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  1. I've been experimenting with air launched rockets to get Kerbals off of Eve, and tested the best version yet today. It was just 245 m/s short of entering a stable 150ish km orbit around Eve. The idea is that by flying up under electric power to 10ish km, I can skip some of Eve's stupidly thick atmosphere. I wonder if anyone can guess where the prefix "EVL" came from. HINT: It's stupider than you think.
  2. Three of my rescue ships arrived at Laythe, Pol, and Eeloo, in the last few days. So I took a few snaps of them in action. One of them represents a massive f*** up on my part. This is a standard design I use for rescues in Jool's sphere of influence. It's mostly built out of clusters of liquid fuel tanks with four NERVs. The outboard tanks are actually drop tanks. The rescued Kerbal will ride back to Kerbin in their original wreckage, so I can make some extra credits by selling it. I did not actually design this class of rescue ship for aerobraking, but after a few failures
  3. I've arrived at a design for a twin boom flying Eve base that I both really like and flies very well. My first prototypes were all cooler looking swept wing designs, but the wing sweep put the center of lift/pressure way behind the center of mass. As a result the maneuvering characteristics weren't good. In fact they could barely climb in Kerbin's atmosphere, and the "water" liftoff velocity on Eve was almost 40 m/s. This wing design, along with two full fuel tanks at the end of the tail booms, put the centers in pretty much a perfect position. You might also notice that the wing des
  4. It looks like I might be starting over after all, for reasons completely beyond my control. My save file had a glitch of some kind and now says it was just stated and won't even open. Ordinarily I'd just recover it from my backup hard drive, but that's current sick too. And honestly I'm okay with starting over since there are features of the game I can't get in my old save file. If I start over. i'm going to cheat to unlock the tech tree and get some starter cash.. UPDATE: It took 20 hours of disk first aid, but my backup drive works again.
  5. I've been tinkering with a small buggy for my next Eve crew to use when deploying science equipment. And as usual, I made it over elaborate. The headlights are on piston so they can be extended to serve as work lights. https://i.imgur.com/aFC50aA.gifv
  6. So I've been tinkering with flying base concepts large enough to hold a small rover in a cargo bay, and haven't been having much luck. The wing designs I've been messing with were not very good. So on a whim I decided to build one based on the design of what I as an IRL astronautics engineer think is the best fighter of WW2: The P-38 Lightning. Of course swept back wings are better than straight, so it ended up looking more like the De Havilland Sea Vixen. I moved my new favorite propulsion system, ducted fans, to the front, put the science labs, batteries, NUKs, and reaction wh
  7. I tested and rejected a new flying base concept. It is propelled by two electric rotors with propellers instead of ducted fans. I thought they might be faster ducted fans; they aren't. This thing is almost 20 m/s slower than my current flying Eve base. It's also predictably very heavy, and some of those tanks are full. I got the trifolding wings to work sort of reliably, but they don't need to be that long. The idea of this plane is for it to be large enough to hold a small rover in a cargo bay, which would be used by Kerbals to deploy science equipment. I'm going to t
  8. What is the optimum angle of attack for the "Propeller Blade Type S"? I'm experimenting with a second flying science base for possible deployment to Eve.
  9. I'm flying my Eve Airplane, which I have renamed "Brabazon Base", a few hundred km to a new biome. Did you know that flying long distances in KSP is rather boring? I keep forgetting that. So here is a cool screenshot of Brabazon Base from the front.
  10. I landed my Eve Airplane on Eve. I recorded the deorbit and landing, and the video is 40 minutes long. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to edit it down before uploading it to youtube. Here are a few pictures. Here it is just after I blew the fairing, but before unfolding the wings and motors. Valentina Kerman had the honor of setting the first flag of the mission. She's the last of the original four to set foot on Eve, and this is the last new place left to her. It took a LONG time for the aft heat shields, ballute, and parachutes, to touch down.
  11. I'm procrastinating from landing my Eve Airplane, so decided to make a Katyusha style rocket barrage. I also recorded it to remind myself how to use Screenflick. And I made it a gif, too. https://i.imgur.com/KKTiYWO.gifv
  12. Today my Eve Airplane arrived in orbit of Eve. It is so much faster to send rockets to Eve than other bodies. Purple. Turns out it didn't refuel as completely as expected. The outboard boosters were expended and the core booster took over; it will also knock the rocket out of orbit after refueling at a low orbit fuel station. Here it is on final approach to dock with the fuel station. Of course MechJeb handled the docking maneuver. And docked with the fuel station. I'm going to wait to deorbit it until I remember how to record KSP on my MacBook
  13. My Eve Airplane departed for Eve. The plane is folded up in the fairing. 36 Mammoth engines. I could and should have used older/smaller tanks and engines. Maybe I'll remember that next time.
  14. Yeah I don't do Gilly bases anymore. Just build a space station that can land to satisfy a contract, then put it back in orbit.
  15. I deleted WorldStabilizer, which is really outdated, and some of the problem went away. I think about half of my bases are unsalvageable, and I'm just going to beam them back to Kerbin. Interestingly, they're all rather old, at least 10 in game years old. One of my newer base simply smashed to pieces when I Ioaded it.
  16. Today I launched a flying science base meant for Eve, and then tried to load into one of my surface bases from before I stopped playing KSP for a year. My save file is old, from around 1.4, and I updated before I started playing. So far all of the surface bases I've tried to load into have been subject to violent kraken attacks, violent bouncing off the ground. One actually blew up despite the invincibility cheats being active. Of the five i've loaded into so far, one exploded killing all 6 Kerbals on board, three are affecting so badly that I had to set them in orbit, and one in affected only
  17. I've just discovered that many, probably all, of my surface bases are subject to Kraken attacks; specifically they're violently rejecting contact with the ground. I have the WorldStabilizer addon, but it does not seem to be working. I'm going to attempt to use the "Set Position" cheat, but I think I might have to just upgrade them all to space stations, or even recall them directly to Kerbin. Is there is solution to mass Kraken attacks, that does not involve tampering with my save file?
  18. I launched my Eve Airplane into orbit. Here it is on the launchpad. The actual airplane is in the fairing. And liftoff. I realized after the fact that I could probably launch it with fewer engines and tanks, and older parts. But I like the giant tanks and mammoth engines. Heading for low Kerbin orbit. Preparing for a minor plane change before rendezvousing with my Kerbin Orbit Fuel Station The view from the main cockpit is very exciting. It does in fact need all those heat shields. Nearing the fuel station. Mechjeb screwed u
  19. Two electric ducted fans. The Nuks are tucked away inside the batteries. Each rotor takes about 30 Nuks to power it.
  20. I decided to add 12 large radial radiators to keep the crew cool. The plane is meant to explore as much of the planet as possible, so solar power is not viable. The Nuks give it unlimited range. They also make it really expensive, but I have more than enough kredits to spare.
  21. I'm preparing to launch my Eve Airplane to its 130 day parking and refueling orbit, and I remembered I didn't put any radiators on it. Because its fully electric, powered by about 100 Nuks, it doesn't carry any mining or fuel refining equipment. During entry to Eve's atmosphere, it will be protected by a fairing and 9 inflatable heat shields. But surface temperatures on Eve are still rather high. Should I add radiators, for crew comfort in anything?
  22. How do you program rotors to operate like powered wheels. It occurred to me that by using rotors as hubs and either fuel tanks or fairings as wheels, we could make some absurdly large wheels.
  23. The main reason I don't want to do it that way is it would take a long time to glide the plane down to the surface. I'd much rather smash through the upper atmosphere like a battering ram and not deploy the plane until it's deep enough to actually fly. And anyway I though of an even cooler way to deploy it. The fairing with parachute down into the Eve troposphere, at around 10 m/s. Then at around 13000 m I'll blow the fairing, leaving the plane hanging nose down from the fairing base. Then I'll unfold the wings and engines, decouple from the fairing base, and fly down like a bat.
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