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  1. Dude, this is glorious. Want to feel the same when first looked at Pluto then in glorious rez.
  2. This looks AWESOME! downloading right now Question time: If I fail or forget to accept a mission, will spawn the next mission? this mission is lost forever?
  3. For measures, I use an extension for blender called MeasureIt Easy to use, also, debug mode is useful for finding errors in model like undeleted duplicated vertex.
  4. This: With this PC: Core2 6400 2.13, 4GB DDR2 400, Win 10 64 bit, GeForce GT730 2GB Just... THANKS [happiness tears here]
  5. More or less the same question here, after opening the package I have two scripts to add as components, none of them shows a "write" button like before. wanna try my useless fuel tank. EDIT: Unity 5.3.4f1 (64-bit) here
  6. Not exactly today but this is my last ship. A single launch for a complete orbital station around Laythe. The LaytheStation - LSX Features: 315 Parts at launch, 164 in its destination 8120.7t at launch, 90.34t in its destination 3/10 crew launched 4 dock & 1 bigdock at the bottom, 1 extra dock in the nose LOTS of orbital science and LOTS of every fuel-storablestuff Absurd design
  7. My happiest moment was my first Mün landing a loooong time ago.
  8. Incredible! Is this beauty stock? How many parts? WANT THE CRAFT!
  9. I use both, this for the fast access to do the experiments and [X] Science as library-checkifIhaveenoughexperimentstosqueezeallthescienceavailable
  10. Nice mod! Aaaaaand here's a suggestion-question Use a part to stick notes in vessels-bases-wherever with KIS. Is that possible? Making signs to place around bodies would be GREAT
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome! Just for the record: My PC is an old one scrapped from garbage and was using Linux mint x64 with this "launch settings" in steam: [LC_ALL=C ./KSP.x86_64 LD_PRELOAD="" __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=1 %command%_64] getting around 10-12 fps in space gameplay with yellow clock (and sane mouse camera), don't ask 4 manual launches, mechjeb HAS to do the job during around 1hr: BUT, I'm using W10x86 now (same machine [intel core 2 duo 6400 @ 2.12 Ghz, 4GB RAM DDR2 533 & Nvidia GT730 2GB VRAM PCIe 8x]) and I need a "magic line" to squeeze my computer like before. Anyone can help? Thanks and also... welcome to DaMaster_Architect and spaceagefox!!!! Enjoy the game
  12. Hi Sigma, Quick question, do the moons rotate? I remember you saying in the older thread that they won't. Thanks for the good work!
  13. Hello everyone! I've been looking-downloading mods for a long time & I`ve finally decided to register. The only thing I can say at this moment is: I need more mods installed a the same time!! See you around!