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  1. I'm just gonna post the terms of service here which states: and Interpret that how you wish.
  2. I don't usually post but I feel that I should raise my voice on this issue. As someone who doesn't plan on using multiplayer I'm bitterly disappointed that resources have been cancelled. Resources for me would have had added a lot of fun and meaningful gameplay that is currently lacking from ksp and will not be made up for by the addition of multiplayer. I can only hope that Squad has a change of heart (Which I find highly unlikely) or that there is a complete and total revamp of the science system. Specifically in how samples are collected to involve curiosity style rovers and controlling robotic arms to dig or drill for science samples for analyzing. Something that will add gameplay when you are on the surface of a planet and is not just simply right-clicking in certain areas. Just having a system where you can actually pick up rocks from the mun's surface, have to place them back in the craft and take them home with them being displayed in the science archive will add a lot.
  3. ok there is a point of sensibleness that we have quite clearly passed with that comment. We have not seen any of the new parts in the game next to the launchpad and buildings, so it is silly to worry and go against Squads judgement, who have acess to all the parts. Just wait till we have video footage or images of the game with scaled up parts like Harv promised.
  4. Ok this is weird the patcher was on step 3/5 got to 100% downloading and the popped up with '(not Responding)'. I did fresh install of 0.15 and tried again but the same thing happened, but when I check the Readme it has v0.15.1 on it. Should the game in theory work? Edit:Well that teaches me for being impatient with the patcher. Leave it alone for a few minutes to get a drink and the patcher closes it self down and starts the game up at 0.15.1 working fine. Must have been a small gremlin.
  5. I\'ve got to say just sketching for an hour is probably the best way to visualize a game like KSP, it just clears your mind and you can get ideas down really quickly and store them for later. I wouldn\'t be surprised if someone at Squad did it all the time just so they can see ideas for future use.
  6. I\'m glad the UK has stopped sitting on it\'s arse when it comes to internet. Not so long until we have direct fibre optics to the house.
  7. So it is decided, Nova has built a ship of witchcraft and turned the Kerbals into Newts. We must burn Nova.
  8. Inspired by the brick mod by Keptin I\'m sure.
  9. Wont the results be a bit weird due to conversion from US dollars?
  10. :D :D :D :D woo hoo now to wait for the Download page to update.
  11. that is a 100,000 downloads but I wonder how many Kerbals have died to get us this far.
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