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  1. It's a rather dated library, so it should work out in .NET 3.5. I'll report back if I get it working today, as I think it will be rather interesting. Thanks!
  2. Just dropping in after a few years out-of-game. I'd like to know whether there are library restrictions in place for mod development - I faintly remember some sort of DLL inspection/sanitation to prevent malicious code from a while back. I'm toying with the idea of integrating a broad .NET library and I'm afraid it might get the boot because it's likely full of unmanaged/unrestricted code and other goodies like that. Or I just made this all up... Google couldn't relieve me, sorry. Thanks in advance!, Candre.
  3. (First time logging in in probably a year. Hope I'm not too out of the loop; haven't seen anything like this suggested in the last few pages of the subforum or the don't-suggest page so here goes. This idea came from a similar UI element in the MMO Eve Online.) Proposal: a point-and-click-and-drag GUI for better throttle control (mockups below). Rationale: The current system (assuming no joystick) has several issues that can be addressed with this proposed system: 1. Throttle control is occasionally too incremental: Precision is advantageous in many situations, like hovering over surfaces, and the thrust-limiting system is clunky for on-the-fly adjustments. The proposed feature would allow for finer tuning of throttle percentage. 2. Up-down key control: The "update speed" is slow, which makes rapid thrust changes hard; responsiveness is crucial during landings and for achieving smooth descents. Point-and-click allows for instant and precise throttle changes and thus high responsiveness. 3. Lots of control "clutter" on the keyboard by default: Certain situations (docking, landing) require several inputs simultaneously, which can be a hassle on the keyboard. Allowing for throttle control with the mouse as such could make general maneuvers simpler. All in all, this idea will hopefully allow for a better in-flight experience. Proposed Function: The clickable surface (highlight on mouseover): The resulting panel: A clickable surface on the throttle readout would expand into a panel on which the thrust indicator would "project" itself (the panel need not be visible, but the projection should be). The user could then adjust the projection with fine precision, and, depending on mode of operation, the throttle would ultimately adjust itself to match the selected value. A percentage readout would work well here. Two separate modes of operation I can think of: 1. Mouse button down on the surface would expand the panel; dragging the mouse over to a certain point (the "ghost" line would follow) and releasing the mouse button would commit the specified throttle value. This would allow for quick/fine adjustments without changing the throttle during the process. 2. Normal clicking of the surface would pin the selection panel up. The ghost line would follow the mouse within the panel, and actual throttle changes would follow the ghost line when the mouse button is down. Clicking the surface again would hide the panel. This would be ideal for constant throttle adjustments. Thanks for taking the time to consider this!
  4. I put a rover down on Vall a few days ago: <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="http://imgur.com/a/Kct5w/embed"></iframe>
  5. I've noticed the odd ASAS behavior before. It seems to occur immediately after staging, especially when it involves a stack decoupler.
  6. From what I can tell by holding a ruler up to the screen, that thing is about 1,000km from the surface of Duna, give or take 200km because of how it is projected. I'm off to search for it. Did you manage to get into orbit around it, if that's even possible? EDIT: I don't know who to trust right now!
  7. I haven't found anything on Ike yet. I'm assuming that whatever it is will be on the side facing Duna, as the arrow in the transmission suggests a direct link to something.
  8. Nova said earlier in the thread that they already had a concept of what is going to be in the next update. He didn't say what will be in 0.18, but he did say that docking won't be coming, nor will the rest of the Kerbol system.
  9. I've been to Duna quite a few times. I had a few satellites go into Ike orbit, but they either disappeared or went on to land on Duna. I made it to Eve, and got into orbit around Gilly, but the craft mysteriously disappeared. I got a pretty nice orbit around Jool that flew by all of it's moons, with a sundiving trajectory to boot. No luck with Moho.
  10. I don't think it would. With a 90 degree heading, all you have to do is flip olex's ejection angle diagram left-to-right to get the correct ejection parameters. It also has the advantage of a speed boost from Kerbin's rotation.
  11. The north pole on Ike is oddly pyramidal. [spoiler=] Nova said that mapsats won't pick up whatever is on Ike, so it's probably a geological formation. This is the only thing out of the ordinary I have found so far.
  12. I've been orbiting around Ike in search of said anomaly, and haven't seen much. You mention that it probably won't show up on a mapper, so I'm inclined to believe that it is actually something incorporated into the terrain itself. I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary on the equator, though. EDIT: My Iketian orbiter disappeared completely. ???
  13. Next major step, as far as I can tell, will be IVAs and the rest of the Kerbol system. The next 3 gas planets, an ice planet, and the asteroid belt, that is. I doubt they'll finish docking. Do want: - Some indicator of the other orbital parameters (planets included!). Even just ascending node would be nice. Maybe a leading angle feature, also? - A precision-control mode for the camera in map view. It would make it easier to closely zoom in on planetary encounters so that users could finely adjust entrance trajectories. - Devs to enjoy how well KSP has turned out.
  14. Could it be that there is a receiver on Ike? The mysterious red line looks like a signal pathway from Duna to Ike. They are tidally locked to each other, so a constant signal could be maintained.
  15. I saw a post on reddit regarding a certain geological feature that had similar characteristics to that of a Kerbal... I think this one is going to be easy to guess... A face on Duna! Coordinates haven't been disclosed yet. I'm hoping I'll find it soon. Well, I've been ninja'd by 3 posters.
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