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  1. I would like to see the shuttle craft and the USS Defiant (Defiant Class)
  2. I had an Idea like this where I had one plane on top or the bottom and launch the smaller "return" plane with jeb it and have the other expendable plane keep flying or crash. Also burn together would work
  3. Do kerbals always eat with a fork while flying the mork (Baum tis) (sorry for bad joke )
  4. You misspelled Sanic. :cool:

  5. Hopefully, we will still be able to get the great content. Farewell Max;.; Live long, and prosper.
  6. You should totally do this, Neil, Buzz, and all the other Apollo astronauts would be proud.:)
  7. This design is what I feel is perfect for station work and partnering with the pickaxe
  8. This craft is like a Subaru Impreza WRX, I love it!! Has a bit for roughness, but I like that, a departure from the normal fuzzy interior of a Chevy Impala.:wink: This is truly a craft that separates the rookies from the pros.
  9. This mod is amazing, I use it at least once every five times I play Kirbal Space Program. Could you take a kind request, about the refit enterprise from the original 6 movies?
  10. Strange survival story: I was in the Gemini winged module when I Evaed and the CAPSULE exploded and the Kerbal didn't. Huh, go figure.
  11. Thanks btw the new 1.0.5 engines might advance the craft to make it​ faster. Cause I'm all about dat SPEED!!
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