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  1. how does the "scan" option with a telescope work for researching a discovered body?
  2. Is there any way to prevent interstellar fuel switch from interacting with this mod? It's messing all of my tank volumes up...
  3. @FreeThinker Is there any way to prevent interstellar fuel switch from interacting with the Procedural Parts mod? It's completely messing up tank volumes for me
  4. Also, what happened to the altitude control setting that the previous mod author mentioned?
  5. Same issue with the Balloon category not showing.... (no kerbalism here either) I think the Balloons should either: - Be put into the Utility category or - Made to show up in part search ______________________________________________________________________ Issue resolved by changing category within part cfg file to utility
  6. No it doesn't..... Misread, sorry __________________________________________________ Also, @linuxgurugamer The other 1.875m fairing (4 doors) has it's height incorrectly scaled, It's height doesn't match the wedge core for 3 of the 4 height settings
  7. Anyone else find the sub satellites useless? They have tiny antenna ranges, or are they bugged for me?
  8. How does this add ballast to kerbals?
  9. I think mod needs to significantly decrease the ballast weight per 0.01 unit of ballast liquid... (as in make 1 units weight equal to what 0.01 currently weighs) This is because you can't meaningfully tweak tank balance with such small increments, making balancing near impossible.... The liquid ballast added by the this mod is also not recognised by the mod PWB fuel balancer (which would have made balancing trivial if it worked)
  10. The altimeter isn't moving when I tweak the option in the settings menu? Am I missing something? EDIT: have to switch vessels for it to take effect for some reason
  11. This mod currently cannot detect and use the curved solar arrays from Near future Solar Panels as energy generation Any possibility of a compatibility patch?
  12. Is this mod still outdated? Just checking, as I know you manage a lot of mods @linuxgurugamer
  13. Does anyone know which patch file from this mod is responsible for messing with the stock "Dawn" Ion engine? I'd like to delete it.
  14. Is this mod broken? The gantry wheels cause my crafts to launch, or get stuck in the ground when deploying them....
  15. I have to say I'm not really liking the new UI scheme... I hope the Devs have an option to swap themes
  16. Does anyone know what the "cooler" recourse for the "nebula shock intake" and "nebula shcramjet" is used for?
  17. So deleting this section will mean: 1. Ore processing ability is retained for modded ISRUa 2. The extra recourse processing options from this mod will still be added? (Just checking I'm understanding correctly )
  18. I've got an issue with the "OKEB-25R 'Starship' Blanket Photovoltaic Array" not animating correctly, It currently doesn't fold the panel part away correctly, which sticks out of the shroud when it is retracted. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
  19. I'm having issues with this mods interaction with the "size0 ISRU" from the "Mining Expansion" mod, It this mod is setting this part so that is cannot process ore? Does anyone know how I can stop this? I've found a file named "00_convertOTrons.cfg" that appears to modify the part (from what I can tell) but i've no idea what to do from here? I've fixed the issue now, my module manager had bugged out and was causing a large number of issues, I'd just not noticed as I'd been hyper focussed on a specific crafts design
  20. Thank you for the fast an informative reply! I look forward to the update! Merry Christmas/Mele Kalikimaka to you too @zer0Kerbal, and a happy new year as well!
  21. Hi @zer0Kerbal , just a small question concerning the cargo bays I've noticed that they don't seem to have the "stowing" functionality of stock bays, by which I mean the ability to shield all internal components from heating an aerodynamic effects when closed. Is this intentional, or an mod bug/oversight? thanks for any information
  22. Running into a similar issue to others (where the menu icon does not show) I also cannot uninstall/Reinstall this (or any dependencies) using ckan atm for some reason?
  23. Just thought I'd point out a small bug with the "RR-MAPT" 0.625m electric engine. Currently the engine suffers a flame out saying "electric charge deprived" , unless you directly attach it to a stack battery parts node (radial batteries do not work) One attached to a battery it behaves normally though and drains charge evenly across all parts with electric charge
  24. Just out of curiosity, given KSPIE is a rather heavy mod... (both content and system recourse wise) Would it be possible to break it up into different "mod modules" so that users can pick and choose which parts they want more easily, without having to manually gut the KSP file system? EDIT: I'm currently using the "Janitors closet" mod to try and clean my parts list, but i'm still finding the KSPIE/WarpPlugin are by far the two largest offenders when it comes to excessive parts lists
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