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  1. Nah *types in a strange pattern of letters* @njmksr
  2. Duct tape on the other hand is not that strong. therefore a chainsaw can easily cut the duct tape and turn it into the most useless thing, shredded duct tape!
  3. Feelin' hungry? Just eat food to solve all of your hunger needs!
  4. there was a door named harry, who was a door, that was not a door, but was a planet, named Eve, eve is a rare wire loud cold bush, that could, could the could of the couldium of the couldium laws made by Harry who was a doormat on a door, causing more harm to the environment, dune is a red planet without the red, of a red planet, of a blue wallpaper provided by windows ME, windows was a popular choice of windows so why is this sentence here? for he was a cheap overused pc, for they were horrible but excellent rising above of all others in a dumb way, there was a, is a, now is a, a. A is a basic word, A is simple, B is stupidly complex by choice of, cheap lunchbox, lunchbox was lunch.. Its going to be fun for everyone involved in this travesty. Travesty is good luck in language.Me bush sand paper door kit DIY cheap cookies set of knobs of what. The what.
  5. Once again you have been DENIED @legoclone09?
  6. Wish granted, however you get annihilated by your own super star destroyer as a nasty side effect Duna is now considered a asteroid/Space Junk. (Pesky wish rebels!) I wish for free cookies.
  7. Here are my top 5 favorite pictures! Fun Fact this is my first mission ever to use a rover! Enjoying the sunset from a cramped Mk2 landing can! HarvesteR-1 On a test drive! Literal flying on the edge of your seat. The world's most brightest engine, So now do we need light bulbs anymore? And that is it for the 5 favorite images picked out of 1000+ images... I wonder why?
  8. Banned for having a J in your avatar