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  1. Got it working. Kind of annoying to put those features behind a tiny menu toggle.
  2. I don't seem to be able to pick a mechjeb landing spot using the scansat map, like it says I can in the documentation. And when I go to settings to enable it, the option isn't there.
  3. I'm not even sure I know what that is or how to get at it.
  4. They appear to have removed staging toggle from the game entirely now. That's quite a step backwards. Shall we look forward to the removal of gravity and control surfaces in the future?
  5. I think it stopped working, even though the spacedock page says it's compatible with the latest version.
  6. The game is desperately missing the ability to toggle parachutes out of staging entirely so they can be used in abort/special systems.
  7. The "parachute stage toggle" mod no longer works, which means I'm back from the dead to bother you all again.
  8. Cool. Well, if you find something that works in the mean time, I'm eager to see a sample of the script.
  9. Any progress on working out a staging toggle for engines, by the way?
  10. Oh, I see. Thank you! Now I just have to figure out if the escape tower counts too much as an engine to do the same. I still think it should be a stock feature, though.
  11. I hate to sound stupid, but I only vaguely have an idea what I'm supposed to do with that script. Do I append it to the end of the part's config file?
  12. I'm aware that this has been suggested a number of times before. However, I have never observed much follow up to the topic. I think it would be a very welcome feature to be able to toggle parachutes out of staging entirely, like you can with decouplers (as of a few patches ago, anyways). The first and perhaps most significant advantage to this is that it would allow the user a lot more freedom in designing emergency systems for their rocket. At the moment, I find it very frustrating that although the game includes both an emergency escape tower as well as a dedicated "abort" action group assignment, it's kind of inconvenient and annoying to actually utilize them. The primary reason for this is that they just add additional components to wrangle in staging. The interface could be exactly the same as the staging toggle for decouplers. Just right click the parachute, then click the option to disable it in staging. Another use of such a feature would be more precise control of parachutes for specific situations. Slowing a landing space-plane, for example. You could have parachutes be in their own separate stage, but then you have to worry constantly about accidentally triggering them at a bad time. With them toggled out of staging entirely, you can decide exactly if and when the parachutes are deployed. On a personal note, my neigh-pathological fear of messing up chute staging is why I've never tried making a space-plane styled after the space shuttle. A secondary suggestion, for the same reason, is to make it possible to toggle engines out of staging as well.
  13. I can't seem to make the HE-KV missile lock on using any of the radar systems. Do I need to do something special with it?
  14. Propellers only seem to spin once the plane is actually moving, and also make my plane go from 0 to mach 8 or so in about a second. Is this normal for the current build? I know there have been some issues.
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