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  1. I was having trouble with the steering on water, because rudders kept hitting the ground and breaking off. Then I remembered that the new servos can be linked into the steering. A little tinkering and it turns fine. Just for this test, I put manned pods on the rotors. Bob got to experience 370 rpm.
  2. I just had a test that went too well. Full disclosure: The side tanks (pontoons) are empty. And they would be empty or nearly so if I sent this boat to Eve. The reason the test went too well is this boat was cruising at 30 m/s in this test. Make me suspicious.
  3. I figured out why I couldn't get hinges to work properly: Autostructing. They can't be autostructed. I wonder if that means they won't survive a transit using BonVoyage. Anyway I slapped together a plausible design for an amphibious boat base using medium hinges to lift powered wheels out of the water. Something like this might get sent to Eve. At the moment it has no aquatic propulsion. I'd like to use wholly or partially submerged rotor propellers, but all previous experiments with rotors in water have resulted in either the blades exploding on contact with the water, or the blades just not spinning. UPDATE: Partially submergerged propellers REALLY didn't work. I have summoned many krakens on my day, but this was one of the most impressive. It launched this 150 ton boat about a hundred meters into the air. So obviously the best idea for propulsion here is a fan boat. Won't be fast, but it won't fly.
  4. How did you get the rotors to spin in the water?
  5. What does the damping on the new pistons and hinges do?
  6. I've been experimenting with the new robot parts, specifically pistons and hinges, as ways to either retract (using pistons) pairs of powered wheels into the body of an amphibious boat-base or lift them out of the water (using hinges); but I keep having problems. The pistons won't deploy at the same rate (even if they're set to the same rate and damping), they don't always extend to the full programmed length, and they just aren't very sturdy when extended. My hinged experiments have been much simpler, pairs of wheels attached to the hinges by the long girders, but when I trigger their action group they don't move. They swing up eventually, but not all of them. At the moment my experimental base has about 20 pairs of upswinging powered wheels, and maybe my computer can't handle so many movements. Has anyone else had better luck with retractable powered wheels? I'm trying to develop an amphibious base for Eve, so the wheels pretty much have to be the TR-2L Ruggedized wheels and the experimental bases mass in the 90 to 200 ton range. This is what I'm doing with hinges. And this is what I'm trying with pistons.
  7. I built an experimental amhouos base that might eventually be developed into something sent to Eve. It would use a duel counterrotating rotor system for propulsion at sea, and inside its flotation pontoons are 28 pairs of powered wheels for driving on land. If deployed it would be equipped with both Mechjeb and BonVoyage modules for automatic guidance on land. As you can see the majority of the pontoons are cargo bays, and the wheels are mounted on the new pistons. This design still has early problems. I don't know how to synchronize the pistons or the rotors, and then at sea it would be very slow; top speed around 15 m/s. Here it is at sea. And here it is at sea from underneath with the gear deployed.
  8. Is there an addon, preferably a standalone mac compatible addon, that will allow me to spawn experimental craft anywhere? I'm trying to design and amphibious boat for Eve, but actually getting to Eve for testing is rather hard.
  9. Not tailless. It has a standard delta wing for a vertical fin.
  10. 8 rotors each the 8 D-type wing connector blades, in 4 counterrotating pairs. Rather than being connected with in foremost rotors free spinning, the rear most are offset rearward and both are connected to the pylons. It isn't fast, in fact its annoyingly slow. I think I'll go back to using flaps in my experiments. EDIT: Further experimentation has demonstrated that not only should rotor blades not be rigidly connected, but they produce more thrust if they're offset away from the rotor.The physics of this game are weird.
  11. I might be going a bit overboard with my electric rotor powered experiments. This plane uses 8 of the best rotor configuration I've found so far, in 4 counter rotating offset pairs. 4 pairs were needed because with just 2 the top speed was just above the stall speed. And I've determined that rotor propelled airplanes generally need RCS jets to make them more controllable.
  12. I've been experimenting with electric rotor propellers, working toward an amphibious fan boat for exploring Eve's seas, and tonight my rotor test bed aircraft quite unexpectedly took off. Early taxi tests did not have enough thrust to get off the ground. It's loosely based off of the PBY Catalina flying boat. And here it is in the air, before I tried to maneuver and it fell out of the sky. The craft is propelled by 8 powered six blade propellers in 4 counter rotating pairs. Rather than attaching the forward most rotors to the ones behind them, both rotors are attached fuel tanks in the wings and the forward ones are just offset forward.
  13. I try to use as few addons as possible. I have 4 and that is enough for me.
  14. When I explore a planet I do it with a mobile base with a pair of science labs and full sized converter.
  15. Last night I cheat landed a rocket boosted glider on Eve to test if it was a practical way to explore the purple world. Spoiler Alert: It isn't. You lose velocity too vast to get very far, even after burning 200 m/s of Delta-V. Then while lying in bed trying to sleep I remembered Breaking Ground included new parts that spin, and it occurred to me that these make electrical aircraft or boat propulsion possible. So I got out of bed and messed around with them for a bit. I got a few nuk powered toys off the ground, and discovered what kind of autostructing to use and not to use. I've been working on my second mobile base for Eve for the better part of a month, and now I think I'll either scrap it or send two; one to explore land, one to explore the seas. A fan boat hydroplane might work pretty well on Eve. If anyone has pointer on turning the new rotors into propellers, feel free to reply with them. How did you solve the icing problem? Counter rotating props? What did you send the spin rates to?