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  1. I couldn't agree more. It's just amazing. I can't believe the talent, thinking and amount of work you put into this @Ven . I also downloaded the WIP 192, you're on a great course. Love the new structural parts and the comms devices (anticipating antenna range I guess). It has been said over million times before I guess, but them Squaddies should seriously consider your input on their design. And seeing what you're doing here I can't imagine them not doing so. I swear I'm almost as excited as I was for the entire 1.1 release Thanks a million for your effort.
  2. Yeah In RSS/RO I use as litlle parts packs as possible and where possible only use their engines. I love trying to build everything from scratch tailoring to specific missions. And only start building in redundancy with standardized LV's. But even then I will fuel them only as much as needed for the specific orbit or target. Which reminds me... I guess I love RO just a tiny bit more than Stock play.
  3. Good question! Personally I like both. I play RSS/RO because of the challenge and my love for the history of space flight. But I also play other installs; one with a focus on planes (FAR etc modded), and a more or less stock very Kerbalesque install. Other than many stock lovers though, I don't really like to play only stock. I just have to 'augment' it with some visual (EVE etc) mods and some quality of life stuff at least. Also Ven's Stock Revamp is an absolute must for me nowadays. And some proper interstaging and fairing mods. To make something kerbally is cool, but gaffer taping stuff to the side of a rocket will always be too much for me. I understand it is the character of the stock game and while I've loved it at first I need some realism at least. The biggest problem I have with stock play vs RSS is the realfuels section. I find it difficult to return to 'liquid fuel + OX' after playing RSS.
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