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  1. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alfwatt/Kumuamua/master/Kumuamua.sfs
  2. OK, looks like I got it: https://imgur.com/a/zSsBM https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alfwatt/Kumuamua/master/Kumuamua.sfs
  3. I'm editing an SFS file to recreate the orbit of 1I/ʻOumuamua in KSP and need some help with positing the asteroid in time. Here is the orbit info: ORBIT { SMA = -9810152184.3379135 ECC = 1.199340431517006 INC = 122.6811009854535 LPE = 241.6912942989328 LAN = 341.59948540862757 MNA = 45.352545166989543 EPH = 2458005.9891368006 REF = 0 } I now EPH is the Ephoch of the orbit but I can't figure out how to move the asteroid back on it's orbit so that it's incoming to the Kerbal system, currently I have it leaving at a hight rate of travel ~11Km/s I've run the UT clock forward ten years to get some room to work in, but setting the EPH down to 1 for e.g. doesn't move the object.
  4. Landers for Duna are hard, and I need to setup mining infrastructure on Ike, planning to do a "Duna One" mission to test everything out before sending the Ares out with the full crew.
  5. I'm a fan of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy, and wanted to recreate the Ares from Red Mars in Kerbal. It's a HUGE ship, eight rights of six large tanks each, nuclear propulsion, room for 100+ Kerbals and their gear to get to Duna and setup a permanent base. Here's the YouTube playlist with the trailer and the first two episodes, lots more recorded!
  6. Oh, I'm building them to match the film design, not to fly, though I was able to get Kermes 2 into a pretty high orbit around Kerbin, after about an hour of full thrust… - - - Updated - - - And FWIW, the K2 is about 100 parts less than the first design, so it's a significant reduction for the design, though I could loose some more baby fat for sure…
  7. OK, finished the Kermes 2 last night, behold her magnificence in orbit around Kerbin - - - Updated - - - Total XenonGas: 115,500 (kg?) Total Part Count & Mass: 661 parts @ 111.58 t Save file with Kermes and Kermes 2 in Kermes orbit: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/kermes/files/2262888/download
  8. OK, here's my 2nd version of the Kermes in orbit around Kerbin: - - - Updated - - - Here's the quick save with both Kermes and Kermes 2 in orbit around Kerbin: Download
  9. More pics of the Kermes: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/kermes/images
  10. 'rigidity issues' is a bit of an understatement, I uploaded some assembly pics with one of the craft under time-accelerated thrust: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/kermes/images - - - Updated - - - Ok, I'm going to re-work the whole thing with more fuselage parts and fewer girders, also try to minimize the part count and provide enough ion trust to actually move the craft around, at least the Kerbin system…
  11. I build a more detailed, assemble yourself version of the Hermes, needs some work but check it out here: http://www.curse.com/shareables/kerbal/236897-kermes
  12. Oooh, didn't see that one. Now that the movie's out I'm hoping to put together more realistic models of the various craft. I built a first revision of the Hermes, "The Kermes" and posted on Curse: http://www.curse.com/shareables/kerbal/236897-kermes
  13. Recreate the Ares program from the Martian in KSP with all stock parts. You'll need the following vehicles: Kermes - Nuclear powered, Ion thrusted, designed to ferry at least six Kerbals from Low Kerbal Orbit to Low Duna Orbit DLV - Duna Lander Vehicle, docked with Kermes at Kerbin, loaded with three Kerbals for descent to Duna on arrival DRV - Duna Return Vehicle, delivered to Duna ahead of the Kermes arrival, lands with empty tanks, fills them with an ISRU and returns three Kerbals to Low Duna Orbit Hab - Science Lab landed near the DRV on Duna ahead of Kermes Arrival, use a mobile processing module Rovers - Two, Two Kerbal Rovers landed near the DRV with docking ports allowing you to attach them and drive in tandem Mission Plan: Land one DRV on Duna at 'Site 1' Land the Hab and Rovers near the first DRV. Fly Hermes from Kerbin to Duna and enter Low Duna Orbit under Ion thrust Land second DRV on Duna at 'Site 2', dock with Kermes and transfer crew Load three of the Six Kerbals into the DLV and land them at Site 1 Return 2 of the three Kerbals to the Kermes in the DRV from Site 1 Last Kerbal joins the two rovers, and drives to Site 2 Last Kerbal boards the 2nd DRV and launches to Kermes Hermes returns to Low Kerban Orbit on Ion thrust All stock parts, but *hint* here's the ORBIT information for Duna: ORBIT { SMA = 380000 ECC = 0 INC = 0 LPE = 0 LAN = 0 MNA = 3.14156855428116 EPH = 20501.9955290068 REF = 6 }
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