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  1. @pschlik Ok, thanks anyway. @magnemoe I think I've heard about that planet but not that it has a oxygen atmosphere, that would really give a purpose to the aircraft parts.
  2. Is there any chance you might remember where you heard that info? I've been been trying to keep up on the interviews ect but I haven't heard or seen anything about aircraft parts except the mk2 craft in the original trailer.
  3. @Yakuzi I don't want to jump the "there's a mod for that" band wagon as I do think Squad should provide a basic but comprehensive selection of parts in the vanilla game, but you might want to take a look at shadowmage's Kerbal Foundries mod. It has nothing but wheels, track, landing gear and other ground movement parts.
  4. @Lisias Those are the exact photos I was thinking about, looks like I'll be downloading KAX for at least one KSP game. Thanks for your help everyone. PS @Kerbaloid Thanks for the reminder about retrofuture, its been on my wish list for a while.
  5. @XLjedi I don't think it was firespitter. The parts I was thinking of were for VERY early planes, something like the Wright brothers made. @Snark Oops my bad, sorry for the mistake.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm trying to find a mod I can't remember the name of and I hope someone can help me. The mod had very early engines and bi-plane parts and I think the plane parts were yellow in color. Thanks.
  7. @DStaal @Eriksonn Thanks for the info, I've been looking for a mod with struts and completely forgot about Nertea's mods
  8. Do you by any chance know what mod/s you used for it?
  9. Has anyone tried using the rotors for wings? I've got an idea to use them to make folding wings for a lightweight glide return vehicle.
  10. I haven't had a chance to play KSP since BG was released, are those new procedural structural tubes part of the DLC?
  11. VERY nice ships! What mods did you use?
  12. I agree that the base game could do with a handful of extra habitat parts but I would really like is a much more extensive parts pack like Nertea's Stockalike Station Parts Redux mod.
  13. Hmm, what DLC's would I like to see? 1) An expanded habitation pack, not as a life support mod, just something to extend the range of parts for space stations, large explorer ships ect. 2) Parts for ground bases, though I would be perfectly happy to see these in a general hab pack. 3) An extended range of rover parts, cabins/cockpits ect. Though again some of these could be part of a general hab pack. 4) A selection of electric population parts including electric propellers or ducted fans at least big enough for UAV's. 5) An expanded range of LF tanks for the NERVA engine. That's all I can think of for now.