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  1. Zosma Procyon

    Solar Skimming for High Speed Interstellar

    I'm only using the stock solar system, but I do have a space station on an extremely long period orbit that goes way into deep space. It has about an 80 year period, I got it there by using what was at the time the largest rocket I had ever built with over 350 meganewtons of thrust at liftoff (it totally wrecked the launch pad). On the way out of Kerbin's SOI it performed the closest flyby of the Mun I've ever done (the altitude was under 2 km ASL at its lowest point when I initiated the escape burn). This gave it enough velocity that when it left Kerbin's SOI it was effective motionless in space and falling toward the sun. Then I refueled with a tanker I had waiting, boosted inward towards the sun with a perigee well below 2000 km over the sun. Then I refueled with another tanker, drifted inward toward the sun, and then did a burn at perigee. This put it on an intercept trajectory with long period asteroid I wanted to build on. So my answer: Eyeball it and burn huge amounts of fuel.
  2. Zosma Procyon

    The most angry youve gotten in KSP

    A more recent cause of much swearing and reloading the game from backups was my attempts to put a six spoke ring station in orbit of the Mun. I discovered a rather unique method to summon the kraken. I like to have multiple labs and converters in my stations, and a while back realized that a great place for them was in the spokes. While designing this station I noticed for the first time in my 155 years that the larger ISRU converters, the only ones I use, are both heavier than the labs (4.25 tons vs 3.5 tons) and shorter, which of course makes them denser. And since this is the first space station I've launched built with enough reaction wheels to reorient itself without using RCS jets (It has 6 of the largest wheels in its central core; the launch vehicle didn't even need fins!) I figured that the denser components should be placed nearer to the core to make it easier to reorient. Well imagine my constrination when during my first two attempts to place it in its final orbit around the Mun and dock with its asteroid fuel source ended with the most spectacular explosive krakens I have ever seen mere seconds after I jettisoned my "patented" radial bracing system. The station didn't so much shake itself apart as fly apart and crash the game. In the second attempt I double checked the autostructing and added even more standard structs, and used the invincibility cheats, but it still kraksploded. So I did some more experiments and eventually discovered that my launch pad testing where I spawn the station on pad with the ring supported by launch braces didn't last long enough, and if I waited about 45 seconds it started doing the Kraken dance. So I tried several new configurations, and eventually discovered that putting the labs closer to the station core than the converts solve the problem. This is the same order of components I used in every ring station up to that point, so i wonder if I discovered this problem once before and forgot about it.
  3. Zosma Procyon

    Relive the thrill of your first docking.

    I'm on the spectrum and have motor control, so I can't do manual docking. That is actually why I started using Mechjeb. Anyway MechJeb makes game play more like real space and air travel: computers actually do most of the work and humans are only there to do science and take control if the computer gets in over its electronic head. Man does not need to be in the loop most of the time.
  4. Cheat. Open the debug menu and use the "set orbit" feature to plop your capsule back in a safe orbit. There is no problem with occasional cheating, especially when you or the game screw up.
  5. Are there any established ways to just install individual parts from larger addons, like one or two the engines from the Near Future propulsion or the rumored electric props from the zeppelin parts pack?
  6. Wasn't the B-24 one of the more Kevorkianesque American WW2 bombers? How do you keep the separated prop craft from just popping out through the fairing? I would love, more than you can imagine, to put two of those engines on a floating boat base with two science labs, drills, and an ISRU converter, and send it to Eve., but I have never succeeded in making an electric prop engine work. They always either just push through the fairing or whatever components is supposed to hold them, or shake themselves to pieces. I'm really hoping the devs just give us an electric or nuclear propelled prop engine that works on Eve. I'm great at building huge space stations and mobile bases, but useless at making things like your masterpiece work. In fact I'd be willing to bet a small amount of purely hypothetical money that if I loaded your craft file, It would just fly apart the moment I try to make it go. I wouldn't make it as a Pakled.
  7. How do you keep the drive system craft from just "magically" popping through the fairing?
  8. Have any of you KSP gods ever used powered rover wheels to drive your props rather than reaction wheels? It seems to me that if the wheels were all oriented the right way so that pressing the forward key rotated the drive shaft forward, MechJeb might be fooled into making rover guidance work. Also you wouldn't have to switch to an undocked draft partially inside your main vehicle to adjust the speed. And regarding your systems where the prop has to be detached from the main vehicle and treated like a separate craft I have three questions: (1) Do any of the cheats have to be on to make them work? (2) Should parts in either subcraft be rigidly connected or autostructed? (3) How do you get a reaction wheel to keep spinning on a Mac with a Mac keyboard. I've tried using alt plus either the E or Q keys and it didn't work. 23 tons Part count 186 Total 60 large reaction wheels in 2 contra-rotating engines Total 60 RTGs Bearings: Stayputnik and M-1x1 structural panels 4 x elevon 3, 8 x elevon 4 Spinner 377 is still experimental. When the project is complete I will upload the craft to Kerbal X. Meanwhile, please enjoy these images of the craft in flight and in the VAB: Spinner 377 So the drive system is just flopping around the inside of the fairing? How do you keep it from "magically" popping through? Is that the "klaw method" of building electric props? How does it work? Craft File?
  9. Do you have a craft file link i could have? That drive system could be the answer to my quest to build an electrical fan propelled boat for Eve. Of course I haven't been able to make anyone else's stock electric parts work, but maybe yours will.
  10. Zosma Procyon

    Scatterer effect on Mac speed

    I'm considering installing the Scatterer addon, but need to know if it will adversely affect the in game loading speed on my Mac. Will it?
  11. Zosma Procyon

    Are SSTO's worth it?

    In the real world they're much better than the pathetic little capsules we're degenerating to, but in the world of KSP they require more effort than I want to use for my fun time.
  12. Zosma Procyon

    The most angry youve gotten in KSP

    Definitely the asteroid shape glitch that cause asteroids to randomly change shape every time you logged in. Before it struct I had almost 20 asteroid stations with about 45 Kerbals on them. Some of these were massive, with upwards of 10 modules. Well they all ended up encased in there asteroids and had to be destroyed when the glitch was finally fixed. Even worse I couldn't extract most of the Kerbals on the stations because the airlocks were all covered with rock and I could focus on crew modules to transfer them to rescue craft. So about 38 crew, some of my oldest and most experienced Kerbals at the time, died the death of deletion. And because of a glitch in my saved game, they never resurrected.
  13. Zosma Procyon

    What did you do in KSP today?

    You should try building your own wings out of the structural wing parts. Those premade wings aren't very good. I'd love to see you send this beat to Laythe.
  14. Zosma Procyon

    Speed Up 1.5.1 on a Mac?

    No it worked fine with all the mods. It was a gradual slowdown over about a week. It is a pretty old saved game, dating back to around 1.3, but I don't want to start over. And I have about half a terabyte of HD space vacant.
  15. Is there a way to speed up 1.5.1 on a Mac running the most up-to-date OS? It was running really sweet for about a week after I updated, switching between craft and buildings in seconds rather than minutes. But now it's slowed it down again. I am running 4 mods, but I'm told they don't usually affect the game's speed. This might need to be moved to tech support, but I'm about to leave this computer for the day.