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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    I had a pretty busy day. First I dispatched three of a new class of sentinel probes to survey the space around Eeloo, Dres, and Eve. This is the Eeloo sentinel launching. I love the new Soviet style booster toppers. Then I dispatched 5 identical rockets, each carrying two scanner and relay satellites to one of Jool's moons. The rockets have WAY more Delta-V than they need. Overkill is good. And then I docked two formerly ground bases in orbit around Pol. These were on Pol's surface, but one of the bugs in 1.3 cause them to slam into Pol's surface and bounce off into space every time I logged into them, and I go sick of relanding them every time I had to transmit science. So I just put them in orbit. It just occured to me that if they were docked the resulting station would get through the data back log quicker, if only because it would have more power available with two solar arrays. I'm actually going to abandon these bases when the data processing is finished.
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Air breaks and more chutes.
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    I have been experimenting with floating amphibious mobile bases, which I may send to Laythe. I was preparing to send a mobile base to one of Laythe's larger islands, but realized there wasn't much point of that since it could only acquire so much data on a single island. And it couldn't get data from the water biomes. So I started little speed boats to carry instruments out to see, but then what if they run out of fuel? And they'd still have to go to a base with a science lab to deliver the data. So just decided to build a base that could float. It carries full science and mining gear, and 9 crew. It could be expanded, but I don't plan on ever doing that. It is powered by 6 Wheesley engines, and stores most of the fuel in the floats. It's turning radius on water is okay, doesn't have to be good. I chose the Wheeslies over the thrust vectored Panthers for the better thrust rating and fuel consumption, and for the thrust reversing capability which I have wired into the breaking function. It will stop on a dime. And it cruises at 33 m/s. Sailing from island to island, it can go anywhere on Laythe.
  4. Eve Sentinel Orbit

    What are the orbital parameters for an Eve sentinel? I haven't had a contract for that come up yet and I'm sick of waiting. I want to launch one now an start scanning Eve orbit when it gets there. I have contract up to build an asteroid station in Eve orbit, and I'd prefer not having to tow one from Kerbin or Moho.
  5. Mobile Floating Laythe Base

    Has anyone ever sent a mobile floating base to Laythe? I've been experimenting with various jet propelled boats for the last week, and including ones that include science labs, ISRU converters, viewing cupolas, and the other requirements of a base. Has anyone else ever done this before?
  6. Jet Boat for Laythe

    I'm considering sending a jet boat like this to Laythe. It'll do about 96 mph, and will run for 4.5 hrs. More than enough to reach the Sagan sea and conduct experiments.
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    I just finished testing, and crashing, a jet boat I really like. I put the engines inline with the fuel tanks, and that solved the swamping problem. I also made it out to the islands of KSC for the first time. And ran my boat aground. It was unmanned, so I just reclassified it as debris and left it there. This boat has tail fins so it can turn, and it will cruise happily at 96 mph. Whats great is according to mechjeb on Kerbin this configuration has several MILLION Delta-V, so i could land it near an island and sail it out into Laythe's deep seas. This is where it ran aground. And here is the abandoned airfield on the island.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    I experimented with jet boats. Built a simple raft of liquid fuel tanks and slapped a lander pod and some jet engines on it. Worked pretty well once I carefully drove it to the water. Of course I forgot to give it any ability to steer once the wheels were jettisoned. I might send something like this to Laythe at the next launch window. This is when I tried to drive it off the end of the runway. This is when I tried to drive it into the water too fast. And this is when I got it into the water without flipping it.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    I started, well actually restarted for the 6th time (I'm picky), construction of my Base Crawler Type 7. When I settle on a final design, it will be sent out to Laythe. Anyway I had to test the layout of a ladder assembly, so I put my test dummy Joroly in a precarious position. He's the perfect test dummy. High courage and low intelligence.
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    I built the strangest ground vehicle I've ever designed. This is a mobile base I will be sending to Duna. I decided I wanted a higher vantage point, so I gave it a tower. But that much weight so high required it have a wide stance to prevent rolling. So this was the result. Believe it or not its center of gravity is perfect. Right where it should be. This will make launching it in 39 in game days time easier. I know how to support the tower against air pressure during launch.
  11. Laythe lander , need help

    For my Laythe missions I generally use multiple craft. One for landing personnel (generally a base), one for lifting them off the moon into orbit, and another to bring them home. If I were to do a single craft to land and pick up data, rather than process it in a base on the surface, I'd go in the direction of overkill. If you've unlocked the vector engine, that if your best bet. It has the highest in atm to vac ISP ratio. One or two of those pushing a jumbo orange tank with a one person capsule on top should do the trick nicely.
  12. Have you ever ejected a kerbal from the solar system?

    Only by accident and I reset to the last save after it happen. I had a 16 Kerbals packed like sardines in a 2.5 meter cargo bay, on a rocket taking them home from Eeloo, when it encountered a kraken. The rocket started vibrating and flew apart, scattering kerbals in every direction at what had to be a measurable percent of the speed of light in every conceivable direction. I didn't get a screenshot of the incident because I found it more annoying than funny. I eventually figured out that I had messed up the structs so the outboard engine pods had too much lateral freedom of movement, and this was either before autostructing and rigid connecting were introduced or before I discovered them. I had to limit the 8 NERV engines to 10% thrust to stop it from wigging out. Those were the longest burns I did before I launched a space station to chase an asteroid with a 40 year period.
  13. A brand new MacBook pro with a 3.1 GHz processor and 16 GB of ram. It isn't a dedicated gaming machine and large rockets still run slowly, but it's better than my last MacBook Pro which had a failed cooling system. Couldn't play the game for more than 10 minutes before it overheated and crashed.
  14. Eve Mission Update: Crawler Landed Successully

    Here is an update to the update: My landing site was actually 74 km from the rendezvous site. And driving on planets in game is B-O-R-I-N-G. Especially in the Eve highlands. Once I pick up the three Kerbals previously on the surface and offload most of the Crawler crew back into orbit, I'm going to drive down to the wet side of the planet and explore there.