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  1. ...goes upwards. This stone-age worship site...
  2. The object of the game is to somehow achieve the result of -100 or 100 with a series of equations, but each post may have only one equation. Please keep the equations simple, i.e. 25x1.8. Do not post equations like x times y = 99.628. If the result is achieved with less than five equations, it will be considered invalid. You may only erase the work of one-fourth of the other side in each equation. You may offer tips for solving your equation, but you must also post the answer/result, so the tips are mostly for if you think people might be confused by your equation even though it doesn't violate the rules. Do not argue with people or pretend there is some sort of Number War. Do not have a specific positive and negative team. Avoid doing anything that would upset the moderators. Example: Poster One: 4 times 9. This is 36. Poster Two: 36 plus 4. This is 40. Poster Three: 40 divided by 1.2. This is 33.33. This would continue until -100 or 100 was reached. I will start: 100 minus 100. This is 0 for fairness.
  3. Anything the rules forbid is frowned upon. Anything else will be accepted enough to not be removed. The rules guide us when we cannot see, speak for us when we are mute, and teach us when we are ignorant. The rules must be trusted, for they are our saviors. That was fine because it did not violate the rules, but is still peculiar.
  4. Æhçøp'šñÿ I was showing my family how to type accent marks and ligatures easily and typed a strange jibberish word, which I copied so I could try to figure out how to pronounce it later.
  5. ...is actually slightly melted chocolate. Someone must have liked chocolate a lot before they died. This art museum...
  6. 6/10 You didn't provide any explanation of why it is funny, so you could be lying. Why would you accuse me of being nonhuman? Like you, I am merely a Human who lives in Human-built lodging in a Human community on Earth, where we all live. I vote for Human leaders, eat food invented by Humans, and have Human features such as being bipedal, having two of each sensory organ on my head except for my mouth, not re-growing lost body parts, and being radially symmetrical- I mean not being radially symmetrical. Haha.
  7. To post in this thread, it must be the third Tuesday of a leap year where major environmental policy reforms were made in every country except Singapore, and Singapore must have had fewer than two highrises constructed that year unless China has constructed more than 200, in which case all parts of this rule are void except ones from before the second comma, including this part. However, if no countries in NATO or the EU reduce the size of their nuclear arsenal by at least 25%, it must also be March and the weather in Sacramento must have been rainy for the past week, but this rule does not apply to France.
  8. I started with "I promise not to be a President just for the one percent, but the two percent and the three percent as well." After translating through several random languages, I got: Oercent two percent and three percent, driven by a single president.
  9. 1/10 You denied your status as a Human instead of affirming it! Humans, do you wish to converse in Esperanto, the national language of Earth? I of course am a Human and as such I speak our national language.
  10. In this game, fellow Humans, you must affirm your Human status in a suspicious manner. The next poster will tell you how Human-like you sounded on a scale of 1 to 10 and post their own suspicious affirmation of their Humanity. I will start: 0/10 You failed to exist. Of course I am a Human. What other reason would I have for enjoying ketchup and living on Earth, your homeworld?
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