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  1. I haven't done any Saturn configs for RO since that's probably one of the next things to be revamped. If there are any other parts that are glaring omissions let me know and I'll endeavour to get them done, actually I'm not sure how up to date the ones included with RO are since I just kinda do configs for things as they are released for my own use. I did add a LEM based on the old "bug" design but I don't know if I ever set it up for career mode or anything
  2. Was messing around with editing some screenshots for new Centaur parts and got a bit carried away
  3. It would almost certainly have been for thermal control. Since the radiators ran coolant under the sections where the stripes are, they probably found that a flat white surface was radiating a little too well, so they just added a little bit of black surface to balance things out.
  4. Oh yeah there will definitely be an adapter and other things like that when I've finished. I was just hoping to get some help making the thing fly decently in the meantime, as I don't know much about how aero works in the game.
  5. Been working on this for a while and it is sort of in a working state, but needs a lot of tweaking of aerodynamic settings etc. If anyone knows how to get things to fly well and would like to test it out that would be great. download: https://github.com/mcd0uble/HL20 Main problems atm: 1. Couldn't find a way to get the rudders on the wings to attach at the correct angle, because they're in such a weird position with the edge basically rotated through all 3 axes so the game doesn't want to snap to it. At the moment you just have to attach them and then gizmo rotate them around the green axis into the right position. 2. The elevators on the top and bottom have to use ModuleAeroSurface rather than ModuleControlSurface so that they only actuate in one direction, but they don't seem to function completely. They will deploy for yaw left and right and for airbraking, but not for pitching up and down (which is their main function..). No idea if that can be fixed. 3. I can't for the life of me figure out how to make mirror symmetry work for the rear landing gear, so at the moment you have to just place one, and then another on the other side rotated 180 degrees. There's a craft file included to show how it should be put together. (totally not a Dream Chaser mod btw)
  6. Was playing around with editing some screenshots, the results were quite nice (only because the parts look so good to begin with )
  7. https://imgur.com/qfmTVDG I guess I can't embed this, but oh well. Just wanted to show BDB looks great in RSS too
  8. Haven't got round to updating that yet But if you want it it's still in the master branch on github
  9. Hello Not sure if anyone is interested but I finally got around to cleaning up the models and textures for this thing, so it should all be a lot more consistent (and hopefully be able to fit with other parts better). It's up on the 1.8.1 branch here, should be working with stock 1.8.1 and RSS/RO 1.7.3: https://github.com/mcd0uble/AlternateApollo Also with regards to parachute issues above, I was having a few problems getting them to work this time around so I deleted the drag cubes from the config and it seems to work ok now, but not entirely sure... if anyone wants to test that out it would be great.
  10. Changed the plume config from @PART[ApolloD2_AJ10]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen] to @PART[ApolloD2_AJ10]:NEEDS[RealPlume,SmokeScreen] I don't know if that fixes the issue (I'm terrible with configs), but it seems to work ok in my stock install with no RealFuels or Realplume.
  11. Hiya, sorry for my lack of replies, as usual I am bad at checking the forums In theory the stock configs should be working at the moment, but there's probably plenty of tweaks that can be done. I've been slowly redoing the parts to clean up colliders, have more consistent texture art etc so when that's done I will try to release the D2 stuff properly with balanced stock configs and everything. Ah yeah thanks I saw an issue like that raised on github but I've never got round to looking at it, will do soon. Thanks, that was my attempt to create the effect of the Skylab solar panels (like below) which kind of do something similar. It's basically just changing the specular colour in Unity so pretty easy to do but I guess there's no way to modify existing parts to do that without re-exporting them from Unity..
  12. What do you mean exactly? The only staging icon for the reentry module should be to decouple whatever is attached to the top node. Haven't noticed any problems with it.
  13. I don't suppose you would share your secrets? Looks kinda like using the "find edges" option in Photoshop with Kronal Vessel Viewer screenshots, but it is a lot cleaner than I have been able to get with my attempts. Anyway great stuff, I'm a big fan of the "real world artifact" theme you have been using for the pics.
  14. Updated with some new interstages, a larger berthing mechanism docking port and node, and some other stuff
  15. Feel free to contribute anything you'd like, I'd welcome and appreciate any help with things like that. I was actually just redoing the interstages so I will definitely look into that. (Also good idea moving the fuel cell to the skirt section) Stockalike was probably the wrong word, basically the textures are a bit messy with pixel densities all over the place and I just wanted to clean that up a little, and make it fit a bit more consistently with mods like BDB.
  16. Wow nice pics Sorry I haven't updated here in a while, I will finish off this stuff soon hopefully and then I think I will go back and redo the D2 models and textures a bit with more consistent pixel densities etc since I didn't really know what I was doing when I started out. Maybe make it look a little more stockalike. Oh and that tank part was something I was just doing for fun, was going to be part of an alt-history launch vehicle for the D2 and station parts.. didn't mean to actually upload it to github
  17. They are just nodes with a space for attaching the docking port, they could also fit a stock docking port junior or others of that size.
  18. Everything should be working in stock without needing to delete RO patches in the latest version on github (or at least it works on my stock install I've tested on). Not sure if there are still any conflicts with other people's installs, let me know if you find any problems.
  19. Slowly making some kind of progress with this orbital tug system, basically the idea is that a variety of modules can be attached to the tug which delivers to a station, and then remains there providing electrical power, orbital boosts etc. Then theoretically another module could be launched alone and the tug undocks, goes and gets it and delivers it back to the station. Or of course the tug and module can simply be launched together and stay as one piece, similar to Russian DOS modules. So far have just made a node module but others should be pretty quick to make.
  20. It's named "canopy" in Unity with "canopyName = canopy" in the config, should it be capitalized? I basically just opened a stock parachute .mu in blender and then copied what they'd done. I did at one point have some problem where the RO config was creating a second copy of the part on top of itself or something, so you might want to try deleting the RO_config folder if you aren't using RO. There is also a RealChute config in there so that might be causing a conflict?
  21. Yeah I haven't seen that problem either, although I would not be surprised at all if there was something wrong with the parachutes as they were one of the first parts I made and I had even less idea what I was doing then than I do now. Is this using the latest version of stock? I'll try and test it out.
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