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    Hi, is there any chance your mod advanced Cockpits will continue? He is incredible!

  2. Unfortunately it doesn't look like MAS will be coming out any time soon so my plan on remaking this in MAS and working on the Airbus cockpit has gone down the toilet. So i will be focusing more on just completing the RPM version of the 737... but RPM is now in a maintainence phase so no new features will be coming out for the foreseeable future. AND... quite a few mods I use are no longer supported and I've had to use hidden dev versions/replacement files to make them work again. Also there was a new release of ASET props and I need to remake everything to use the props from the ASET folder. But I will have a long free period soon so I should be able to get cracking with it. Hope you all understand.
  3. @Crzyrndm sup. I've noticed an issue with some of my mods that involves mirrored control surfaces. If a control surface is mirrored using symmetry, then its 'deployed' direction is opposite. If you have 2 mirrored control surfaces and you set them to 'deploy' one will point up and one will point down and you can't invert one as they are mirrored. This does not affect normal control such as roll and pitch. But it seems you are already aware of this. This isn't the only mod to be affected. Hope you can get it fixed soon.
  4. @linuxgurugamer sup. I've noticed an issue with some of my mods that involves mirrored control surfaces. If a control surface is mirrored using symmetry, then its 'deployed' direction is opposite. If you have 2 mirrored control surfaces and you set them to 'deploy' one will point up and one will point down and you can't invert one as they are mirrored. This does not affect normal control such as roll and pitch. It means you can't use the affected control surfaces for speed brakes, flaps etc... This isn't the only mod to be affected. Hope you can get it fixed soon.
  5. Not bad! I have actually been working on a Airbus cockpit in MAS but have been stumped by bugs. When MAS comes out, I'll remake the Boeing 737 then start on the A320. I might even do an A310
  6. MAS is still in development, it hasn't been released yet. I am one of the testers for it and but you can download a developer branch here: https://github.com/MOARdV/AvionicsSystems/wiki Unless your working on an IVA then i would suggest leaving it until it's complete.
  7. I suspect you may have missed a step. Did you look at the checklists? The step you missed was the fuel cutoff (next to parking brake) needs to be idle and the ground power needs to be on. about your ground power. This only comes on when your on the ground, your not moving, gear is down, brakes are on and the throttles are idle. I would like to release a 1.2 version but I have a few problems: 1. FAR hasn't been updated yet. 2. MOARdV is gonna stop updating RPM with new features cause it uses clunky code. He's making a new system called MAS that I'm getting to grips with. 3. I'm working on another cockpit that uses MOARdV MAS system instead of RPM. Its only a small cockpit that's using the Clyde cockpit from a mod I can't remember, it (probably) won't take too long to complete and once it's done I'll redo the Boeing one. I'm into doing it to practice using MAS. 4. MAS is still in development and there is a bug either in MAS or in my code that is stopping my GPWS from working. Until that's fixed I can't really focus on anything else. 5. I'm an university now, which takes up a lot of my time. Work on this will be patchy at best and completely ignored at worst.
  8. I suspect this is because PAs roll autopilot is reversed. I noticed this when I was pressing right and the plane started rolling left. If you change the roll by putting in a new number, it will roll all the way to the opposite side (where it should have rolled to in the first place) and then slowly roll to the (opposite) selected bank. Also, I found a probably cause for the issue I posted above. I suspect PA or KSP is being stuck in 'ground mode'. I get similar reactions when on the ground and the camera shake is from driving on the ground (found out by debug menu). And... Heading gets confused when it has to pass through 0 degrees. And... I suspect Dir mode is broken as the number change way too quickly. Although the last one may just be me.
  9. Hello. Please could you lock this post, I released my mod in a seperate post in the mod releases section.
  10. @Jacke Thanks but I don't think you looked hard enough... Look at the first thing in the original post...... But, thank you for the suggestion of locking this post! This is my first mod so I have no idea what I'm doing.
  11. Thank you for your comment. There are a bugs with the cockpit which I am aware about. Ones that involve the users exiting IVA are ones that I cant fix. The biggest bug in that list is the colliders for some of the switches, I still have trouble turning on the fuel switches without turning off the parking brake, that will hopefully be fixed. Also if you are referring to the ship that came bundled with the cockpit, I designed that thing along time ago and I only fly with keyboard and mouse.... which is very difficult so I tend to use the autopilot when I can.
  12. I honestly think I'm not the person to ask about programming, I know very little about programming but I know how to use RPM. Very separate things... sort of. Everything I learnt came from this wiki. The most I can do is send you there and give you pointers on how to accomplish your wish list. First thing to say is that RPM has a lot of limitations. Its clunky, doesn't always work reliably and can't do a lot of things. Its also not compatible with everything. 1. Use existing button in RPM to get to a specific homepage... I'm not entiry sure what you mean but i'll try. RPM monitors can have buttons (I'm assuming you've tried a RPM stock cockpit), these buttons can be used to display and cycle between different pages. In order to get a 'value' that you can change you would use JSINumericalInput. (this is what the dials on the autopilot are). When you got the number you want, you want to 'select' it and store it somewhere else. That's where the transfer action comes in, you can transfer between variables, persistents and mods. (Persistents are what the switches use.) The problem is that transfer actions have to be done on a button press so they can't be done automagically. I also say that you could use separate buttons to control pages but I haven't used that. 2. Change Pitch (specific) (Smart A.S.S) I stopped using MechJeb a long time ago. Some of my cockpit still has hints of when I was still trying to get the autoland feature to work. I did in the end but then I found pilot assistant and I was happy. MechJebs space plane flying skills is around the same as mine, crap. So I stopped using it. Looking at it, it doesn't look like RPM can change the pitch of mechjebs S.A.S.S, it can 'force roll' but I'm not sure that's what you want. I haven't used RPM for mechjeb so I'm out of my depths here. 3. Calculate TO/Landing speeds (Me) Maybe, you'd have to right the equations yourself in RPM through the use of MATH_ variables. You would be limited to ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE and POWER. 4. Set a heading/speed/alt (txt) (PA) You can do this.... using the autopilot I made. If you wanted to this your self then it is VERY COMPLICATED. 5. Select from list of WP targets (hand-jammed in) (PA executes) hand-jammed in? Waypoint manager isn't compatible with RPM. You could try and make your own waypoints using SELECT_ variables but these are clunky, complicated and a waste of time... And I'm not sure if there is a menu system in RPM except the one used by mechjeb or SAS. 6. Do you think it is possible to run a check when the alt hold button is pressed... No. A. You can't automatically 'press buttons' in RPM, you can however 'unpress' them if they are turned on. B. You can't press the LVL CHG button without first pressing the ALTHOLD button. C. The ALT HOLD buttons function is to 'Hold your current altitude'. The LVL CHG button is to 'Hold this altitude I've told you to hold'. But that's not always the case and ALTHOLD sometimes does as expected or does LVL CHGs job. D. The autopilot code I made is way too complicated for me to fathom, when MAS comes out, ill have another crack at it. The reason why ALT HOLD sometimes means 'swim time' at low altitude is because as your climbing, pressing alt hold will tell PA 'hold this current altitude' but then you've flown above it because your climbing. (you can look at the PFD altitude bar and see the purple marker which shows target altitude) PA then will put the plane in a nose dive trying to get back to that altitude you set (regardless of any new altitude you've entered). It will overdo it and then be unable to pull up in time. That was my goal as well. I want to fly a plane with loads of buttons that actually do things and I don't want to have 459 different mod windows open at the same time. Use the wiki I mentioned above. That has everything you need about everything RPM can do. If its not in the wiki then chances are, RPM can't do it. In order to insert buttons and switches into an IVA, you will need Unity and part tools. I also suggest getting your hands on the ASET Prop pack which is full of buttons and switches. Most of them come pre coded to work with MJ. In order to edit the configs of the switches and monitors you can use notepad, that's what I use. Be sure you check RPM compatible mods, Kramax is not compatible with RPM (by that I mean they both work together but they can't interact with each other like PA can) I hope this is helpful, please PM if there is anything you unclear about. WARNING TO FLYERS The autothrottle may not turn off when you want it to. If this happens the autothrottle light will flash yellow and the word 'ERROR' will flash on the PFD autopilot mode indicator. To fix this turn the autothottle switch back on, select then deselect speed mode and then turn the autothrottle off.
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