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  1. Hi guys, I'm on hiatus until the "Making History" expension comes out. Thanks @linuxgurugamer for taking up the maintenance until I come back.
  2. Yes, this has been a known issue for some time now. I'm going to try fixing it again. Now that I have some professional experience as a Unity developer, I feel more confident I can fix it.
  3. The current version works as is in 1.3. However, I will make a new build this Friday to update the version to 1.3 officially, especially for ckan users.
  4. I have to agree all the way. After checking the combinations of flag values for the ControlTypes, what makes the most sene is indeed to check that all parts of the control group you are insterested in are locked and that the only group which makes sense for generic text fields is ControlTypes.KeyboardInput.
  5. I'm gonna try to get this fixed ASAP! @Diazo if you are online now, give me a ping so we can coordonate. I saw your github post and will try to change the flag to something else.
  6. Yeah, that version is still working. Sorry for the lazy updates, I'll try to put in some more time to do the changes I have talked about previously.
  7. This is rather strange, I tested it around Kerbin and didn't have any problem with that. Could you provide a screenshot of when you can't click on the menu?
  8. It is configurable in a text file in the mod's sub-folders. I'll add a config GUI for v1.1 Yeah, I was lazy, I just kept my own maths, didn't try to interface with the new "aim camera". The result is virtually the same, except that I have a smooth transition.
  9. New upgraded version is now available for KSP 1.2. I have made a bunch of improvements and implemented what @hvacengi suggested!
  10. Holla Folks! I am back from inactivity. Lets just say that 1.2 experimentals have woken me up. I saw that they have now implemented a stock "aim camera" tool, but I still find that my implementation is better. The noobs at squad didn't even include a smooth camera transition! XD (kidding, I love you guys) But yeah, I will keep maintaining this mod for 1.2 despite the redundant functionality. So look forward to an update soon.
  11. I'm not really impressed, my Camera Focus Changer does a better job with a smooth camera transition and a single key press. Please Squad, I give you permission to use my code in your game! I just want this feature to be at its best!
  12. It could be done, but like Deimos said, I think the WASD Camera mod gives you even more control in the confines of the VAB. Stay tuned though, I might just add it as a hidden feature that can be enabled in the config file.
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