hold together own their own or do they still have to be structed together?
  2. The shimmy is the side to side jumping that occurs with some wheeled vehicles. I already have several orbital refueling stations in orbit of Eve. I really recommend the Ballute addon. They're comically large and really work to slow something down. The addon still works even though it says its out of date. https://spacedock.info/mod/1862/Inline Ballutes
  3. My first mobile Eve base was a bit larger. The answer is almost as much lifting power and the real world Sea Dragon to get it off Kerbin and orbital refueling. To get though Eve's atmosphere you need a lot of inflatable heat shields mounted to a branching tree framework, and a lot of parachutes opened in a staggered fashion. I'l probably also use the ballute addon part for this "behemoth" down safer. It adds a few giant inflatable donuts to your part inventory. They inflate and trail behind your entry vehicle, and slow it down to a crawl. Anyway the hardest part of landing on Eve is jettisoning heat shields in such a way that they won't be directly under the lander on the ground.
  4. Having just reenter the KSP universe from another more strategic one far afar, The vehicle I am currently designing is s three hull amphibious boat base for explore in the seas and islands of Eve. This vessel will have many more acts to trigger that the acton bar can provide. So I am in need of an add-on that allows the user to create custom floating screen boxes showing functions that have been slaved toin thougha screen very similar to the actual group set up. I want something as easy as mechjeb is for navigation. So is there an add-on that will allow me to create customize floating boxes with commands I proram?
  5. Hello there, I have just returned to KSP after a year playing Stellaris, and have decided to pick up where I left off. I am trying to design am amphibious mobile base to send to Eve, so I can explore her oceans. I have experience with amphibious mobile bases sent to Laythe, but in those I used unpowered landing gear and relied on jet engines for motion on land and sea. Obviously I need to use an electrical engine for propulsion on Eve's seas, but for motion on land I would like us powered wheels: specifically the TR-2L wheels as they work rather well on Eve (even without cheating). Now to make this base more streamline in the seas, I would like to have them retracted or otherwise moved up out of the "water". My current plan, actually the thing I was working on before I tried Stellaris, is to have the wheels attached to the end of XL girder segments which are in turn attached to G-11 Hinges. When floating, the wheels swing up at least 150 degrees and are out of the "water" and the more streamlined boat base can cruise happily along. But predictably, I have run into my old nemesis, the KSP Shimmy, which I really hoped would have been solved by now. Attached are screen shots of what the current prototype looks like. This design was based on an idea I had while growing bored with a game of Stellaris. In Stellaris, after year 2380 the AI players kind of crap out and the human player will most likely win as long as you control at least 1/8th of the galaxy and have a few subject civilizations. Anyway I remembered what I was working on in KSP when I switched, and realized there was no way the very wide twin hull pontoon style boat would fit in a fairing or behind a heat shield, meaning actually getting it through Eve's atmosphere would be difficult. I could do it, but it would be a lot of work. So I decided to see if a single hull, basically just the center portion of this design, would be stable in the water, and it isn't: It rolls over on its side immediately. So I added the outrigger hulls to stop it from rolling over and to mount the wheel levers eventually, and it now floats great. Actually early tests that used the turbofan engines and just ditched the wheels in the water proved this to be my fastest boat base design yet. Obviously the final version will need more wheels than this to support this thing on Eve. In this boat base, all parts are rigidly connected, but only about 15 are autostructed to the heaviest part, which is one of the tanks in the lower half of the main hull. So I don't think over autostructing is the problem. And one possible clue is that in the aforementioned easier testing where I just detached the wheels after it drove into the sea, I had the shimmy occur when the wheel mount girders were mounted on the sides of the outriggers, but not when they were mounted on the smaller girders attached to the bottom of the outriggers. So here is the question: How do I eliminate the shimmy with my wheels mounted like this? Or if I can't, does anyone have other suggestions for retracting powered wheels out of the water on an amphibious boat?
  6. I was having trouble with the steering on water, because rudders kept hitting the ground and breaking off. Then I remembered that the new servos can be linked into the steering. A little tinkering and it turns fine. Just for this test, I put manned pods on the rotors. Bob got to experience 370 rpm.
  7. I just had a test that went too well. Full disclosure: The side tanks (pontoons) are empty. And they would be empty or nearly so if I sent this boat to Eve. The reason the test went too well is this boat was cruising at 30 m/s in this test. Make me suspicious.
  8. I figured out why I couldn't get hinges to work properly: Autostructing. They can't be autostructed. I wonder if that means they won't survive a transit using BonVoyage. Anyway I slapped together a plausible design for an amphibious boat base using medium hinges to lift powered wheels out of the water. Something like this might get sent to Eve. At the moment it has no aquatic propulsion. I'd like to use wholly or partially submerged rotor propellers, but all previous experiments with rotors in water have resulted in either the blades exploding on contact with the water, or the blades just not spinning. UPDATE: Partially submergerged propellers REALLY didn't work. I have summoned many krakens on my day, but this was one of the most impressive. It launched this 150 ton boat about a hundred meters into the air. So obviously the best idea for propulsion here is a fan boat. Won't be fast, but it won't fly.
  9. How did you get the rotors to spin in the water?
  10. What does the damping on the new pistons and hinges do?
  11. I've been experimenting with the new robot parts, specifically pistons and hinges, as ways to either retract (using pistons) pairs of powered wheels into the body of an amphibious boat-base or lift them out of the water (using hinges); but I keep having problems. The pistons won't deploy at the same rate (even if they're set to the same rate and damping), they don't always extend to the full programmed length, and they just aren't very sturdy when extended. My hinged experiments have been much simpler, pairs of wheels attached to the hinges by the long girders, but when I trigger their action group they don't move. They swing up eventually, but not all of them. At the moment my experimental base has about 20 pairs of upswinging powered wheels, and maybe my computer can't handle so many movements. Has anyone else had better luck with retractable powered wheels? I'm trying to develop an amphibious base for Eve, so the wheels pretty much have to be the TR-2L Ruggedized wheels and the experimental bases mass in the 90 to 200 ton range. This is what I'm doing with hinges. And this is what I'm trying with pistons.
  12. I built an experimental amhouos base that might eventually be developed into something sent to Eve. It would use a duel counterrotating rotor system for propulsion at sea, and inside its flotation pontoons are 28 pairs of powered wheels for driving on land. If deployed it would be equipped with both Mechjeb and BonVoyage modules for automatic guidance on land. As you can see the majority of the pontoons are cargo bays, and the wheels are mounted on the new pistons. This design still has early problems. I don't know how to synchronize the pistons or the rotors, and then at sea it would be very slow; top speed around 15 m/s. Here it is at sea. And here it is at sea from underneath with the gear deployed.
  13. Is there an addon, preferably a standalone mac compatible addon, that will allow me to spawn experimental craft anywhere? I'm trying to design and amphibious boat for Eve, but actually getting to Eve for testing is rather hard.
  14. Not tailless. It has a standard delta wing for a vertical fin.