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  1. Enough Solar Panels?

    I have a pair of the big fuel cells. Tests show they provide more than enough juice to power the base at full speed. I also have 8 NUKs.
  2. Enough Solar Panels?

    This is my latest mobile base design, which I'm preparing for deployment to at least one of the Joolian moons, probably Tylo but maybe Vall too. Do you think it has enough solar panels? Here it is with the panels retracted. And here it is with all the panels deployed.
  3. Asteroid Glitch

    They know about the glitch, I'm just asking to ix it.
  4. Hey Squad, Can you fix the asteroid shape changing glitch in a patch asap. I love playing with asteroids, and can't figure out how to use the utilities addon to fix it myself.
  5. Ruggedized Wheel Problems

    Yeah I used your strategy in my semi-final product. Still needs solar panels, radiators, fuel cells, NUKs, decent thusters, parachutes, and a massive rocket to carry it out to Duna. All easy stuff. Fun, fun, fun. Thank you everyone for your assistance in tackling this fastest kraken.
  6. Ruggedized Wheel Problems

    This is what I arrived at. I remembered that bases had to had viewing cupola, so found a place to stick them. The CoM is a little further forward than I'd like, but I might add a fuel tank to the aft section. And it isn't fully kitted out yet. As is it will do 43 m/s in a dead sprint down the runway.
  7. Activate MK1 Crew Cabin Hatch

    Thank You.
  8. How do you "active" a the hatch of an MK1 inline Crew Cabin? I've been using them in my new and troublesome mobile bases, but when I try to EVA the occupants, I get a message on screen that says something like "Automatic EVA disabled, active a hatch". So how do I do that?
  9. Ruggedized Wheel Problems

    Through trial and error I seem to have found the problem. Excessive autostructing combined with maxing out the stats on the wheels. Now I'm going to test the theory.
  10. Ruggedized Wheel Problems

    I'm working on another version that only autostructs a few parts. No boom. Drove it around awhile, then tried to ram the VAB. It esploded. Killed the driver. Good thing you can reset.
  11. Ruggedized Wheel Problems

    The one that works has more parts that the one that keeps freaking out. Anyway I like having a bit more ground clearance. I'm actually trying to make one with the pontoons attacked at the end of short I-beams, of course they keep exploding. Anyway I will answer your points. None of the wheels, cabins, box girders, or I beams are radially attached. The crew cabins in the pontoons are connected via struts to both the box girders and the main body of the base. The ore tanks do not hold any weight in this. The top middle cockpit and are attached to the battery in front of them, offset upwards, The tanks are radially attached around a central I-Beam connecting the two halves, and are in no way load bearing parts. They are offset to be partially inside each half. That might be why the second version keeps exploding? On the other side of the drills are 4 of the materials science junior things, with round nose cones stuck to their underside. That isn't as much mass as the drills, but it's pretty close. I don't know if offseting the hitchiker cabin from the lab can actually get the distance I want. I'll try. But my method of connecting via an I-beam works in at least one vehicle. I wonder if I invented a new kraken. The second version does not develop either explody or shaky problems until all of the wheels are attached.
  12. Ruggedized Wheel Problems

    This is what happened when I moved the pontoons the wheels are mounted on apart one half notch. Notice it destroyed the pad. And this is what happens when i revert to launch without the unbreakable joints cheat enabled. I'm going to play around with my original mobile base, in which everything is autostructed and worked well enough I already tested it on the Mun. Worked great until I took a turn to tight and rolled with cheats turned off. BOOM. This is it landing. And here it is in the VAB. Other than the different command pod, the only substantive differences are the original has 12 front wheels instead of 20, and the internal (hidden from view) small storage tanks are attached differently. In the original the they are arranged radially around an I-beam that connects the two halves of the crawler, where as in the troubled new version that are attached to the battery at the nadir of the front half.
  13. Ruggedized Wheel Problems

    No joy. The wheels broke immediately.
  14. I'm having a problem with my new mobile base. When loaded onto the launch pad or runway, it bounces/shimmies until the TR-2L ruggerized wheels break, or in a few cases the launch pad explodes. The base masses 46.5 tons, and there are 40 wheels in 4 banks of 10. Pictures below of the the base and the wheels. I have another similar mobile base with the same wheel arrangement that does not bounce until it explodes. All of the parts are autostruted to the heaviest part and rigidly connected, as they are on my base that does not self destruct. Does anyone have any ideas of what is wrong?
  15. Scambled Asteroids

    How do I get the mod to work? I'm not very good with computers. I put the files into the Game Data folder, but nothing happened.