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  1. Fabulous. Took her up for a de-orbit test on a fresh install (without Atmosphere Autopilot and Trajectories) after buying Breaking Ground and still managed to wobble down for a splash landing off the coast of KSC. Just out of interest are the SSME's missing or are we supposed to use the stock ones? I only have one suggested improvement for IVA. 1) Would it be possible to put a radar altimeter next to the speed readout. I land shuttles in IVA view and having to look down and zoom in to see how long it is before I crash is annoying. Pity stock IVA doesn't include a HUD b
  2. Your 40 degree AOA should be 40deg MINUS your prograde. So if your prograde indicator is sitting at -10 then you only have to pitch up +30 degrees...if you get what I mean. Re-entry like this is doable but needs constant adjustment, best technique I've used is to de-orbit over Crater Rim Ground Station and try to put your re-entry vector on top of KSC. (If you have the trajectories Mod or Mechjeb you can put the marker on top of the mountains behind KSC) then adjust your pitch as necessary. When you've bled off enough speed drop the nose -20 degrees, retract your body flap and a
  3. Yeah, so, I've got writers block...again!!! I've decided to scrap this fan fic in favour of something more hands on. I've posted in Mission Briefings a new idea for a war gaming thread (Same name: Steel Talons) and have borrowed heavily from this universe I created in my head and applied it to the new game. Hopefully see you there!
  4. CHAPTER 1 Kaedwan City Ruins 7 Days Later... Preston Kerman - senior security advisor to the Kerbal Reconstruction Authority Council - instinctively reached into his coat packet to check that his trusty sidearm was still there and tightened the grip on his briefcase. A group of raggedly dressed Kerbals lingered at the corner of the alley warming their hands over a fire in a barrel and turned to watch him walk past. The last thing he wanted right now was an altercation but at least he could defend himself if things turned ugly. Dark storm clouds hung over the ruined c
  5. Airship Freeloader Somewhere over the Gulf of Kaedwan Year 1, Day 165 'Still no response from the airship, Captain!' Captain "Lucky" Jack Kerman hissed through his clenched teeth in vexation. It was not the radio operator's fault that they could not establish communications with the derelict airship drifting about three kilometres ahead of them. 'Keep trying, lad!' Leaving the radio operator to adjust the dials on the wireless Jack opened a hatch near the rear of the command deck and slid down the ladder into the forward observation cupola. From this vanta
  6. Yup, I'm getting this problem too. Running 1.4.3. All dependencies up-to-date
  7. Senor @Beale, I've only just gotten round to testing Project Manager...works perfectly again. Thanks for looking into it. Kal
  8. @Shadowmage Having a few problems with the LR81 engine. No sounds and seems to be ignited throughout the flight (see pic) Running SSTU and Jimbodiah's Patches. https://i.imgur.com/hVP5S06.png Edit: Reinstalled RealPlume again and everything seems fine. Very strange. Love the mod
  9. @CobaltWolf Reminds me of a certain parts mod that started off small and grew into one of the best damn mods I've ever played with. Looking forward to see how this develops. @Knarkle
  10. Chapter 6 The end of Project Trailblazer marked the dawn of a new era for the Kerbal Space Agency. Several corporate technology partners immediately signed on with the programme - providing the Agency with access to modern technology and components. Rockomax Conglomerate unashamedly abused their former relationship with Werner to curry favour with the Programme Lead and - effectively - edge Jeb's Junkyard out of the picture. Jebediah surprised a lot of people - myself included - with his shrewd business acumen. Using the money had had been paid for providing the rock
  11. Chapter 5 Every Kerbal remembers to this day where they were and what they were doing on the day that Jebediah made his historic flight aboard Trailblazer-3. By the time I was introduced to the press as the pilot of Trailblazer-8 the attitude among the press was that travelling into space had become business as usual. As a result there were fewer news networks that picked up the coverage. The Imperial News Network was the exception as course. By their narrative I was the first Imperial citizen that would fly in space after being unfairly sidelined by a space administ
  12. @KSK Hehe, no...I'm pretty confident it was a fusion of tea and brylcream. :-) God save the Kueen.
  13. Chapter Four Over the coming months two additional Stayputnik Satellites were launched into Low Kerbin Orbit by the newly dubbed Kerbin Space Agency. Despite Werner's open invitation very few nation states expressed an interest in joining the agency immediately - most adopting a Wait and See attitude. Kerbin was still recovering from the war and very few nations had the resources available to waste building rockets. The Imperial Effort was codenamed Project K-ORB and administered by the Imperial Air Force and operated on a shoestring budget. Utilising the VK-ID Rocket
  14. Chapter Three (Stayputnik III) P-99 "Phantom-7" The Great Plains, Korvega Altitude: 3,500m "The Imperial Air Force is in Big Trouble!" As I put the agile Korvegan Fighter through her paces it quickly became clear that it eclipsed the Vulture Mk3. Within a few moments of taking off from the Korvegan Space Centre Runway I was pulling manoeuvres that no Imperial Fighter could hope to match. Despite my previous bias towards all things Imperial even I had to admit...the designers of the Ocelot had outdone themselves. The did have one unique
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