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  2. One: That was great. Seriously, I could easily see you making money from that if it was published. Two: The chances of anyone remembering me are pretty low, but despite that, I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Good. To me more powerful is the same as functioning differently, since my coding experience is limited to scratch and some code combat, and I have no experience with modding whatsoever.
  4. Welcome. I just finished reading the story. I'm intrigued by how they will become a space empire in the second volume.
  5. Turboramjet, whatever. tomato, cabbage tree, same thing. I didn't know the scimitars were rapiers in disguise. I thought they were more powerful or something.
  6. I made a boat in 1.0.4 using the Maritime Pack by Fengist and some turrets from BDArmory. I forget how fast it went, and it probably wouldn't work now due to the buoyancy, but it floated.
  7. Well, the normal engines aren't always the ones I'm interested in. It's the 2.5 meter ramjets and the extra dual function engines that are my interest.
  8. Okay, thank you. I'm glad to know the epic engines still work.
  9. You should put a link to the story in your signature.
  10. I remember this... I ended up here again by being fooled in the exact same way into thinking it was about being a forum admin. ah, the memories.
  11. This was truly some people/a percy jackson meme have said, the feels are too much.
  12. I found my story of the laythean conflict on page 7! and added tags. The new forums apparently doesn't understand the concept of an apostrophe. I'll eventually have to get around to fixing it. Also, the font changes a lot in some places, which is weird.
  13. The forum at my password too! Good thing I'd laced mine with iron to devour its essence and starwars this isn't the bartimaeus trilogy, you've finished re-reading that stop referencing it. I have no idea where my two stories went. I have a third one in the works that has actual dialogue that doesn't feel awkward or exist solely because I wanted to sound like I knew stuff. Unfortunately, the story is about a paragraph long so far, and more based on a lego landship I made with kerbal characters (real lego minifigs wouldn't fit in it, despite its size), so I'm not sure if it would fit in the fanworks section here or in some sort of steampunk thing. It might even be classified as extremely vague Brotherband fanfic, since I'm kind of using that for the dialogue...but hey, 2-3 characters mentioned within the first paragraph, almost as many as I've had in both my big stories combined! And I'm not counting A fine flight or my other attempt at better dialogue...but yeah. stuffs. I can't think of anythign else to say so I'm saying vague things like stuffs as if I have some idea of what stuffs is supposed to mean.