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  1. Yeah, I see a new rescue mission for KSP: rescue Elon's roadster from the orbit of Kerbol :*) It remains to be seen what orbit they actually do place it in. If the car has no cameras and antenna then a mars fly-by would not have much value other than for talking points.
  2. I was intrigued with Elon Musk's tweet about launching his Tesla Roadster to the "orbit of mars". I had RSS setup in KSP and decided to simulate such a launch using Shadowmage's SSTU mod to make a Falcon Heavy and a demo payload. I proved to myself that such a mission was possible. I made a video of the result using camera tools: Falcon Heavy Demo Mission Simulation in KSP. Can't wait for the real life launch!
  3. Well I figured this out, so to answer my own question... I think I read in another post that you cannot change the rotation lock my a large amount. Thinking about how it is used via the GUI this makes some sense. It normally keeps the __CURRENT__ orientation when you engage this mode. So I changed the code to gradually shift the rotation lock quaternion from the current position to the desired one. This worked very well. Here is code that I came up with that I put in my FixedUpdate() handler: bool sasWasOn = vessel.ActionGroups[KSPActionGroup.SAS]; v
  4. I am working on a plugin for docking and am trying to align the current vessel with the docking axis of the target. I am trying to use the vessel Autopilot.SAS to do this and so far it does not seem to work. In my FixedUpdate() handler I am first ensuring that it is in StabilityAssist mode: if (vessel.Autopilot.Mode != VesselAutopilot.AutopilotMode.StabilityAssist) { Deb.Log("Engaging StabilityAssist"); vessel.Autopilot.SetMode(VesselAutopilot.AutopilotMode.StabilityAssist); sas_orientation_set = false;
  5. The indentation is definitely off, but I checked and the brackets are correct. But good thought. Before I posted I did check the log files and I presume such an error would show up there. The plugins I found similar to what you posted are all out of date and do not work with the current RSS I think. But I downloaded one just to check it against what I was doing and found the problem--it was very simple. I just needed to change the starting line from: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] to @Kopernicus:AFTER[RealSolarSystem] So simple. And now I have my new dwarf
  6. I have RSS v12.0 installed on KSP 1.2.2 running on Windows (64-bit). It is working great and I got EVE working as well and things look fantastic. Many thanks to the developers! I wanted to add the asteroid Ceres--I saw some addons for more bodies including Ceres but they did not look to be up to date and they added a lot more bodies than I needed. I really just wanted Ceres to test out leap frogging an IPT SpaceX type ship to the outer planets. I copied configurations for Mercury and Pluto and combined them to form the cfg file for Ceres. But it does not seem to work--Ceres just doesn't show u
  7. Glad you like it. Hopefully it will continue. Though I kind of think we need to wait for the wheel problem to be fixed before serious additions are done. Clearly it makes runway use harder than it should be. I currently have been avoiding aircraft with 1.1.2.
  8. You are very welcome and glad you find it useful. I have not given up, just want to blend my efforts with those that have been doing work on it recently. -Kramer
  9. Kramer checking in here. I am very sorry I have not had time to maintain this project. I very much appreciate those who have picked up where I had left off. Thank you linuxgurugamer! I am willing to help and do what I can. Trying to figure out how to do that. The Navball overlay code was always a hack in 1.0.5 cause I think there was no way to officially get some info about it that was really needed. Now with 1.1 allowing it to move and resize in stock game I could see it would need some serious work.
  10. I am seeing an occasional crash when I hide the flag on a tank. Does not happen every time, but often enough. Whole game crashes to desktop. Sorry for the vague report. I do have other mods installed. This is the last things in the log: [LOG 17:47:11.343] Updating part flag from on flag changed PartMessage [LOG 17:47:11.344] Model updating attach nodes; names length: 4 [LOG 17:47:11.345] node name: top [LOG 17:47:11.346] node name: top2 [LOG 17:47:11.346] node name: top3 [LOG 17:47:11.347] node name: top4 [LOG 17:47:11.348] Model updating attach nodes; names length: 4 [LOG 1
  11. First want to say that I love this mod; I can't contemplate playing KSP now without it. It is just about perfect. One bug I noticed that remains with the 4.31.110 release you just made concerns the LC2-POD. It seems that the ascent tank variant disappears quite often on a reload or scene change or something. I select "ascent tank" variant and they show up as expected. If I save the craft and reload in the VAB the tanks are no longer visable. It is very reproducible for me. Another question: are the lander tanks that had selectable landing legs, solar panels, etc. not supported under
  12. I also noticed trouble slowing down with a simple capsule like yours. I have a good bit of experience with 1.0.5 with the identical capsule (parachute, Mk 1, heat shield) and never had trouble slowing down with all kinds of different trajectories. The ship seemed to have tons of drag once it got down to 20000m or so. In 1.1.2 I just barely am able to get the chute deployed in time--speed drops to safe deploy speed about 4000m or less and with chute deploy time, it does not start braking seriously until 400m from sea level. This is very different from 1.0.5. So my question is, I have seen
  13. Glad you got it working---I forgot that you had to do that to make it work. I will edit the readme to point that out. Sorry about that. The main issue with the implementation is that you have to be in control of the calls to make components. I am not sure if that would be the case for part modules. I know it is a problem for vessel modules because the KSP internals are creating the component on their own and I cannot intercept it. I have a feeling the same may be true of part modules. But I am just guessing--I have never created a part module so I am not familiar with the way it works.
  14. Just a note to those following this--the moderators moved it to the Add-on Development forum at my request.
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