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  1. @Johnny005611 you, sir, have created the greatest set of KSP mods/part packs of all time. seriously you're doing god's work. thank you for creating this. thank you
  2. @jrodriguez yeah, that’s what i’ve been doing. not a big deal at all I just figured I’d see what was up. thanks for the reply
  3. my apologies in advance if this has already been asked or mentioned, but was the feature to disable the mod removed on the most recent version... and why? I personally found it to be useful... especially on space missions when I am not using BDA/don't need PRE. I'm sure there's a reason for the change, but I really wish toggling the mod in-game was still an option.
  4. this is awesome! I cant wait to use it. definitely finish it!
  5. @Snark question: I'm trying to make a .cfg to get the stock "poodle" engine to toggle via the Abort action group. What moduleSource should I use to simply toggle the engine on and off? Thanks!
  6. Was not my intention to pile on. Sorry about that. Not an active forum person so I was responding to getting a ton of emails saying people were replying to my post.
  7. agreed. i don’t think that would be helpful. also, thank you linuxgurugamer for all the time you put into these mods. you are the backbone of this community
  8. Is anyone else having trouble accessing It won't load for me. I checked on but I have no idea how reliable that actually is. Does anyone have any info on what's going on with Spacedock?
  9. Anyone else noticing that Spacedock.Info's security certificate expired? Safari keeps showing me this: (I'm sure it's NBD/will be corrected soon tho)
  10. does this mod have new contracts/missions for career mode to go along with it?