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  1. Hey! I would like my username to be changed to "Blacksmithy" please! (Without the "" of course :p)
  2. Tell me, how does one get this far out? I've barely been able to get to Eeloo, how will I get past Eeloo's orbit? Edit: also, when I install Alternis the loading screen gets stuck on the last file...
  3. So people suggest planet packs and you choose the ones you like? Alright... (plots an evil scheme)
  4. Well you don't NEED it... lol Edit: also, I want to ask you something. How do you choose planet packs to add into your mod? Do the developers contact you or do you choose them?
  5. I just tried that. I think I may have broken the game... At the tracking station, the focus changes from one body to another. I can confirm, however, that the stars are there. Edit: I'm going to try adding Sigma Binary to see if that's the problem. Edit 2: that didn't help... Edit 3 (Mission log #3): It seems I accidentaly deleted the squad foldier from my Gamedata. That's probably what caused the bugged tracking station. Edit 4: FINALLY! That was exactly the problem.
  6. 1. I downloaded it from the RSS page, then I downloaded the fix and replaced the files. After that I downloaded the 2048 textures for RSS. 2. I have all the Galactic Neighborhood planet packs plus all the Near Future parts packs, TAC, and Bacon Labs. 3. Nope, all mods are in the same state as when I downloaded them. I didn't touch anything. 4. Still having trouble with DropBox...
  7. I don't know what to do at this point... I re-installed RSS, and every time I enter my save I'm looking at space. There seems to be a moon nearby, and if I time warp I can see the moon.
  8. Naw, I downloaded the release version. Anyways, I'm guessing it's a problem with a ton of different planets having "ishomeworld" true. Edit: I tried removing RSS. Now KSP won't even load. I cry everytime.
  9. Well, it worked. But the KSC was in space. I don't even... Also, I can confirm that there were like a billion errors. I removed each error file only to find 2 more... Anyways, I guess I can temporarily not play KSP...
  10. The ENTIRE Galactic Neighborhood AND the ENTIRE SETI modpack
  11. I'm sorry. It turned out I had the wrong sigma binary version
  12. Come to think of it, this happened to me with Sigma Binary too...
  13. *facepalm* Apparently I forgot the "t" in hotdog so now I have 2 accounts... This is my real one from now on.
  14. I apologise for that, my account got deleted. Anyways, it should be fixed now. I will try to recreate the problem without using other mods to make sure there isn't any compatability issues.n:confused: