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  1. Hi! I love your mod, ive used it so many times in the past. The github upload for your temporary update, does not work for me. I have tried installing it several different ways in my Gamedata folder, but parts do not show up. The readme does not have install instructions. I have also looked back a few pages but I did not see anyone have this issue. any ideas? thanks!
  2. Ive just Installed per instructions. It looks good, but i do not see any moons or other planets in map view. Something i am missing? I searched a few pages for any info. thanks
  3. @Pak your mod is the reason i still play this game. thank you
  4. yes please. I would love to use them!
  5. I want to use a stock part, and have two different textures for it. The big s wing are white on both sides, and I found out that I cannot just change one side of the wing without changing both. I figured if I had the stock Big-s wing in white, I could have a physicsless Big-s wing in black with tiles that I could clip on the bottom. I copied the ShuttleWings folder from squad>parts>aero and place it in GameData. After I renamed the part and modified the config for the wing to be physicsless, I retexured the DDS. And that sort of worked. Both parts show up in game. But the issue is the model uses the DDS from squad>parts>aero>shuttlewings.The must state that the associated DDS is in that original file path, and It seems I cannot simply copy the folder with a new DDS and expect it to work. Is there an easier way to achieve what I am after? I am comfortable with photoshop but have no ability to 3d model. kerbpaint doesn't really cut it. Thank you
  6. this is very nice. A little more dv for orbital maneuvering would be good but I like it anyway
  7. my shuttle flies very nice manually. almost perfectly. I use mechjeb because the accent guidance is a good tool or im lazy. When I fly the shuttle on accent manually It takes very little input to control (pitch only, no yaw or roll input) I do not do the accent roll the real shuttle does. When mechjeb accent guidance is flying the shuttle, it over corrects yaw and roll. The 3 vectors will max out roll and yaw. It still gets to orbit no problem but its wiggling all over. how do i stop mechjeb from correcting yaw and roll?
  8. THANK YOU, I finally understand. You made that so easy for me to wrap my head around